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The Asigo System (Ampifire) Review with Power-Packed Bonus

The Asigo System

Would You Like to Know The Asigo System Members Area Before Buying It?

The Asigo System Course Review with Power-Packed Bonus in 2021

Want to know how to profit with the asigo system (ampifire) in 2021?

Yes, That’s an excellent move to know and understand more details about the course and system strategies before purchasing.

In my case, I try to spend some time to understand the approach and decide whether this program is for me. I google for reviews, case studies, and some cases try to get the course or system with a discount or bonuses.

I’m happy to see you on this post.

✔️ Here is the best Asigo System Review with MEMBERS AREA Overview and Awesome Power-Packed Bonus Offers. In this Evolution, I Tried My Level Best to Point Out What I LIKE and DISLIKE About this Training System.

So, can we get started the review right now?

I hope you’re excited to know more details!.

Review on The Asigo System Course and Tools

Proof of My Purchase.

We Bought It
Program Name:The Asigo System (? Trending Now)
Hosted by:Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz
Refund Policy:Yes, 60 Days of Money Back Guarantee Available.
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended for Newbies and Advanced Entrepreneurs.
Official Website:https://www.asigosystem.com/
Members Area

eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and local business marketing are the most significant and best online business opportunities. Many smart people achieved massive breakthrough in these industries.

They can build successful real online businesses and get small shares in this big market!. Even though such online business models face terrible situations like:

  • Economic changes
  • Advertising policy modifications
  • Search engine algorithm updates
  • Red tape
  • Systems compliance
  • And many more…

Yet, these types of online businesses survive, even in this pandemic period!.

I’m trying to be one among them all!. 

Even in such terrible situations, I try to adapt and continue to dominate the digital marketing space.

The competition in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and local business marketing is rising like never seen before. But the profiting is not as easy as before!. Systems and economic changes are working against us.

But such businesses are still alive. Many people were gaining serious profits with such online businesses. But we need to admit that it’s not as easy as 10 years ago. It’s time for changes and something new.

Here comes the Rise Of eService Drop Shipping Model!

You may witness a new rising trend a few years ago. 

Netflix discontinued shipping of physical DVDs and went into the digital platform. It was a cost-cutting move for them. They focused on online streaming and easing out of the DVD subscription service. Some of us still remember their excellent DVDs, Blu-rays, and box sets

Past is Past, Now Netflix is the world’s largest subscription streaming service. They have about 183 million paid active subscribers around the world as of March 2020.

It’s clear; eServices will be the next colossal mega-trend to follow after eCommerce.

The current pandemic circumstances accelerated everything…

Many people are forced to access online services to solve their everyday needs and problems. And most of the businesses try to fulfill those needs.

It seems that people are adopting a new way of living:

  • New Habits
  • New Routines
  • And a New Life

Of course, those habits and routines remain here for many years.

That means a lot more people are accessing online than ever before. Many new eServices are launching daily. Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz were trying to bring a new revolution to the digital marketing world with the Asigo System program.  

What is The Asigo System Program?

The Asigo System is the latest coaching program and application tools offered by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. It combines the best part of the dropshipping based e-commerce business and affiliate marketing into one. But, instead of promoting physical products, you encourage eServices. Grab the new healthy commissions system for a better solution.

You can start a digital marketing agency business with this system. The service offered on your eStore is highly demanded and has a high potential to grow. Almost 50 Million people around the world are looking for such a service. That means this business model is a class of program that provides a combo of features for students. Some of them are:

  • An Incredible New Business Opportunity.
  • The Asigo System Coaching Program.
  • Automated eServices Store System.
  • AmpiFire Application Software Access.
  • Years of Testing and Results Proven Blueprint.
  • Completely Done for You (DFY) Marketing Strategy.
  • Course Support.
  • And many more…

The “Dropshipping of eServices” era is going to begin. You can be the ‘MiddleMan‘ to profit massively with this system.

It’s the brand new business model with less competition and a massive opportunity. Nobody in this online world has done such a thing yet!. It’s a complete ‘Done For You‘ and ‘Automated‘ combination.

By the way, It’s not a get rich quick scheme or 1 click push-button software solution. It would help if you took action to get results.

I will reveal more details on the member’s area review section. But before that, let’s understand what it exactly is.

The Rise of eService Book

What is The Asigo System Program?

The Asigo System helps you to create an automated eServices store with Ampifire support. Created and hosted by Chris Munch and his business partner Jay Cruiz. This eStore could make $100K+ per year as an online agency with up to 90% profit margin.

