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The Profit Singularity Review & 10x Power-Packed Bonuses for 2021

If you’re looking for an honest profit singularity review of a real student, you’re on the right page!.

Are you looking for a new way to earn money online?

GoProfit AI Singularity Exclusive Review

Making money online as an affiliate marketer is difficult, but it’s also a great way to make passive income.

Earning money online can indeed be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get started and earn some cash while learning simultaneously. 

The Profit Singularity masterclass and system is one of those methods for earning money by promoting other people’s products through YouTube ads. This course teaches students how to become successful in this field with minimal effort and maximum profit potential!

Whatever your motivation for earning money online, this training program is something you should check out.

Important – You could read the updated profit singularity ultra edition review from here. If you missed purchasing the initial edition, then this is the right time to grab this training program.

The Profit Singularity Master Class & System Details:
Exclusive Profit Singularity Members Area Review by Real Student
Exclusive Profit Singularity Master Class Members Area Review by Real Student!…
Course Name:Profit Singularity
Trainers:Keegan Muller, Chris Reader, Mark Ling, Gerry Crammer & Rob Jones
Price / Cost:$2,497 (Installment Option Available)
Course Duration:8+ Weeks Training.
Refund Policy:30 Days of Money Back Guarantee.
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended YouTube Ads Based Affiliate Marketing Training Program.
Official Website:https://ProfitSingularity.com/Join (New registration Will Close in 3
Hours!.. HURRY!!)

My Honest Profit Singularity Review


Hey, it’s me Rekhilesh Adiyeri from Kerala, India. A passionate digital entrepreneur with decades of experience in this field.

If you’re new to this Online COSMOS portal, I’m delighted to welcome you! 

We provide unbiased evaluations on digital courses, services, and products available on the web. As well as fantastic bonuses for the programs I genuinely believe. 

When I started, there was no such portal that offered honest opinions. So I wasted lots of money on outdated courses, nonworking application software tools, and some cash here and there!

That’s why we created the Online COSMOS portal.

Our site was created to function as a crowded-powered evaluation portal. Buyers can leave testimonies about the products or services they purchased online. As a result, other consumers can evaluate products before making a purchase.

Yes, I know you’ve come to this page because you want to know if the “Profit Singularity Course and System” is worth your money. Of course, Our goal is to make an educated decision so that you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned money.

In this blog post, I’ll write a detailed review of an affiliate marketing training system that mainly focuses on using YouTube ads as a buyer traffic solution. This coaching program is called Profit Singularity, and it’s going to launch on the Groove marketplace on September 7th, 2021.

Do this training and system work effectively and worth your money?

I’ll let you know if it’s a success… and if it is, I’ll give you some fantastic bonuses that you can only get from me right now.

Let’s find out the truth from this evaluation post.

What is Profit Singularity Master Class & System?

This training program is created by 3 experienced digital marketers and self-made millionaires: 

  • Keegan Muller
  • Chris Reader
  • Mark Ling
  • Gerry Crammer
  • Rob Jones

Now they’re passing on their knowledge and blueprint to dedicated students all over the world. So you can earn up to $100k or more per year with minimal effort! 

Actually, is this possible?

So let’s find out the absolute truth!

What Exactly Is This Training Program?

The profit singularity system is an affiliate marketing education program. Keegan and Chris are the leading instructors, with mentors and coaches like Mark Ling, Gerry Crammer, and Rob Jones helping out. They are the most renowned and successful media buyers in direct response marketing.

This course aims for students to learn how to establish and run an effective and profitable internet business utilizing YouTube advertising as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is unquestionably one of the most effective strategies to make money online.

Earning Proof
** The Profit Singularity Blueprint Best Testing Students Earning Proof

So, making ClickBank commissions is not a secret anymore; By the way, the Project Platinum AI system simplifies strategies even simpler. This training program and AI-based tool will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT to anything else that has been available on the market before. And it’s different from other usual online business strategies. I’ll go through a few of them below:

  • You can get started WITHOUT a blog or website.
  • Can get started even if you don’t have your own product.
  • It’s without even having an email list.
  • Plus, without any inventory.
  • Customer service is not required.
  • You can get started without huge funding.
  • And WITHOUT risking lots of money!

