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Niche Profit Fast Track Review & Bonuses

Niche Profit Fast Track
Niche Profit Fast Track Members Area
Course Name: Niche Profit Fast Track [NEW]
Created by: Adam Short and Bobby Mclees
Price / Cost: $2,497 (Installment Option Available)
Recommend: Yes, Highly Recommended Program.
Official Website:

I bought Adam Short’s Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) a few years ago because of many positive reviews.

That course was more than my expectation.

Niche Profit Fast Track Course Review

I want to share my experience as a student of Adam Short before sharing my viewpoint on Niche Profit Fast Track Course. 

In the Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) training program, Adam taught me to build affiliate websites that are profiting thousands of dollars every month. I bought this course because of the below-listed features.

  1. This procedure will take only a few hours to set up.
  2. We can earn autopilot profits once we set up the system.
Niche Profit Full Control Members Area
* Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) Members Area Shared to Prove I'm Real Student of Adam Short. It is not the actual course we are reviewing here!.

I build 8 niche based websites and opt-in pages based on NPFC blueprint, but only 3 of them make me four-figure paydays. Anyway, I’m happy with that!. 🙂

I still implement the same tactics Adam taught me while building my niche sites. I’m following goal setting and time management techniques taught by him to achieve faster results. Read my project platinum system review; it’s the best affiliate marketing course you can buy in 2023.

To be frank, Niche Profit Full Control was one of the best training programs I was attended!.

After a long wait, Adam Short is coming up with his new and updated training system called Niche Profit Fast Track (NPFT).

I’m really excited to review this niche profit fast track program.


So, Are you looking for an additional online income stream?

Struggles To Winning

Do you find it challenging to make ends meet?

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the internet offers a host of opportunities. The bad news is that not all are legit and successful.

That is why I always feel it’s better to try something tried and tested instead of trying out something new. You end up wasting time, money, and sometimes even the zeal to look for an additional income stream.

If you wonder where exactly you can find something tried and tested, I have the answer. It’s the Niche Profit Fast Track (NPFT) System, which is a 60-day training program.

The Niche Profit Fast Track Training System
I would like to do a real and honest niche profit fast track review with excellent bonus offers on this evolution blog post.

The Niche Profits Fast Track is a 60-day live training program by Adam Short and Bobby Mclees. In this training program, they will be coaching students on how to develop and scale profitable passive earnings websites. What sets this program apart from their previous programs is the updated blueprint and training they will be providing. I reviewed the asigo system training program, it’s really useful course in this current period.

This rinse and repeat formula for creating pure profit pulling websites has the below-listed features.

  1. It’s Easy to Implement
  2. Automation is the KEY
  3. The Longevity of this Blueprint
  4. Potential Predictability

As per Adam, we can create passive profits websites in just 48 hours.

10K Per Month Income Streams

To be frank, I believe in this training system because of Adam Short and Bobby Mclees behind it. They become rich by applying the same tactics. There’s nothing better than personal experience, and this is what Adam professes through his system. We have written an exclusive commission hero review on our blog.

You may wonder if the program is legit or not.

Well, I can vouch for its authenticity because I’ve bought the initial version (Niche Profit Fast Control) and this Niche Profits Fast Track. I’m following Adam’s advice and achieved excellent results with Niche Profit Fast Control. So, I hope the same will happen with the niche profits fast track course.

And so far, it’s done nothing but good for me!

Besides, I’ve always been a fan of Adam’s courses, and all the classes I’d tried out was still excellent. Here’s why I thought I’d explain why I feel that the Niche Profits Fast Track System is indeed another feather in Adam’s cap.

What is Niche Profit Fast Track Course?

The Niche Profit Fast Track training system is an updated and the latest edition of Adam’s previous courses. It is a 60-day live training program that teaches students how to build a website that generates passive income.

In this course, Adam describes ways to get targeted free traffic to our niche websites. Mainly from YouTube, Facebook and Search Engines. We can amplify our website’s search engine ranking utilizing Adam’s blueprint. That way, we could get targeted organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The Niche Profit Fast Track Working Model

Below I have described the exact working model of niche profit fast track programs Passive Profits Formula 2.0 edition blueprint.

