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Project Platinum Review: Get Robby Blanchard ClickBank Platinum Member System Bonus!

An Exclusive Project Platinum Review by a Real Student!

Read Exclusive Project Platinum Review By Real Student!

Want to become a ClickBank super affiliate while making huge profits (commissions) in just one year or less?

Then you need to look at the latest TREND-setting course and system created by ClickBank’s top affiliate marketer Mr. Robby Blanchard.

Yes, I’m talking about The Project Platinum 6-week masterclass and system.

This will be the only Project Platinum system review you will ever need to read!

Project Platinum Members Area Revealed By Student!
Project Platinum Students Dashboard Revealed by Rekhilesh Adiyeri
Program Name:Project Platinum (🔥Trending Now 💹)
Created By:Robby Blanchard
Niche:ClickBank Based Affiliate Marketing to Become Platinum Member.
Price:$2,497 or three split payments of $997.
Recommended:Yes, I highly recommend this program.
Official Site:

An Introduction to the Project Platinum System Review Bundle

Robby is well-known as one of the world’s top affiliate marketers and has achieved Platinum Member status on ClickBank multiple times. He teaches you how to make thousands of dollars daily in this profitable training system.

This training system includes 3 main components:

1) AI Software Tools: This powerful software tool makes it easy to create high-converting landing page copies, ad scripts, and creative images for any niche or affiliate program quickly without being a copywriter. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology analyzes millions of data points to create optimized ad campaigns that generate massive profits without technical skills or graphic design knowledge!

2) 6-Week Masterclass: This comprehensive 6-week platinum masterclass was designed by Robby Blanchard and his team of experts. It will teach you all the steps to succeed in affiliate marketing with the Project Platinum method. In addition, you can enjoy live training sessions tailored to your needs, such as Q&As, case studies, checklists, and templates – everything you need to make millions online!

3) The Community: You’ll get permanent access to Robby and his exclusive group of like-minded entrepreneurs who use the Project Platinum blueprint to achieve their financial goals. From this community, you can network with them, share your results, and receive support, motivation, and feedback. You will also be invited to virtual events to meet Robby Blanchard and other successful affiliates.

(I shared more details in the member’s area overview section below)

To my knowledge, Project Platinum is not just a simple course or software tool – it’s a complete business-building system that helps you generate sustainable, scalable income streams. Over 13 thousand students have already benefited from this revolutionary method and earned more than $108 million in total earnings!

You can also succeed with all the knowledge and tools available through Project Platinum.

However, is it all worth the price, or is it just HYPE?

Read this accurate and honest evaluation in full to discover more!…

Or you can visit the official website to learn more about the program.

Who Reviews this Project Platinum Course?

Rekhilesh Adiyeri
Rekhilesh Adiyeri

My name is Rekhilesh Adiyeri from Kerala, India. I am a digital entrepreneur and affiliate marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in this field.

Last day, I have completed the Project Platinum pre-courses available in the member’s area to provide an accurate testimonial. I will ensure my reviews are honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

I suggest you make an informed decision when spending your hard-earned money on a product or service. Unfortunately, fewer sites provided honest opinions when I started my online business. So, I spent my precious time, money and energy on non-working software tools and programs.

It would be really helpful if you didn’t make such mistakes as I did.

That’s why I launched this Online COSMOS evaluation portal with unbiased online courses, products, and service reviews. You can leave your honest feedback about the service or product you bought on this website, . As a result, other visitors can evaluate the offers before purchasing them. This allows you to make an informed decision before spending.

Now let me tell you what Project Platinum all is about. 💹😁✅

What is Project Platinum by Robby Blanchard?

What Is Project Platinum System

With this training, Robby and his team of experts will help you learn everything from setting up your affiliate business, successfully creating ad campaigns, split testing ads, and scaling your income – maximizing profits and becoming a Clickbank platinum member!

How Can You Make a Lot of Money with Project Platinum Training?