These results are proven, and the step-by-step system can make consistent passive income from affiliate marketing through YouTube ads. The beta testers of this system are already making thousands per day. And one of the co-creator is making over $60k per DAY from this method alone. 

  • They mainly focus on making affiliate commissions from a specific type of untapped YouTube ad traffic source.
  • It includes cutting-edge AI-based video ad copywriting and production application software.
  • Results PROVEN ad scripts and funnel templates included.

Mentors have created a highly successful strategy that leverages AI and produces a straightforward path to success, even for beginners.

Download Profits Singularity FREE PDF Report

This system is the result of years upon years of hard work and trial and error. I believe this blueprint can make consistent, passive income as an online affiliate. This untapped traffic source is generating students tens of thousands in profit every single day. 

The approach of this course is 100% different from anything you’ve seen before. It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make your life easier by automating the entire process from start to finish. While still, they give you complete control over what videos you upload and when!

Now let’s know how you can profit from this training program.

4 Monetization Methods of This Program:

  • You could make high commissions on digital and physical products.
  • Earn recurring commissions from monthly billing products and services.
  • It is feasible to acquire a large percentage of commissions on low-mid ticket digital products.
  • You can make a large percentage of commission from high ticket transactions.

I’m sure that students who put out their best effort with this course blueprint and utilize AI app software tools will establish a successful and lucrative internet business from the bottom up.

Before going deep inside the course evaluation, let’s understand affiliate marketing and how YouTube advertising works.

What Is Affiliates Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to a type of advertising in which the advertiser (also known as the vendor, or sponsor) pays an agreed-upon commission to another party (typically called the affiliate) for referring traffic and sales to their website.

It’s is a form of business in which the seller pays an affiliate a fee for every sale made as a result of advertising their product or service. We may use the internet to distribute digital and physical goods all over the world as affiliate marketers. Affiliates can earn a significant percentage of commission on each sale they generate. For certain product sales, marketplaces like ClickBank pay a staggering 75% commission. You could earn with crypto affiliate marketing using the loci cycle blueprint.

What Is Affiliates Marketing?

What Is YouTube Advertising?

Did you notice any sponsored advertising on YouTube while viewing a video or looking up YT?

youtube marketing

I’m pretty sure you have seen hundreds of ads while you watch videos on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular and effective advertising mediums today.

It attracts thousands of people to view your adverts while spending time on this platform. Youtube shows ads to them while watching videos, searching for a query, or checking out their favorite channels.

When you create an advertisement for promoting products and services on youtube, you can target them according to your desired demographics/criteria.

You could directly connect with the buyers looking for products and services like yours to upsell them or earn affiliate commissions on the specific products you promote. You could learn better YT advertising strategies in this course.

the profit singularity roadmap cheet sheet

Now it’s time to learn more about our instructors before going over the member’s area overview section.

Who are The Mentors and Coaches?

This coaching program is led by Keegan Muller, Chris Reader, Mark Ling, Gerry Crammer, and Rob Jones. This group of five presenters has a connection between them. They previously created the “Overnight Freedom” and “Healthy Commissions” training courses together. It was a very successful coaching program with hundreds of students making progress using their method. Let me share some more information about them below.

About Mark Ling

Mark Ling

Mark Ling is a famous digital entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. He’s a terrific affiliate marketer and product innovator. The reason for his tremendous success is due to his innovative marketing tactics and plans.

He shares the exact same system he used to achieve breakthroughs with his students. As a result, thousands of his students benefited from his guidance on living a life of freedom through the power of online business.

Mark began his digital marketing career by watching his friend MR. Charlie was trying to sell posters during the squash tournament through the internet. Mark decided to learn more about how to generate money online as a result of this. And he was successful in it!