Passive Profits Formula 2.0 Blueprint

Here Are the 5 Steps of Passive Profits Formula 2.0

  • STEP 1 – Select a Niche
  • STEP 2 – Configure Passive Profit Machine
  • STEP 3 – Add Traffic Magnets
  • STEP 4 – Embed Income Generators
  • STEP 5 – Flip the Traffic Switch
  • STEP 6 – Rinse & Repeat

In a nutshell:

  • We don’t need to setup & monitor paid traffic campaigns
  • We don’t need to create high-converting products & offers
  • We don’t need to build funnels
  • We don’t need to make eCommerce stores
  • We don’t need to waste time and energy to learn, implement, test, tweak and optimize

Main Features of the Niche Profit Fast Track System?

  • Best Training & Blueprint:- The 60-day training boot camp will start as live webinars. I hope it will get me ideas on the different steps to create and launch my new niche website. I could learn how to build the necessary organic traffic for a successful website and how to monetize it. I know a little bit; anyhow, I would like to learn more.
  • Ready-Made Niche Websites:- The program offers 12 ready-made niche business websites with compelling content and designs. We can choose our niche and build a website from scratch if not interested in ready-made businesses. The latest healthy commissions system offer some done for you materials in health niche, I believe it’s useful for you.
Niche Businesses Bonuses

I chose to create my own niche website from scratch as I had something unique in mind. Besides, I could turn to the mentors for assistance where required.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee:- What I especially liked about the NPFT system is its money-back guarantee. The mentors offer this guarantee because this is not a get rich scheme. It’s a way to make money online with your hard work and efforts legally.
  • Personal Assistance by Experts:- If you don’t see any results on your website, one of the Niche Profit’s Expert Coaches will work and help you see results. With the coach’s personal attention, any student’s site eventually turns out profitable.
  • Additional Coaching Opportunity:- NPFT students have access to all the necessary coaching and resources for many years. That is another plus point because I can build and launch multiple sites and maximize earnings within one year.
  • Support Desk:- There’s a private forum that we can use to discuss doubts and queries with other students and expert coaches.

Adam also took the initiative to host weekly live Q&A and Hot Seat sessions to help better understand whatever learned.

* Let me describe more details on the member’s area overview section.

Npft Mindmap

Who is Adam Short and Bobby Mclees?

Trust in a program improves once we learn more about our mentors and their credibility. In the case of the Niche Profit Fast Track System, the mentors are Adam Short and Bobby Mclees. 

Adam Short

Adam Short:

Adam is not a newbie in creating websites, and he has explained his tried and tested methods through his courses. He has created more than 90 successful websites. His program reveals all the tricks and strategies he had learned while creating these successful and profitable websites. 

Bobby Mclees

Bobby Mclees:

Bobby Mclees has been working with Adam for a long time on most of his projects. It is their combined experience that helped them create so many successful websites and incomes. 

Their previous products include:

  • Niche Product Classroom:- This course has more than 50,000 customers. It was successful for both creators and students. There are lots of positive reviews from successful students around the world.
  • Niche Product Full Control:- This course teaches students to create profitable niche based websites. It’s generated more than $3.5 million in sales and loads of positive reviews since 2015. This course blueprint was very successful. That’s why I instilled the confidence to buy Niche Profit Fast Track System!.

Mentors will ensure that students carry out the actions in the program. They make sure we have a profitable site up and running within a couple of months.

Students who take action and not seeing any outcomes for some reason will be paired with coaches. These coaches will deal with the student personally until our website gets profitable.

That’s good news, right?

Niche Profit Fast Track Members Area Overview

The niche profits fast track program includes many beneficial training, tools, and support. Below let me try to detail everything.

(1) The Niche Profit Accelerators 

Npfc Niche Selection
The Niche Profit Accelerators

These are the carefully selected 12 ready-made niche site components. These niche businesses have significant profits and growth potential. We can make these niche websites to work for us within hours. Each of these Done for You components package designed to attract traffic and generate income on autopilot.  

The Accelerators Packages Includes:

  • Detailed analysis
  • High-quality articles with product reviews
  • High-converting email autoresponder series
  • List of preselected physical and digital affiliate products
  • List of thousands of low-competition money words
  • Opt-in form and lead bait

You can unlock a new accelerator every month for a year and build at least 12 passive profit machines in a year.  