This program empowers students to become successful affiliates, enabling them to make $1000 or more every day. Students can easily earn over $250,000 in a year or less and join the elite ClickBank Platinum Sellers ranks with this revolutionary system!

Actually, we promote other people’s offers as affiliates on the ClickBank platform. We earn a commission for each sale made through our affiliate link. With Robby’s Inner Circle connection with the vendors, we can get up to an 80% commission bump.

That’s really awesome, right?

The key to success is mastering YouTube and Facebook ads techniques, which we can learn through Robby’s training.

This system follows a simple 3-step blueprint:

  • STEP 1. Find Profitable Products to Promote on the ClickBank Marketplace.
  • STEP 2. Utilize Paid YouTube and Facebook Ads to Get Targeted Buyers to the Landing Page.
  • STEP 3. Utilize Human Psychology to Generate More Sales by Creating an Engaging “Open Loop” and Ready to Count Commissions. 💵💵💵

By the end of this comprehensive 6-week masterclass, you can confidently earn a substantial income from your affiliate business.

  • Without a website or an e-commerce store.
  • Without creating your own products or courses.
  • Without having an inventory or customer support desk.
  • Without doing email marketing and list building.
  • Without blogging, vlogging, or podcasting.
  • Without any technical knowledge or prior experience.
  • Without being a digital marketing expert.
  • Even without hiring employees.
  • No need for a huge budget to get started.

So now let’s move to learn more about our trainer.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is an American entrepreneur, fitness expert, online marketer, and self-made millionaire.

Robby Blanchard With Platinum Button

He is the founder and CEO of Blanchard Media LLC and the creator of “Commission Hero” and “Project Platinum”. Through these programs, people learn how to earn money online through affiliate marketing.

In the year 2019, Robby became the top ClickBank affiliate after selling more than $1.7 million in just 2 months. As a result, there is no looking back for him! – He has won multiple ClickBank Diamond awards.

Blanchrad’s courses give students the tools and strategies they need to succeed in affiliate marketing. He has built multiple successful online businesses as an expert in human psychology, copywriting, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

He shares his valuable knowledge with his students in the simplest way possible!

Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing coaching program has helped thousands of people earn passive income. So in 2023, he decided to share the secrets of achieving ClickBank’s Platinum Member status.

Does Affiliate Marketing with Facebook and YouTube Ads Really Work?

Affiliate Marketing

The answer is a YES!

However, learning the basics is essential before diving deep into affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work? 

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising in which companies pay a commission to a publisher (affiliate) for each sale they generate. Publishers can promote sellers’ (vendor) products on their own websites, blogs, social media, or other platforms. Affiliate marketers use unique links to track referrals and conversions and get paid when someone purchases through their link.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate marketing benefits both the product owner and the affiliates. It creates a win-win situation for the owner, as they can reach a wider audience and increase revenue. Also, affiliates can earn passive income by sharing their expertise and recommendations.

If you join Robby Blanchard created Project Platinum program; you’ll learn the art of using Facebook and YouTube Ads for affiliate marketing. The following are some successful case studies of students who implemented the method.



So, now let’s look at why Robby suggests the ClickBank affiliate marketplace and how to reach Platinum level.

What is ClickBank, and Why Should You Join?

What Is Clickbank, And Why Should You Join?

As one of the world’s largest and most trusted affiliate networks, this platform has achieved high trust. In addition, ClickBank offers affiliates a wide range of high-end products to promote to their target audiences.

Why Should You Join ClickBank? 

ClickBank is an ideal platform for beginners and experienced affiliates to connect with genuine product creators. By joining ClickBank, you can discover top-notch products to promote and make up to $150 in commission for each successful sale.

What is the ClickBank Platinum Program?