You could sell digital growth services to:

  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Professionals
  • Consultants
  • And many more..

** In this training, Chris mentions the top 10 clients ready to order from your eStore.

In my opinion, You can generate a decent income without waiting for a long while using this system. Currently, this is the most convenient and fastest example available in the market. It’s an all-in-one system that aids us in managing our business online without any headaches. This system is optimal for both beginners as well as advanced entrepreneurs.

Offering digital marketing services to business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, professionals and consultants is a highly profitable niche. The asigo system embodies everything that you required to learn and earn. Such as launching the e-stores, customizing the channels, sales funnels, and advancing your mindset.

You Get 5 Main Components After Purchase:

  • eServices Selling System – You get an automated “eServices” selling system. It helps you to reach $1,000+ per month in client sales. These clients pay you monthly for the service. Actually, you don’t provide these services yourself. It will take care by the back-end company (AmpiFire).
  • eService Store – An “eService Store” platform setup with high conversion optimized funnels and sales materials. These eStore helps you to make many customers and sales. Not only that, the Engagement Engine inside the eStore will warming up each site visitors and make them into high-end clients and buyers of your service.
  • Aim & Fire Traffic – You get high quality traffic (store visitors) solution. It’s a wholly guarded “Aim & Fire” traffic generation method. So, your eStore gets targeted high quality visitors. Most of them have already showcased some interest in eServices.
  • Training – They provide essential step by step coaching as a headstart to commence your online business.
  • Support – Mentors will guide you in every step. You will get strategic guidance, process maps, and a lot more with professional support.
How You Make Money with Asigo System?

You get your own automated eService Store after purchasing. This eStore sells high demand and potential ”eService” to people. Many businesses and people desperately need and want such a service. People will visit your eServices Store to make a purchase. These buyers will automatically connect with the AmpiFire system. The AmpiFire Team takes care of the balance part. They deliver service on behalf of you while you get monthly payments.

The asigo system program powered by AmpiFire application tool. This application tool also created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

Most importantly, you don’t need to learn any:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • No product or inventory required.
  • No need to waste any time in building an email list.
  • No need for content writers to write articles for us.

The whole nine yards will be done for us – yeah!

It’s a fully automated system!!! The system will handle everything.

“All the complexities to be tackled on AmpiFire team, all-important aspect of success on your part.”

The AmpiFire Review

The AmpiFire is a Content Amplification Engine developed by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. Your eStore Clients can Amplify their digital promotions in a semi-automated way using Ampifire. 

This application software syndicates client’s content (OmniPresence Campaign) across many high traffic sites. Not only just a press release distribution system. It’s way more than that!. Below I have attached the working principle of AmpiFire tool (also known as ‘amp‘)

The AmpiFire Tool Working

This syndication helps to gain more exposure for your client’s business. So, they get lots of clients, customers, and buyers traffic to their website. You can use the same approach to get clients for your Asigo eStore. But more than this, there is a secret high-quality client database tool inside our eStore.

The “OmniPresence campaigns” are the central part of the AmpiFire tool. 

The AmpiFire Review Inside

AmpiFire will help to create high quality content for you and your clients. A team of professional experts is behind AmpiFire to help with this task. After they write content for syndication, we need to review and publish it. (Don’t know robots does this tasks or not, quality looks like written by a human)

These Contents will Syndicate to:
  • Media Sites and Mainstream News Channels
  • Real Authority and High Traffic Blogs
  • Slides and PDF Sharing Sites
  • Video Sharing Platforms (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Audio/ Podcast Directories (PodBean, Apple Podcasts, and BuzzSprout)

It’s a combination of authority and power pack features in a semi-automated tool. AmpiFire can produce high quality buyers traffic and improve website search engine visibility.

? I will reveal it’s working with my case study in the member’s area overview section.

Now, let’s move upon to recognize the personas behind the Asigo System, i.e., the creators and mentors of this system.

mind map

Who is Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz are the creators of the Asigo System. They are successful and famous online entrepreneurs. Both hold a broad-ranging experience in the field of digital marketing, e-commerce, and traffic generation.

Now, both of these brilliant minds are coming up with the Asigo System. The Asigo System is one of the most gainful programs for novices as well as established business owners.

Asigo System Members Area Overview

Asigo system training will be available for 8 weeks to 3 months period. I believe It would be live sessions as always. There may be new ongoing pieces of coaching every week or month even after that period. We may get extra training even after the main training period ends. Chris and his team help you to make profits as fast as possible.