(2) The Passive Profits Formula 2.0 Live Training

Npfc Module 1
The Passive Profits Formula 2.0 Live Training

The 60-day live training course teaches the A to Z for building websites, generating traffic, and monetizing it. Adam also explains how to set and run everything on autopilot. 

The live training covers everything necessary to launch a successful website. So we can quickly launch a website every month. The modules covered in the training include:

  • 8 weeks of Step by Stemp live training 
  • Weekly checklists and action plan blueprints
  • Adam’s library of successful ‘Plug-and-Play’ templates
  • Access to weekly live Q&A calls with Adam

Even amateurs without prior experience can launch and run profitable websites efficiently. The strategies and techniques also help advanced marketers improve their skills. 

Adam launches a brand new Passive Profit Machine from scratch in front of us in the live training session. He may clearly explain each step. One more thing, NPFT live webinars are records all of the training and coaching sessions. So, we can easily access anytime in the member’s area. That will be helpful if we miss any live webinar session.

(3) The Niche Profit Incubator Program

This Niche Profit Incubator Program includes:

The Passive Profits Formula 2.0 Live Training
  • Members-Only Forum:- Here, we can ask questions and receive personal training from Adam or expert coaches and other students. 
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls:- Adam will work personally with students to ensure their progress. The calls are adapted to our needs and may include training, Q&A, and personal coaching. 

We can understand unknown shortcuts and advanced strategies by participating in the forum discussion and group coaching calls. I believe it will shorten my learning curve and led to the rapid growth of my niche business. 

(4) The Niche Profits Fast Track Program Bonuses

Npft Bonuses

Adam offers some extra bonuses to early adopters of this course. Currently, there are 4 bonuses available on the member’s area. Let me try to describe what it’s and how it will be useful for us.

The Niche Profit Software Suite

Bonus #1 – The Niche Profit Software Suite

This Niche Profit Software Suite includes handy 6 proprietary software tools for us. We can launch and run successful online businesses using this application software’s provided in the member’s area. 

Niche Profits Software Suite Includes:
Npft Suite Tools
  • Market Feeder – Saves niche research time by providing a real-time feed of best selling niche’s products. 
  • Market Analyzer – Analyzes a niche’s profit potential in seconds and provides a clear, color-coded score.
  • Competition Profiler – Helps to analyze competitors, their sales funnel, earning potential, and their secret of success. So, we can outscore them and make better profits. 
  • Niche Profit Press – Helps to launch beautiful and highly-converting landing pages and sales funnels in minutes. We can build opt-in funnels using drag and drop feature and no proper coding knowledge required. Adam also suggests click funnels as an alternative option. 
  • Traffic Advantage – This software helps us to get targeted traffic from blogs, social media platforms, forums, and yahoo answers. It’s a semi-automated tool that allows us to grow our niche-based websites. I feel like it’s an alternative to BuzzBundle. Usually, BuzzBundle costs us $399/ year. We get a similar tool for free with NPFT membership!.
  • Social Leads Builder – We can build a viral email list through many targeted platforms like Facebook, Forums, Twitter, and Blogs. It helps to build targeted leads on autopilot continuously.

These software’s are really beneficial for my website growth. 

Bonus #2 – The Info Product Mastermind

The Info Product Mastermind

It is a 3 part live workshop that teaches students how to plan, create, and launch an information product that sells like a hot cake. We get Adam’s support, and his Expert coaches will help us to reach our goals. 

The digital product sales market is booming day by day. So, having our own product on the web and many affiliates promoting it helps us to live the real freedom lifestyle.

Bonus #3 – Traffic & Revenue Multiplier Live

We get live seminar streaming access that covers advanced strategies and techniques. It will help us to scale our niche-based online businesses to earn 5 to 6 figures and more per month profiting one.

Traffic &Amp; Revenue Multiplier Live

In this live seminar, we get case studies, guest speakers tips, and additional pieces of training with live questions and answers session.

I’m really excited to watch this live seminar!.

The Growth Automation Formula

Bonus #4 – The Growth Automation Formula

This video series reveals the secret formulas to grow our niche business by itself continuously. It is not just about financial freedom videos; we get lifestyle and personal improvement tips too.