ClickBank Platinum is an elite program exclusively for top performers. You must generate at least $250K in ClickBank sales annually to join the program. As a Platinum member, you could get access to benefits like:

  1. Exclusive networking opportunity: Access the private Facebook group to connect with JV partners, super-affiliates, expert copywriters, and more.
  2. Priority support: As a Platinum member, you get priority access to customer service and technical help.
  3. Dedicated Account Manager: You’ll be assigned a dedicated ClickBank account manager. Your account manager will guide you to increase affiliate sales and profitability.
  4. Platinum Level Awards: A custom-printed “6 lb” Platinum award will be sent to you for being in ClickBank’s top 1%. This will give you incredible industry recognition and build trust.
  5. Invitation to ClickBank Platinum Summit: You will be invited to an exclusive Platinum Summit event held at ClickBank headquarters in Boise, Idaho. You can meet other top-performing affiliates here and enjoy speakers from leading marketing companies.

How to Become Platinum Member of ClickBank

With Robby Blanchard’s guidance, you can quickly maximize your success and achieve ClickBank Platinum Level Membership. So don’t wait anymore; join the Platinum program today!

With Robby’s help, you can grow your affiliate profits in no time.

Commission Hero vs. Project Platinum Program Reviews

The most successful affiliate marketing training program called Commission Hero and Project Platinum is Robby Blanchard’s courses. However, there is a significant difference between these two courses. 

Projectplatinum Vs Commissionhero

Commission Hero teaches people how to make money as affiliates by using Facebook ads to promote Clickbank, Digistore24, and MaxWeb products. You can read my detailed review of commission hero from here.

Project Platinum takes it one step further by adding better strategies and techniques for reaching higher income levels as an affiliate. Robby reveals YouTube and Facebook advertising strategies in Project Platinum. It also includes access to the Project Platinum AI software suite to help students accelerate their success and reach ClickBank Platinum status faster.

When you join Project Platinum, you get full access to the Commission Hero membership as a bonus. I have detailed everything in the member’s area overview section. (Just Scroll Down Below

Project Platinum Members Area Review (Complete Overview)

The Project Platinum Members Area Reviews

The user-friendly design makes navigating the Project Platinum students members area dashboard easy. Training and other helpful resource details are shared on the left menu. Facebook community and support desk access details are in the top bar.

On the main dashboard, I can see a welcome video from Robby. In this welcome video, Robby briefly introduces the course and provides an overview of what is included in the program.

Now let’s look at each section…

You can clearly see Robby has categorized training into 3 modules. Each module shares relevant video training, worksheets, and resources to help you understand Robby’s strategies better. I’ll share with you a brief overview of everything below.

1. Masterclass:

This 6-week masterclass live training session will start from April 10, 2023, and ends on May 15, 2023th. It will fast-track your breakthrough. As per my knowledge, in this 6-week masterclass Robby will guide you through everything including:

  • Goal setting and understanding your life purpose.
  • Profitable offer section from ClickBank marketplace.
  • Using a high-converting free landing page builder with an AI-supported copywriting assistant
  • Human psychology and open loop creation
  • Creating advertising campaigns using artificial intelligence software tools.
  • Running successful Facebook & YouTube ad campaigns.
  • Tracking your sales and A/B split testing
  • Scale your campaigns fast
  • And more…

2. Facebook Module

This part of the course helps you understand Facebook Ads better. Here Robby will share the secret strategies and techniques he used to become a Platinum member of ClickBank. An overview of the topics follows:

  • Goal setting
  • Find your platinum offers
  • Build your landing page
  • Tracking your campaigns
  • Researching ads
  • Traffic and money magnet strategies
  • Create your money-making ad
  • Ready to launch strategies
  • Scale your campaigns faster and more…

3. YouTube Module

This is an exclusive module where Robby will share his strategies and techniques to leverage YouTube Ads for maximum success. I believe YouTube ads can get you more than 200% ROI compared to Facebook ads. Here’s an overview of the topics this module covers:

  • Getting setup for success on YouTube
  • Create your video
  • Launching your YouTube Campaign & Tracking
  • Testing & Scaling Your YouTube Ads
  • Taking Things to the Next Level
  • And more…

The lesson data above may change as new updates are released.