I just attended the week 1 training. In this week 1 training, Chris teaches everything in a step by step manner. So, newbies can also understand the approach very quickly. 

  • Week 1 – How It works training – This first week training Chris describes A-Z about this system.
  • Week 2 & Beyond – It would be delivered as live webinars, you can attend the live webinar or wait for replay videos.

** The eStore system is not received yet, I will try to review when I get access to it.

Now let’s check out how the AmpiFite application tool works in reality. 

Ampifire Review – How It Works?

It would be best if you understand the working of AmpiFire before starting your eServices Store. Actually, you are selling AmpiFire campaigns with your eStore.

Ampifire is not just a PR distribution system; it’s way more than that. Your clients can get targeted traffic to their desired website or web property by utilizing AmpiFire campaigns. Their content will be delivered to many high traffic potential channels across the web.

Amplification Process

Your clients can quickly get customers, leads, clients, or buyers for their business. So, they will use Ampifire campaign regularly, and we get recurring monthly payments.

Here is the simple working model of AmpiFire

STEP 1:- Select an option to create ampifire content. Either create clients them self or use amp credits to create content by the AmpiFire team.


STEP 2:- Choose option does the amp campaigns need to run once or every month.


STEP 3:- Fill comment section as per the guidance.


STEP 4:- Upload relevant images for the amp. 


STEP 5:- Select the amp category and describe business information.


STEP 6:- Review content and start to publish.


That’s all the working inside ampifire!.

Your eStore clients can do this procedure in minutes. They will get highly targeted traffic to their website or web property from the moment campaign started. I hope this short ampifire review useful for you.

My results were impressive after I tested a campaign for this exact review post.

(Sh!!! ? I’m not sharing it publically, I will reveal it as a bonus to who buys this program using my affiliate link. Check it out my bonus offer page for details.)

Now, let me tell you what I like and Dislike about this program.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and make $1000 per day, try the Commission Hero system by Robby Blanchard. Reveal a step-by-step tutorial of affiliate marketing for beginners.

Pros and Cons

9.2 Total Score
The Asigo System Course Evaluation

The asigo system is a highly recommended digital services marketing training program and automation solution.

9.2Expert Score
Ampifire Software Rating
Training Quality Rating
Mentor Support Rating
9User's score
Ampifire Software Rating
Training Quality Rating
Mentor Support Rating
  • Completed week 1 training video and It's in a step by step manner and easy to understand.
  • I believe in Chris and Jay's eServcies business model. I achieved some breakthroughs in the same area before, but manually.
  • I like the Engagement Engine; it's a powerful tool.
  • Excellent support from customer care.
  • Even a newbie can start this eServices store.
  • No technical knowledge or prior experience required.
  • No need website or own products.
  • AmpiFire distribution cost is meager compared to others.
  • AmpiFire professionals write newsworthy content—so is no need to hire a freelance writer, which saves some money.
  • No need to hire a video editor or virtual assistant, AmpiFire does the tasks for you and your clients in a few clicks.
  • No need to do voice-overs. The Ampifire tool will convert text-based content to the Audio version.
  • Access to like-minded people's mastermind Facebook community.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • It's not a get rich quick scheme program.
  • eStore is Automatic, but we need to do some actions to get results.
  • This system won't be affordable for some people.
  • It's not entirely a push-button software solution.
  • We need to take some effort to get results.
Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments

PowerPacked Asigo System Bonus Offers

Chris and Jay offer huge beneficial bonuses along with this system. Their course and bonuses alone helps you to skyrocket your eStore profits. Yet, I would like to offer you an awesome package. Just check it out my power-packed asigo system bonuses available only for you from here.

My $9,597+ Worth Asigo Sytsem Bonuses

People who buy the asigo system program using my affiliate link will get excellent $9,597+ worth power packed bonuses. That will help to Double or Triple your new eServcies store business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is The Asigo System Program?

Asigo System

The Asigo System helps you to create an automated eServices store with Ampifire support. This program is hosted by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. You can make $100K+ per year online agency business with up to 90% profit margin with this system.

A detailed review of the asigo system 2021 edition shared here.

2. Who Are the Mentors and Coaches?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz are the mentors for this asigo system coaching program. Both of them are highly successful digital entrepreneurs. In this program, they teach the same strategy and tools they personally use to become successful.