Years ago, he was a struggling entrepreneur who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on internet marketing courses only to lose more money. He then decided to put together a system based on real-life experience and tested methods. So, he started his first online business in 2008 and within 18 months made over one million dollars.

Mark is well known for his strategy and tactics. That helped him start and grow a six-figure online business within 18 months and millions of profits in combined income from all his online business sources.

Mr. Ling is an expert in the area of digital product publication and affiliate marketing now. He has made millions of dollars by harnessing the power of the internet. Mark has achieved many business awards, including Deloitte Fast 50.

Training Programs and Tools by Mark Ling.

  • AffiloBlueprint
  • Affilorama
  • AffiloTools
  • AffiloTheme
  • AffiloJetpack
  • AffiloTools
  • Traffic Travis
  • Learn Build Earn
  • The Profit Engine
  • Quit 9 to 5 Academy
  • Overnight Freedom
  • Healthy Commissions
  • Finally, The Profit Singularity (Yes, the exact product you are reviewing right now!)

I used Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint training and AffiloJetpack tools to make thousands of dollars online. So, I am confident that this education will help you earn decent profits online.

About Gerry Cramer

Gerry Cramer

Gerry Cramer is a super affiliate marketer and a highly successful digital entrepreneur. He made millions of dollars online by selling digital products as an affiliate marketer. According to his recent YouTube video, Gerry makes 5-figure earnings per day as a ClickBank affiliate.

In 1999, he began his online career as an SEO specialist and ranked top pages for most competitive keyword terms. Nowadays, he mainly focuses on paid traffic sources and becomes one of the super affiliates. I’m pretty much sure he can make you rich if you follow his advice!

He has published several videos on YouTube about how to become a super affiliate by following his 5-step blueprint. Gerry’s coaching programs include The Profit Engine, Overnight Freedom, Healthy Commissions, and Profit Singularity.

About Keegan Muller


Keegan is the master brain behind this singularity profits training program. He was a student of Gerry Cramer’s previous courses. 

He tweaked Gerry’s methods of Gerry and implemented them with YouTube advertisements. And achieved good results with some trial and error!

He teaches the same strategy to Illyos, another student of Gerry. Illyos implement the same process but with a twist. He used AI robots voice-over for video production. This simple tweak made him $31K+ income in one day.

Keegan also tested AI-based videos and achieved tremendous results. With Chris Reader and other 15 beta testing students, they tested the blueprint. Almost all of them reached the $500 per day mark within a few days.

About Chris Reader

Chris Reader is also a student of Gerry’s past courses. He tried many other coaching programs available online but failed to achieve the success he always wanted. So then decided to follow Gerry’s blueprint and implemented them on Facebook ads (past course method).

Chris is one of Gerry’s students who made thousands of dollars in profits in the fastest possible time. He is a Kid with great thinking, boldness, creativity, enthusiasm, interest in technology, and self-learning capabilities. Chris introduced Keegan and his strategies to others. And they tested this strategy by creating a YT PowerCell group. They all made this singularity system a new opportunity for people like us.

About Rob Jones

Rob Jones

Gerry, Mark, and Rob Jones are all digital marketers and entrepreneurs who have achieved similar success. In 2011, he began his career as an SEO analyst and managed to rank too many sites at the top of Google search results. He subsequently started a software company on his own.

Rob teamed up with Gerry to launch the Trust Jacker plugin and the Overnight Super Affiliate system. They had a lot of success in both product debuts. Nowadays, he travels across Europe and Asia while living the authentic laptop nomad lifestyle. He is the main organizer and co-host of this training program. Most of the online coaching programs of Gerry and Mark are conducted with the help of Rob.

I’m confident that Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones offer coaching programs that work. Hopefully, this won’t disappoint.

Now let me show you the overview of this master class and system by logging in to the members-only dashboard.

The Profit Singularity Member’s Area Overview

There are currently 8 primary modules in this profit singularity master class members area. Mentors cover module by module with additional video instructions and action plans (Homeworks) each week in a live session. Let me tell you briefly about currently available materials.