Now, let’s move on to the other benefits available in the Project Platinum student members area.

4.7 Figure Landing Page

Robby will share his successful and 7-figure income-generating landing page templates. Those are easily customizable; you can upload them to your Clickfunnels account in simple steps. Or, copy/paste and drag and drop some elements inside the landing page builder Robby offers for free with your purchase.

5. Bonus landing pages

Robby doesn’t stop there; he also shares bonus landing page templates that can be downloaded and uploaded directly to your landing page builder in minutes.

6. Join Inner Circle Coaching

Robby Blanchard offers his students an exclusive and limited inner circle of coaching. In this program, you will get direct help from Robby’s team, and other expert coaches weekly.

7. Private coaching

You will be able to book a private call with Robby. The platinum coaching session allows you to ask questions and strategize for scaling your business in 2023 and beyond. You can use Robby’s brain to develop the best strategy for your business.

8. SPY Hero access

You will get 30 days of access to SPY Hero as part of the course. It is a powerful tool to spy on successful advertising campaigns, and you can replicate their success. You can identify and capitalize on what works for your competitors to make more money for yourself.

9. Cometly access

Also, you’ll have 30 days of Cometly access with this course purchase. This powerful revenue attribution software helps your business get the most out of ad campaigns. With Cometly, you can quickly analyze ad performance and optimize your campaigns for maximum return on investment.

10. Platinum Tools

The real STAR of this coaching program is Platinum Tools. It contains lots of valuable software built with AI-supported mechanisms. Let me describe each tool’s function as much as possible. I’m really impressed with the power toy Robby gave us. Dashboard

Let me describe more in the next update…

What’s Included in The Project Platinum Membership


You will get lifetime access to the project platinum membership along with other benefits like:

Component 1: 6-Week Platinum MasterClass

This cutting-edge program offers six weeks of LIVE training and coaching to help you become an expert in your affiliate business. This MasterClass is designed to help you reach your Platinum goal and build a highly profitable online business.

For 6 weeks, you’ll have access to brand-new training sessions that include strategies, blueprints, tools, and support every step of the way. By the end of the program, you’ll be on your way to the life-changing income and freedom you’ve always desired.

Here’s what to expect from the 6-Week Platinum MasterClass:

  • A dedicated 6-Week LIVE MasterClass designed to achieve affiliate business success quickly.
  • Tools, training, and the strategies you need to see excellent results.
  • Every week, the latest training module is covered with homework.
  • Valuable blueprints to help you build a profitable online business in just six weeks or less.

Component 2: 12 Months Access to Project Platinum AI Software Suite

You know how time-consuming it can be to create ads or content. But you can get hours back with Project Platinum’s integrated AI software. This suite of applications is designed to streamline your workflow and maximize your profits without sacrificing your time. 

Here are some of the features of Project Platinum’s AI software:

  • Ad and creative writing: Save time crafting suitable ad and landing page copy. This software will do it for you in seconds.
  • Quick Setup: Set up your ads in record time with custom tools to create image creatives and video editing.
  • 12-Month Access: Get complete 1-year access to these powerful tools to maximize your business potential.

Whether you need help finding reasonable offers, the right audience for your campaign, or writing ad copy that drives sales, Platinum Tools is capable of doing more than that. I tried to detail what’s included in this AI software suite in the member’s area overview section.

Component 3: Money Magnet Traffic Training

This module offers a step-by-step blueprint to help you get hundreds of sales daily. Not only that, Robby also shares insider secrets and scaling techniques for getting profitable traffic to your offers from Facebook and YouTube.

Component 4: $250k Elite Platinum Offers

The key to success with this system is choosing a winning offer. Robhy has cut out all the guesswork for you and handpicked the best offers to make over $250k. Now all you have to do is promote these results-proven offers and scale them up!