3. What Did I Get After Purchase?

You get 3 main components after purchasing the asigo system product.

 1) You get an automated “eServices” selling system. It helps you to reach $1,000+ per month in client sales. These clients pay you monthly for the service. Actually, you don’t provide these services yourself. It will take care by the back-end company (Ampifire Team).

2) An “eService Store” platform setup with high conversion optimized funnels and sales materials. This eStore helps you to make many customers and sales. Not only that, the Engagement Engine inside the eStore will warming up each site visitors and make them into high-end clients and buyers of our services.

3) You get high-quality traffic (store visitors) solutions. It’s a wholly guarded “Aim & Fire” traffic generation method. So, your eStore gets targeted high quality visitors. Most of them have already showcased some interest in eServices.

4. How I Make Money with Asigo System?

You get your own automated eService Store. This eStore sells high demand “eService” to people. Many businesses and people desperately need and want such a service. People will visit your eService Store to make a purchase. These buyers will automatically connect with the AmpiFire system. The AmpiFire Team takes care of the balance part. They deliver service on behalf of you while you get monthly payments.

5. What is This Ampifire?

The AmpiFire Tool Working

The Ampifire is a Content Amplification Engine developed by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. Your eStore Clients can Amplify their digital promotions in a semi-automated way using Ampifire. It helps to gain more exposure for their business. So, they get lots of clients, customers, and buyers traffic to their website.

For more details, visit here.

6. How to Buy Asigo System Course?

The asigo system opens New member’s registration for a short period. Only limited students (members) accepted for this product in 2020. You can buy the asigo system from July 28 to August 06. Here is the official website link to purchase this system.

7. Are There Any Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a 60 days of money back guarantee.

8. Is There Any Bonus Offers for Buyers?

Yes, of course. Chris and Jay offer high valued materials as asigo system buyers bonuses. And for those who purchase asigo system using my affiliate link will get my power-packed bonuses. These power-packed bonuses will faster your breakthrough and double or triple eStore profitability. Check it out my bonus details from here.

My Final Thought

I tried local business digital marketing 5 years ago. It was a terrible job to close clients, work for them, create monthly reports, and 1-1 meetings. When it comes to the asigo approach, most of the manual tasks are automated.

To honest with you, I believe this asigo system provides excellent value for the money we pay. You could make huge profits by utilizing the eStore system and asigo blueprint. This system saves a lot of time, money, and energy. So, enjoy your precious life moments without headaches. I highly recommend this automated eServcies store and training system for you.

One last thing, don’t forget there are 60 days of refund policy available for your purchase. They won’t offer this many days of guarantee if this system doesn’t work. So you try this system without any worries. If it’s not for you, then opt for a refund. If it works for you, never miss such an opportunity and stick with them.

I’m 100% sure you won’t regret purchasing this asigo system.

Click here to purchase the asigo system and claim my power-packed bonuses.

I hope this asigo system review helps you decide whether this system is for you.


The Asigo System by AmpiFire
Learn How to Create an Automated eServices Store Online without Working Yourself Even While Getting 90% Profits.
DISCLAIMER: The asigo system does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It' owned by Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an independent affiliate marketer.
Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

I'm Rekhilesh Adiyeri. I started earning money online as a side hustle in mid-2007 while in college. I believed it was possible and made a lot of profit throughout my journey, which changed my life! English is not my first language, but I do business with top-tier countries. For over 12 years now, I have been a professional blogger and specialist in digital marketing and growth hacking. Currently, I live with my family in Kerala, enjoying the beautiful weather of southern India.  My favorite pastimes are reading books by motivational speakers like Tony Robbins or listening to Pandora Radio's "Rock Hits" station!

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  1. So 2 weeks in and how have you found it? Asigo?

    I’m of limited funds and want to do something but haven’t found the right model yet!

    Kind Regards

    • Hey Bret,

      Just tested the power of Ampifire recently. It’s awesome. I really like this tool.

      If you feel it’s a useful model for you to adopt, then never wait for any more seconds. Try it, and I believe you won’t regret it.


  2. So Rekhilesh not only do you have the launch date wrong but its out no since Feb 27already and no review about it.

    Whats up, it closes tonight, whats your review and recommendation?

    • Hey THEE,

      You mentioned about the beta launch. It was limited to 100 people, and I can’t grab this system at that time.

      Now I’m all set to review this tool, I have tested the Ampifire myself, and it’s working very well.