πŸ“– Welcome Dashboard: 

In this Zoom call recorded video, Gerry and Rob welcome new users and provide brief information about the program. Other mentors, coaches, and beta testing students also give their experience with some pointers for new users in this introductory welcome video.

πŸ“– Pre-Training: Preparing For Success:

The pre-training section covers the 3-step system and business model in-depth. Also, they share the right mindset and success secrets in this section. 

Presently, new members can access the pre-training week’s lesson materials only. So, we could proceed with the learning and action from here.

πŸ“˜ Week 1: Choose Your Product & Set Up Your Website

This week 1 equips you with the tools and skills to set up your very own profitable website. This is content designed for people to do fundamental tasks for this business model.

You will learn the basics of what offers to choose from, domain name selection, affiliate marketplaces, and setting up your site from drag & drop AI-based funnel builder along with other necessary settings. 

We could discover about Million Dollar Copywriting Formula, video ads copy scripts, and AI voice-over software walkthrough.

πŸ“˜ Week 2: Creating Your Million-Dollar YouTube Ad

The second week’s module focuses on producing video ads content and human psychology for more views. In this part, trainers may show how to measure conversions with specific tracking software.

πŸ“˜ Week 3: Launching Your Ads!

I’m confident we’ll be able to deploy our first video advertising campaign utilizing Keegan’s methods in week 3. 

πŸ“˜ Week 4: Scaling to the Moon!

This fourth week, trainers discuss secret approaches to analyzing winning ads and scaling them to produce the most profits. I’m excited about this module.

πŸ“˜ Week 5: Advanced Tools & Techniques

This module could learn about advanced video production, real human-like AI voiceover selection, and ROI-increasing secrets.

πŸ“˜ Week 6: Hot Seat Week!

Live comparison of student funnels and video ads held in this sixth week. I think there are some excellent bonus pieces of training waiting for us in this module.

πŸ“˜ Week 7: Case Study – $300,000 in 14 Days

We may discover how Keegan made $300K or more in 14 days by following the exact blueprint as a case study. Are you excited as I’m to watch this case study?

πŸ“˜ Week 8: Fast Track to $10,000 Days

This eighth week, we may discover how to scale our new internet business to a $10K+ per day income-generating machine. OMG, I’m thrilled!

πŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ½ Resources & Support

The following pages provide other necessary resources, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), and beta testing student interviews. We could reach out to the support desk from here.

What Else You’re Getting by Joining This Program

  1. A.I.-Powered Funnels: the next step in your financial journey!

The benefits of implementing this system are immense, and you’ll reap them quickly as well. Thanks to a simple yet powerful funnel builder that can be set up with little time spent on your end. 

  • Create funnels that convert. 
  • Generate more leads with your marketing efforts. 
  • Be the first in your friends and family circle to have a successful online business.

2. Learn To Pick Winning Offers: 

You may be overwhelmed by seeing the number of products and offers on Clickbank and other marketplaces. But why spend your time sorting through mediocrity when you can get a head start with the mentor’s winning strategy? 

They will show YOU how to filter through this sea of products. So that you can run top-performing campaigns and make huge profits into your account!

  • Learn how to pick winning offers.
  • Discover the best sales copy and marketing strategies. 
  • You’ll be confident in your decisions and never second guess yourself again.

3. Create Highly Profitable YouTube Ads:

In this course, you’ll learn how to create super-profitable YouTube ads that generate boatloads of traffic on command. In addition, you’ll understand winning video psychology and the steps needed for starting your own successful campaign quickly!

  • Master to drive targeted traffic to your AI-powered presell pages.
  • Increase your YouTube ad views, and link clicks.
  • Become a marketing genius within days.

4. Learn to Create Winning Splash Pages

You’ll learn how trainers use powerful psychological principles on every AI-powered splash page. So, you could maximize your ROI (Return on Investment ) and profits from the products you promote.