Component 5: Project Platinum Coaching Group

In addition to the masterclass, you will get access to a private coaching group. This is valuable and a huge part of Project Platinum. You can ask questions, connect with other experts and stay motivated on your successful journey.

Component 6: 7 Figure Platinum Case Studies

When you join Project Platinum, you’ll get access to interviews and case studies of students who have reached Platinum and beyond. You’ll see how they did it and how you can model their success.

Component 7: Instant Scale Training

Scaling your campaigns is the key to success. This section teaches you how to go from $500 daily to $5000 and beyond! You can apply Robby Blanchard’s strategies to your campaigns and see excellent results quickly.

These are just some of the features included in Project Platinum.

It’s the hottest affiliate marketing program you can find in 2023. With Robby Blanchard’s support, you’re guaranteed to succeed with this system. He provides everything you need and guides you every step of the way. And not only that, he delivers some fantastic fast action bonuses to set you on your path to ClickBank Platinum.

Get the scoop on these amazing bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Access to the following Virtual Event

As a student, you’ll get a free ticket to the next virtual event where you’ll learn from the best. Get ideas of people who do 6 and even 7 figures per year using this system. Normally this ticket live attendee price retails for $1000, but you’ll get access for free today!

Bonus #2 – YouTube 6-Week Masterclass

Bonus #3 – Project Platinum Landing Page Builder

As I told you earlier, you no longer need expensive landing page software. This bonus gives you access to a free landing page builder. As a result, you can create winning landing pages that make you money without costly ongoing expenses.

Bonus #4 – DFY 7-Figure Landing Pages

Bonus #5 – Full Access to Spy Hero

You’ll get 30 days of full Spy Hero research tool access. This tool will help you find out what other ad creatives work for other affiliates. Then, use this information to create ads for platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Bonus #6 – Full Access to Cometly Tracking

You can track your campaign’s progress using the most effective tracking software. You’ll be able to use Cometly and all its unique features; it allows you to make more money on your campaigns and scale up fast!

Bonus #7 – The Project Platinum App

What about taking Project Platinum with you on the go? Well, now you can. By downloading the custom-built app for iOS and Android users, you can access your membership features plus exclusive VIP content whenever you want. I really like this bonus, and I know you will too.

Robby doesn’t stop there; he offers special bonuses:

Special Bonus #1 – Upgrade to Lifetime Access to the Project Platinum AI Software Suite

Get lifetime free access to the platinum tools if you join today. You can get the same results as others in half the time. – This bonus is minimal & valuable!

Special Bonus #2 – Platinum VIP access to celebrity offers (Mike Tyson offer)

Gain exclusive access to the latest offers from Mike Tyson and other celebrities. You can use this bonus to determine and promote reasonable offers backed by celebrities and super affiliates.

Special Bonus #3 – Full Access to Commission Hero!

Wao, I’m really impressed with this special offer. With the Commission Hero course, you’ll gain access to the world’s most powerful affiliate marketing training and business model. This bonus is worth $2000, but you get it for free if you act today!

Special Bonus #4 – Get A Free Vacation!

You’ll get a complimentary vacation when you reach Platinum! You could choose your dream destination and relax, explore various cultures, or enjoy being away from everything. This is without worrying about food and accommodation costs. All of this while earning thousands of dollars through ClickBank commissions every day. Robby wants you to celebrate your laptop lifestyle success by giving away this fantastic bonus.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to make more money online with ClickBank without spending countless hours in front of a computer, Project Platinum is your solution. You can achieve long-term success under Robby Blanchard’s guidance and support, including all training materials and bonuses.

Don’t wait anymore; join Project Platinum and start making money online with ClickBank. You will not regret it!

Project Platinum Pros (Likes) and Cons (Dislikes)

9.7 Total Score
The Project Platinum AI System

It's highly recommended ClickBank-based affiliate marketing training program. Click here to purchase this training course and claim my power-packed bonus offer.