      Check it out my updated final review and thoughts from this post. I hope it will be beneficial for you.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Does the asigo system product work for a newbie like me?

  4. Thanks for the review, waiting for the members area overview.

  5. 4.65
    Ampifire Software Rating
    Training Quality Rating
    Mentor Support Rating

    Thanks for suggesting the rise of the eservice book. Very informative book that describes current situation.

    Can I test rating feature?

    + PROS: Not used ampifire, but I can see it's power. Very informative book
    - CONS: It took me 2 days to read thoroughly.
    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
    • Yes Monic, It’s a good book, and thanks for the testing rating system. I believe the information shared inside this book is easy to consume. Why you took 2 days?

      Thanks for your comments.

  6. Hi Rekhilesh,

    By purchasing the Asigo system via your link, can you be more detailed on how can you help me on what is not thought in the training so that I can escalate earnings by 10x estore profitability?


  7. Hi Rekhilesh,

    Why should I buy this if I can just use fiverr for eservice arbitrage?


    • Hi Veresbor,

      Actually, Ampifire is not just a PR distribution; it’s way more than that. You can use Fiverr if you want, but the quality of service and delivery of customers is a tough task. Time is also a valuable asset.

      I was in local business marketing a few years ago.. get clients, 1-1 meeting, working for the, and reporting is a huge time-consuming task. With Asigo eStore most of the functions are automated, including closing clients.

      Even if you have a quality service, closing a client is the real hard part. So, I believe it’s better to have this eStore engagement engine work for us.

      Hope my answer helpful, thanks.


  8. 4.3
    Ampifire Software Rating
    Training Quality Rating
    Mentor Support Rating

    Thanks for reviewing this product. I just bought it and decided to try it out. I’m in quarantine, so have some time. Mailed you regarding bonuses.

    Thanks once again.

    + PROS: Good training, Lots of content inside ampifire training section, Fast support, Active Facebook community.
    - CONS: Waiting for estore access, Little bit pricy
    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  9. A freelance “journalist” writing such a long review, yet fails to mention the actual cost of the product?

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for mentioning. I usually review with product price (cost) in detail. You can check out my other product reviews. But for this product, I’m not going to say the price. Each product has some rules, so I follow their rules.

      Anyway, it’s less costly than buying a franchisee of any business. You are becoming a Franchise of AmpFire in the online world and sell to clients for huge profits. It’s very useful service for local businesses and professionals. Actually, the course price is under $3,000, and there are installment options available.

      Thank you.

  10. Loved the review. I think the dialogue following it was also valuable.

    What I’d really like to know is what are the e-services that we’re talking about. I know that they have the 100K shout out, and they can easily syndicate just about anything across dozens of platforms and sites. Is that the e-service? Marketing/traffic?

    Or, are you referring to a whole host of digital services that are offered to local businesses – like lead generation, reputation management, web development, marketing, advertising… Etc. ?

    What is it you get for 3k-4K, plus an additional $200/month? They say we receive a dfy e-store to sell e-services and we outsource the e-service to them for less than we charge. It frightens me that it is actually little more than fancy repackaging to essentially buy and sell amps for ampifire????

    It’s really unfair that they have made it so vague that we do not know what it is we are actually selling (the service)…and very suspicious??

    • Hey Bob,

      Thanks for commenting, you are offering digital growth marketing as a service through this eStore. Currently supports an automated way to sell AmpiFire services. You can upsell clients other services like content creation, social media marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, funnel creation, reputation management, mobile app development, paid advertise, etc. There is a huge opportunity waiting for you.

      Actually, with the $3k investment you are getting a franchised automated estore of AmpiFire. This estore is your 24hrs working employee, and it works for you 24×7 (365 days a year) without any off days. They close clients, works for clients, give reports to clients, and many more. But, it would be best if you took action to utilize a tool inside this store to get connected with potential leads.

      It’s like a dropshipping model in eCommerce. People buy products for a cheap rate from china and sell all over the world with a higher price tag. Here it’s the same, but you are selling digital service as a product. And many businesses and professionals are looking for such a solution to gain growth.

      And.. I clearly mentioned what service you are selling and what our client’s result is by utilizing this service. Please check it out for my review once again.

      Thank you.

  11. How many, and what are the upsells on the sales page?… in other words, whats the total final cost? TIA

    • Hey Lew,

      There are some upsells to buy credits for AmpiFire; this eStore system works on amp campaign credits. So, as much as the credits you get at cheapest rate is an extra profit.