  • Get a massive increase in conversions.
  • You’ll have more time to follow your passion and what you love. 
  • Be the most successful person in your field. 

5. Start YouTube Ads Campaigns Quickly:

Our mentors will walk through every step of launching an ad campaign and share tips on what settings are crucial to minimize risk while maximizing profits.

  • Learn how to launch a campaign in less than an hour.
  • Find out the best settings for your ads.
  • Get expert advice from industry professionals with years of experience. 
  • Become a YouTube marketing guru overnight!

6. Automatic Conversion Optimization Tools and Strategies: 

You don’t have to optimize your campaigns anymore manually! Instead, automatically enhance them with Google’s A.I., which will give you more conversions faster than before.

  • Easily create the perfect campaign in minutes.
  • Get more conversions with less work.
  • Tap into Google’s A.I. Machine Learning to automatically optimize your campaigns.

7. Scaling Up Faster

You’ll learn when to scale up your campaign and the key indicators. Trainers show how you should go and what makes a successful online business.

A successful scaling strategy starts with knowing which campaigns need more attention, like those running for a while or haven’t had much activity lately.

  • Save time and energy on figuring out what to do next.
  • Learn how to scale up your campaigns for higher ROI.
  • Learn to scale up at just the right moment.

Pros and Cons

Let me go through the advantages (what I enjoy) and drawbacks (I despise) of this profit singularity system training.

8.7 Total Score
Honest Profit Singularity Reviews by Real Student

➑️ The profit singularity masterclass and system is a highly recommended affiliate marketing training program. As an affiliate marketer, I'm confident that mentors can help students achieve breakthroughs with this blueprint.

8.7Expert Score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
Tools Usability
7.8User's score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
Tools Usability
  • We gain access to a blueprint for success that has already been validated.
  • AI-based voice-over creator and video Ads content generator tool access provided.
  • We get coaching from students and mentors who have achieved significant breakthroughs.
  • This course is available in simple-to-learn modules with live sessions and step-by-step instructions.
  • Each week provides action plans (homework) to do.
  • Anyone can get this business model up and running even if they don't have prior expertise or technological understanding.
  • This affiliate marketing training method is perfect for intermediates and experts.
  • We can establish a successful and lucrative AI-based affiliate marketing internet business within a few days.
  • Keegan's $300K in 14 days case study is available.
  • Success stories of beta students with their tips shared.
  • Done For You (DFY) funnels, selected offers, and ad scripts.
  • Other valuable tips and resources are shared as a bonus.
  • We can acquire a great deal of information on YouTube advertising in a short time.
  • Email support, live webinars, and access to a members-only support desk are also available.
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
  • When I tested out the AI voice-over tool, it was not functioning correctly. I hope they will fix this problem soon.
  • Coaching is only provided in digital format.
  • Some people may find the profit singularity price (cost) to be out of their budget.
  • We must put in some effort and money for the system to be effective.
  • It's not a get-rich-quick scheme or a one-click program. Getting it done will take some action on our part.
  • We'll need to put in at least 2 to 4 hours each week for training and action for the next 8 weeks.
Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments

Power-Packed Profit Singularity Bonus

Some extra bonuses are provided alongside your purchase by the trainers. I believe it will give you a boost for your new affiliate marketing online business. Even though I advocate my power-packed profit singularity bonuses to 10xing your profits and growth.

Bonuses for the profit singularity master class

I’m giving away $7,495 worth of fantastic bonuses to the person who purchases the profit singularity master class and AI system using my affiliate link. I think these incentives may help your affiliate business grow by leaps and bounds. We reviewed a new training program called “the loci cycle” recently, you could check that also.

Click here to discover more details about my $7,495 worth of bonus offers.

Bonuses Offered by Trainers

  • 1: Youtube Video Ads Content Generator
  • 2: A.I. Voice Over Making Software
  • 3: 3 Free Splash Page (Landing Page/ Funnel) Builder Access
  • 4: Done For You (DFY) Splash Page (Funnel) Templates
  • 5: Profitable & Money Making Done For You (DFY) Offers/Products
  • 6: Million Dollar Video Ads Vault
  • 7: Case Study of How Keegan Generated $300k in 14 Days using YouTube Ads

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Profit Singularity?