Training Quality
Earning Potential
Success Rate
  • Blueprint: Robby shares his proven blueprint and business model.
  • Automation: The Project Platinum Software Suite is an AI-controlled system that helps you to automate up to 95% of tasks, making it easier to manage your online business.
  • Successful Mentors: Robby, his team of super affiliates, and other experts will become our coaches and mentors.
  • DFY Materials: Instant access to million-dollar Done for You (DFY) Materials.
  • Support System: The course includes access to a private coaching group where people can connect with other course participants, ask questions, and get support.
  • Comprehensive Training: The program provides extensive step-by-step training on making money as an affiliate marketer, from setting up landing pages, driving traffic to them, and the strategies needed for success.
  • Mastermind Community Access: When enrolling in the course, you will have constant access to all other affiliates using Project Platinum.
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee: Robby offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product.
  • Earning Potential: With Project Platinum, you can potentially earn $18,135.16 per day.
  • Expensive: Project Platinum is relatively costly compared to other training courses. This joining price is not affordable for some newbies
  • Time-Consuming: Learning and implementing the strategies taught in this course can take time. This program is not a get-rich-quick or does not offer a 1-click magic software solution. You'll need to spend money and time to make this blueprint work correctly.
  • Paid Traffic Only: The course teaches only one affiliate marketing strategy (the paid traffic method). This can be limiting for some affiliates.
  • Required Money: You must invest money to start this program, as you have to buy traffic worth at least $100.
  • Limited Availability: The course is limited, and there is no guarantee that it will be available to join after April 6, 2023.
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The Project Platinum Price (Cost) and Discount

Project Platinum is priced at a one-time $2,497 fee or three $997 payments. You can choose your payment option based on your current budget. You may feel like this cost seems high, but it is a small investment considering the potential of returns you’re going to gain.

Purchasing Cost

You could get a $494 discount for the one-time payment option. However, the three-payment option makes paying off the total amount easier.

Project Platinum also offers a 30-Day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the program after enrolling, you can get your refund within 30 days of purchase.

Does the Project Platinum Online Program Help to Become ClickBank Platinum Members?

Is It Works

Yes, Project Platinum is an excellent program for anyone looking to become a ClickBank Platinum Member. Robby’s AI-controlled tools and resources will help automate most of the work in setting up and running a successful online business.

Students get access to exclusive content, such as webinars and tutorials. It will increase your knowledge and understanding of the process. This program is an excellent way to learn affiliate marketing so that you can become a ClickBank Platinum Member quickly.

The countless students’ success story is the primary proof that this program works and can help you become a ClickBank Platinum Member. With the right strategies, you can reach the top of your field in no time!

So do not wait any longer; get started today and unlock your success.

What Makes Project Platinum Different from Other Affiliate Marketing Courses?

The Project Platinum course is entirely different from other training programs because of its focus on automation, scalability, and efficiency. Many of its features are powered by AI technology, allowing users to automate up to 95% of affiliate processes. This will enable you to save time and energy while achieving maximum results. The resources provided are also unique compared to others. Students get exclusive training and one-to-one coaching sessions with Robby Blanchard himself. These resources provide valuable insight into affiliate marketing and can help students take their affiliate business to the next level.

My Awesome Project Platinum Bonuses

Besides powerful tools and training materials, Robby offers premium-level bonuses for his students. I also exclusively offer my power-packed bonus bundle to those purchasing through my link. My power-packed platinum bonuses enable you to achieve 2x or 3x success from this course. It’s a fantastic opportunity that I can’t wait to share with you.

New Project Platinum Bonus Offer 1

But for you information, this exclusive platinum bonus offer is only available to the first 30 people who purchase this program through my affiliate link.

=> Click here to discover more details about my bonus!

Take advantage of these exclusive bonus perks!

Final Project Platinum Review (The Conclusion)

The Project Platinum Members Area Reviews

Most Project Platinum reviews you find online were written without trying out the program. But I watched the entire training available in the membership area before writing this review. So you can make an informed purchase decision from my evaluation.