      I hope it’s helpful.


  12. Hi Rekhilesh,
    I wanted to give the program a test but these were my concerns: 1)I personally have not seen evidence that Ampifire produces the results that are suggested, 2) the promise of recurring revenue is always dicey since many business may simply choose to opt-out after one month, 3) what if the Ampifire “beast” is unleashed improperly and actually damages the reputation of the client business owner? What then? 4) And lastly, I do not think the program was explained very well, which raised some questions for me about Ampifire and niche selection. Both of these still seem abstract, after watching the webinar twice. On a positive note, I do think the Drop Service model might compliment my own Dropshipping store nicely, at some point. Thank you!

    • Hey Randall,

      Thanks for shooting your queries,

      1) AmpiFire produces excellent results. You can check out my rankings on Google for the asigo system. I used an amp to this exact review page.
      2) That won’t happen with this system; it’s not an SEO based service. It’s way more than that. Clients who get results will stick with this service for many years. Mentor doing this business for almost 5 years, and they know the strategies to get clients to stick with your service.
      3) Actually, amp campaigns will increase the credibility and authority of your client’s website. Their citation will increase. So, don’t worry about that.
      4) I mentioned almost everything you need to understand in my review. Chris describes the top 10 local clients to focus on. These clients are spending highly on digital marketing services. In the training section, you will learn more about that.

      And… this service will be a blockbuster for many people, including clients. It gives results for them much faster than you think. I highly recommend trying it out.


  13. Thanks for your excellent review. It was more informative and direct than the online webinar. It is easier to refer back to your review and pull out ntes for my learning and memory.
    My questions are:
    1-What is the the recurring charge of $195.00 a month for?
    2-Does the training start right away?
    3-How many hours a day is the training?
    4-How many hours a day should I work this new business to make $10K a month by the end of 2020?

    Best regards,
    Marc Sandoval

    • Hi Marc,

      I’m pleased by knowing that my reviews are helpful for you. Thanks for commenting.

      1) These eService works depend on AMP credits; you will get 2 amp credits with a monthly subscription.
      2) You will get ampfire training instantly; it’s almost 22+ weeks contents. Asigo training will be available as live webinars.
      3) Each week you may need to spend 1 to 2 hours for asigo training. If you want to gather more inside tactics and strategies, try to spend time with the Ampifire training tool. There is some bonus training on Alpha stacking inside the member’s area.
      4) I can’t predict that, but 23+ clients are enough to reach $10K+month goal; you have 5 months balance between trying it out in 2020.

      And.. It’s all up to you how many hours you acquire knowledge and take massive action.

      Thank you

  14. How does the amp credit work? How much credit do I need to make a profit?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for commenting. As per my knowledge, 1 credit equals to 1 authoring (content creation) and amp submission. You could be profitable even just with 1 amp if it’s used by client amp submission.

      Thank You

  15. Hello Rekhilesh,

    I sent OnlineCosmos my invoice #. And I sent an email to you.

    1-Will you be sending m the Powered Packed Bonuses soon?
    2-I did not receive instantly the ampfire training as you stated earlier. Do you know why I did not get instant access? I want to start fast.
    3-My official training does not start till August 10th. I want to start training ASAP. Please send me your bonuses and I can start reading the book, “5 Steps To Overcoming Excuses.” I want to start fast. Please advise.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hello Marc,

      Thanks for ordering the asigo system using my affiliate link.

      1) I just replied to your mail. All the power-packed and extra bonuses access details will be sending out very soon.
      2) They have split testing pages, so you can’t see the exact screenshot as mine some times. I believe you get instant access to Ampifire training immediately. Please contact the support desk [support(at)asigosystem(dot)com] if not received any login details yet. They will reach you very soon.
      3) Yes, the asigo live training session starts from August 10 onward. Meanwhile, you can attend other video training and get connected with the Facebook community. Regarding my bonus “Overcoming Excuses” almost ready to publish on the bonus section. I will mail you very soon with your download access details.

      Thank you once again Marc.

  16. Hi There,

    I am seriously thinking about investing in the Asigo system and estore.

    Quick question.. Can you use your own domain for the estore ?

    Or is it on their domain and hosting only as an affiliate link ?

    Im curious because they mention that you can sell your estore at a late date for a massive profit if you want.

    Thanks for your review and details


  17. Hey Rekhilesh,
    Drop me an email. I am interested in the price of the program as a client (trying to bring traffic to my website) not the biz opp right now.

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