Profit Singularity is a breakthrough training program created by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones, Keegan Muller, and Chris Reader. It’s an affiliate marketing online business model utilizing YouTube ads as a buyer traffic source. It helps anyone who wants to establish an income stream using the power of AI voice-over and targeted video ads.

2. How Does Profit Singularity Work?

It’s an eight-week training program divided into 8 modules. Each module is supplemented with step-by-step instructions and live sessions to get the most out of this course.Β 

Coaches offer AI-based voice-over creating software and video ads content copy-generating tools along with other resources.

3. Who Are the Mentors & Coaches?

Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones, Keegan Muller, and Chris Reader are the mentors and coaches for this training program. Mark Ling is also one of the co-founders of this training program. Learn more about trainers from this section.

4. What’s Included in Profit Singularity System?

Profit singularity system is an eight-week training course with step-by-step modules provided. You’ll get access to an excellent AI-powered voice-over creating software, video ads content copy generating tool, necessary resources, software suggestions, and master class coaching sessions too.

5. Is It Possible to Generate $100,000 or more per month?

I believe most people will not find any problems with the system. You can make this work even if you don’t have any prior expertise or technological understanding. A lot of people are already making good money with this coaching program.

6. How Much Is The Profit Singularity System?

They offer three different payment options for those who want to try it out. The price can be from $2,497 and provides a $997 installment option too. In addition, people from the USA can opt for PayPal credits to buy this course and pay only after 6 months.

7. What’s the Profit Singularity Guarantee?

Coaches offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your purchase. If you’re not satisfied with their coaching, just send a request to the support desk, and they will refund your money.

8. Is Profit Singularity a Legit Program?

As I’ve mentioned, no system is perfect, and there are always some hidden risks for online training programs out there.

However, Profit Singularity seems to be an actual case study. All the details provided on how they made that money and what they did to reach that point seem legit to me. Therefore, it’s not a scam, and if you follow the training successfully, I think you’ll be fine.

9. Why Should You Invest In Profit Singularity?

If you’re looking for a good affiliate program, then this is it. You can make a lot of money with this program. It’s not difficult to use, and you don’t need any previous experience in affiliate marketing or setting up websites to run this business.

10. Where Can I Buy The Healthy Commissions System?

The easiest way to get started with this training program is through their official website. However, I can offer you excellent power-packed bonuses that will help 10x your profits and growth if you purchase using my affiliate link.

11. Do You Offer Any Bonuses?

Yes, I’m currently offering several bonuses with the purchase of Profit Singularity. When you use my affiliate link to purchase this course, you’ll get $7,495+ worth of power-packed bonuses. You may learn more details on this bonus page.

My Thoughts (Conclusion)

If you want to start an automated business that works for you while you sleep, then the Profit Singularity is undoubtedly a system you should look into.

The most challenging aspect we as affiliate marketers face is converting targeted consumers into sales. In this training program, Keegan, Chris, Rob, and Gerry simply tackle these problems. We can get high-quality targeted traffic for a low price thanks to YouTube advertising. The AI-based Preseli tool helps to create high-converting landing pages (funnels) in a matter of minutes.

The proven profits singularity program is ideal for both novice and experienced marketers. In this course, you’ll learn all about affiliate marketing and paid traffic. In addition, students may interact with coaches and other successful students to get help. It’s the most excellent alternative for individuals looking to make a lot of money fast in affiliate marketing.

You can get lots of benefits from their eight-week training course divided into 8 modules covering every aspect of affiliate marketing and youtube advertising. First, I would advise that you read through their eBook and attend live workshops. Then, if it looks like something that you can see yourself doing and enjoying, you can sign up for this training program.

As in all business opportunities, there is a risk involved in anything that you do, but in my opinion, this is a precious opportunity that has the potential to help you create a sustainable source of income for yourself.