Just imagine taking a vacation with your family without worrying about finances. You’re drinking and eating whatever you want and enjoying your life stress-free. You get paid more than you need daily by running paid ads with an offer that solves people’s problems.

Imagine having the time and financial freedom to do whatever you want.

How amazing would it be to live like that!

This program is an excellent way to make all those dreams come true. It will help you become a successful super affiliate and take your online business to the next level.

Project Platinum is an innovative program with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) support. It is an excellent ClickBank-based training course and system for those who want to start their own affiliate marketing business from scratch. The course offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and proven materials backed by millions of dollars in results.

The program also comes with an impressive set of tools and bonuses. So you can maximize your business success. You can try it risk-free for 30 days and get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

If you want to jumpstart your online affiliate marketing career, I recommend enrolling in Robby’s Project Platinum A.I. System.

But remember to claim my exclusive bonus offers through this link before they’re gone!

If you wish to make an extra income online with affiliate marketing, Project Platinum is an ideal choice.

=> Click here to buy Project Platinum today and claim your bonus!

I believe you, and I can benefit from this training and tools. So, don’t wait any longer and join the course now!

Let’s make the breakthrough together!

Good luck with your journey, and I wish you great success in 2023 and beyond!



Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Project Platinum?

The Project Platinum Members Area Reviews

Project Platinum is a package of tools, software, and guides meant to assist you in building a thriving online business in one year or less. Robby Blanchard created it to help students reach the ClickBank platinum level. This program includes training and an AI-based software suite that automates up to 95% of work.

2. When will Project Platinum be launched?

Project Platinum will be launched on March 27th, 2023, at 11:00 EDT.

3. How much does Project Platinum cost?

Project Platinum costs $2497. A split payment option is also available.

4. What are the benefits of Project Platinum?

Robby Blanchard With Platinum Buttun

Project Platinum can help users automate up to 95% of their work. This can help them climb the Clickbank ladder and earn more as an affiliate marketer. It also provides access to a network of super affiliates who support and guide each other to succeed. Additionally, users will get access to Robby’s exclusive tools and bonuses that can assist them in quickly achieving the results you desire.

5. Is there any way to try Project Platinum before purchasing it?

Project Platinum, Robby Blanchard, The Project Platinum, Project Platinum Review, Project Platinum Reviews, Project Platinum Bonus

Currently, there is no way to try Project Platinum before purchasing it. However, online reviews provide more information about the product and its features. Therefore, I have written this review with as many details as possible to make your purchase decision easier.

6. Do I get any bonuses when purchasing Project Platinum?

New Project Platinum Bonus Offer 1

Yes, Robby gives you several bonuses. In addition, I have some excellent power-packed bonuses if you purchase Project Platinum through my affiliate link. These power-packed bonuses will double or triple your affiliate business profits and growth. Check out what bonuses are here right now.

7. Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Project Platinum comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. So, if you are unsatisfied with the program within the first 30 days, you can get your full refund from Robby’s team. No questions asked! So, try out Project Platinum today and see your excellent results.

8. Where to buy Project Platinum?

Is It Works

You can purchase Project Platinum from the official website here:
Make sure to claim my exclusive bonus offers through the link before they’re gone!

I hope these FAQs have been helpful and wish you incredible affiliate business success!

Thank you for reading.

Rekhilesh Adiyeri
Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Hello! I'm Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an affiliate marketing expert and digital content creator from Kerala, India. I started earning an income online as a side hustle while I was in college in 2008. Within these 15 years, I've built a digital entrepreneur empire. I do business with top-tier countries using my simple English, despite English not being my first or second language. And I want to help motivate people to succeed by doing profitable business online. Right now, I am on a mission to be a better coach who can help more people achieve their dreams of financial freedom. So follow me on your favorite social media - there are lots more coming your way! Read my new profit singularity review of breakthrough edition here.

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