Mentors walk students through each step so that they can grasp the concept quickly. I am entirely confident in Gerry Cramer and Robes Jones (our mentors). Because of this, I decided to buy this program early and suggest it to you.

If you want to create a profitable and successful online business without hard work, this system is for you. For over ten years as an affiliate marketing professional, I can assure you that this training package will work

The price of the profit singularity course is $2,497.00, but if you use the affiliate link on this page, I’ll get a commission so you can have the $7,495+ worth of power-packed bonuses that help to 10x your profits and growth,

If you are looking to make some additional income online, then this coaching program and system may be for you.

You will get instant access to the training course after purchase.

So, is this singularity profits system the right choice for you? If it helps you to achieve the success you dream of, then it is.

Thank You for reading my profit singularity review and checking out my excellent bonuses in 2021! I hope this evaluation post has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, concerns, or reviews please use the comment form below, and I’ll answer all queries as soon as possible.

Enjoy your profit days!

Review of Profit Singularity System and Masterclass

  • Training Quality
  • Mentors Support
  • Tools Usability

Short Conclusion

The Profit Singularity system is a course that teaches students about affiliate marketing and the power of YouTube advertising. It also teaches them how to create high-converting landing pages (funnels) with AI-powered funnels builder software within minutes. It means students will be able to make instant money from their promotions without any extra work. 

This coaching program is an online business opportunity for both novice and experienced marketers. Students can interact with coaches and other successful students at all times for help – it’s a great alternative to going out into the world blindly trying things by yourself! 

If you’re looking to take advantage of this system, I highly recommend joining as soon as possible before they close new student registrations.

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Hello! I'm Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an affiliate marketing expert and digital content creator from Kerala, India. I started earning an income online as a side hustle while I was in college in 2008. Within these 15 years, I've built a digital entrepreneur empire. I do business with top-tier countries using my simple English, despite English not being my first or second language. And I want to help motivate people to succeed by doing profitable business online. Right now, I am on a mission to be a better coach who can help more people achieve their dreams of financial freedom. So follow me on your favorite social media - there are lots more coming your way!

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  1. 2.65

    Hey Liked your review.

    Just hoping it work.I have been in a few courses that do live up to their claims, Just need to make more incomw. I know how YouTube videos for traffic works? hopefully there is more to the course than that. Thanks Dave

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
    • Hey David,

      Thanks for commenting and testing our crowd-powered evaluation system. Yes, I believe it would be the best course I bought in 2021. I just updated the review with more details. So you could check out now.


  2. If a student wants to work in profit singularity so he has to invest some money or not??? Kindly answer me this question.

    • Hey Nazeer,

      Yes, you should invest in this coaching program to get the full benefits. It’s like you’re investing yourself in improving the skills to grow your online business and enjoy life freedom by taking the profits of your smart work.

      Other than that, you should have at least $100 to $1K ready in your hand as for advertising.

      I hope this replay is helpful.


  3. hey,
    i am a 20 year old and support my family.
    this course sound like dream but he cost more then i ern in 4 mounts.
    i try some internet course on dropshiping and affiliate marketing and its fine but not what it was seems like.
    did i can trust on this course and what they saying?
    did i need to make this investment?

    • Hey Amitai,

      I recommend that you take the chance now by enrolling in the course with three split payment choices. Within 25 days, you could launch your first YouTube ad run and observe results within 24 hours. If it’s not practical, you may get a refund within 30 days of purchase. Continue with the program if it works, and transform your future by taking that enormous risk.

      Thank You

  4. 5
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support
    Tools Usability

    I was excited to find this program through a Facebook post by my friend. I am really looking forward to using it and just bought the course yesterday on the last webinar. These webinars showed us how AI-crafted voiceovers and content will help generate better results than ever before (and that is tough for me). But when they are done with that 1K day profit days using this system thingy, I think I need some help on how AI funnel stuff works? By the way, you shared a very useful review.

    + PROS: Nice start, watched the welcome video, I'm really excited for my 1K day profit days using this system.
    - CONS: Training and software have different logins, I need to remember both logins.
    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • hi julia, ive just bought the programme too. how are you finding it?

    • Thanks for sharing your viewpoints, Julia. By the way, mentors will teach you all about these AI funnel-building software and how you can integrate the tracking system to make it work 24×7 as a salesperson for you. If you purchased using my affiliate link, you could have some terrific bonuses. You missed it!

  5. Hi Rekhilesh,

    Many congratulations on your extensive review, it is very thorough and speaks highly of yourself! Now, I wrote a thorugh reply here myself, as well, and one question that most people are not asking about this program is the following here below, please read well:

    The beta-testers who have made serious money with this system are all promoting (from what I have seen so far while doing my initial research) some great health offers from affiliate networks, all of these which have *a VSL* in the offer ( a Video Sales Letter ). Well, let’s ask this… how many health offers are there with VSL’s? The limiting factor here can well be that there are not that many VSL offers out there for such a high multitude that will buy this. Get my point…? No beta-tester here created any of the VSL’s in the offers being promoted, these are in the offers themselves. All the great results came from offers *with VSL’s*.

    Now, having said that, you mention this…

    4 Monetization Methods of This Program:

    – You could make high commissions on digital and physical products.
    – Earn recurring commissions from monthly billing products and services.
    – It is feasible to acquire a large percentage of commissions on low-mid ticket digital products.
    – You can make a large percentage of commission from high ticket transactions.

    Please clarify or explain this… do ALL these monetization methods have a VSL in them? The answer is likely, not really. Not even Clickbanks has that many VSL offers. These are CRUCIAL for this method to work, do you realize it? Other affilate networks do have VSL offers, but, how many hundreds of marketers can promote the same offers? I suspect this is a limiting factor that may exist,

    Let’s ask, how can we, thinking of buying this pricey high-ticket product, be assured there won’t be *a shortage of VSL offers*?

    Can you ask this to the owners of the A.I. Profit Singularity people, to please explain this to us? This is a very valid question!

    Do you know something I might be missing about how to promote the 4 monetization methods you mention but *without VSL’s in them*?

    Really think greatly about this issue, Rekhilesh, nobody is thinking about this matter and it is a VALID question, I tell you.

    Please, I am asking a fine question here… if there would be a mastermind between us, well, it starts right here, asking THIS.

    Thank you Rekhilesh,


    • Thanks for commenting, I hear you. You’re right; they mainly promote health-related offers, but YouTube traffic works on any niche – and I believe this method converts well without VSLs (the product vendor will create them with high converting copy scripts). As an affiliate, we don’t need to worry about VSL and text-based sales pages. Even simple text-based sales pages conversion is better than VSL in some niches. So, don’t worry about it!.

      The YouTube video ads strategy also works for CPA offers and other methods. Don’t worry about monetization or different strategies initially, and the trainers will teach A-Z in detail when the time comes πŸ™‚

      Thanks again Richie.

  6. Thanks for your review. To be successful, in your opinion, how many hours a week should be devoted to the training and then the implementation?? Thanks!!

  7. Do they only allow 1 module per week? I have experience in affiliate marketing and may move faster than others with no experience. Can you advance to the next modules if you finish faster than others?

  8. 4.15
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support
    Tools Usability

    One critical item noone is discussing with any of these program reviews is the amount of money needed for a YouTube paid ad budget. This is important to know so we can plan on the amount of money we need to have available on ad budget before we start realizing an income.

    Please let us know for the main case studies, how much they spent on ads at the outset and the outlay of money spent before they could bank their first check of profits.

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  9. This is a silly question, do we need to show our face in doing the Youtube when we make ads in case I register for Profit Singularity? Sorry I am a newbie into this kind of business.

  10. Hi Rekhilesh,
    I’m interested in knowing how have you performed sales-wise with the course since you signed up? Also, is the course still available?

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