I can’t showcase many details on the training because it’s live training. Anyhow, I believe this member’s area overview really helpful for you.

Ppf 2.0 Training

Does Niche Profit Fast Track System Work for You? 

The NPFT system is a must-have for anyone who wants to earn big on the internet. It provides ideal coaching for beginners and those with some experience in building niche websites. 

Beginners learn everything needed to create a profit-generating niche website. Those with some experience learn useful tips, strategies, and techniques to increase the site’s earning potential.  


It not only teaches tricks but also provides all the necessary resources for our profit. As long as you follow whatever you learn and implement it in your niche websites, NPFT System will definitely work for you! 

Besides, you can always turn to Adam and other expert coaches for advice if you reach a dead end and need help!.

I’m really confident about reviewing this quality program. Frankly, no other training course on the web has such coaching. Adam teaches us to set goals and utilize time management techniques as an addition to this course. We can have time, health, and money freedom. So, we can enjoy our new lifestyle business. Click here to buy the niche profit fast track system as soon as possible before they close new student’s registration.

? Pros and ? Cons

9.6 Total Score
Review of Niche Profit Fast Track Training System

➡️ Niche Profit Fast Track (NPFT) is a highly recommended affiliate marketing and digital product creation training program. Click the link above for purchasing this course with awesome bonuses.

9.6Expert Score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
8.7User's score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
  • Lots of useful resources and application tools.
  • Beginners and experts friendly coaching.
  • Access to mentors for one-to-one training.
  • Support even after 60-days of live training.
  • 30 days of the money-back guarantee.
  • We may need to buy Clickfunnels for better opt-in pages.
  • Google algorithm changes perform some guidance out-of-date.
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Awesome Niche Profits Fast Track Bonuses

Npft Bonuses 1

Npft Src Min

To Claim Your Niche Profits Fats Track Bonuses, Please Follow the Steps Listed Below:-

STEP 1: => Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies First (Here’s How)

STEP 2: => Click Here to Order Niche Profit FUll Track Course with Special Discount Offer

STEP 3: => After Purchase contact me with your purchase receipt number through contacting us page or email me on [email protected]

We will verify your payment receipt and grand access to bonuses with in 24-48 hours.

My Final Thought

If you ask me, the Niche Profit Fast Track program is one of the best programs teaching us how to generate passive income online. It covers everything we needed to create profitable niche websites.

The most significant advantage is that the learning doesn’t end after its 60-day training. We can always turn to the mentors even after the end of the coaching for help.

In short, as long as you follow Adam’s blueprint and techniques, you WILL be able to make money online. It is definitely not a Get-Rich-Overnight program. But with your effort, it will make you rich with time!.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Niche Profit Fast Track Course?
The Niche Profit Fast Track (NPFT) is 60 days of a live training program. This course hosted by Adam Short & Bobby Mclees. Students will learn to build a profitable website in 12 ready-made niches or their own passion-based niche. This training system includes results proved blueprint, training, and application tools.
Does NPFT Program Only Available for 60 Days Only?
Absolutely NO, actually the Niche Profit fast Track initial training is only for 60 days. After that, we get ongoing support with some question and answer webinar sessions periodically. Students will get full year support and training from the start of coaching.
How Much is Niche Profit Fast Track Price (Cost)?
There are two payment options available for Niche Profit fast Track program. $2,497 One-time fee with a special discount of $494 is the first option. $997 three-part payment is the second option. I highly recommend opting for the first option if you are serious about this business model.
Is There Any Refund Policy for NPFT?
Yes, there are 30 days of a money-back guarantee with this Niche Profit fast Track training system. Click here to know more details.
9.6 Total Score
Review of Niche Profit Fast Track Training System

➡️ Niche Profit Fast Track (NPFT) is a highly recommended affiliate marketing and digital product creation training program. Click the link above for purchasing this course with awesome bonuses.

9.6Expert Score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
8.7User's score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
  • Lots of useful resources and application tools.
  • Beginners and experts friendly coaching.
  • Access to mentors for one-to-one training.
  • Support even after 60-days of live training.
  • 30 days of the money-back guarantee.
  • We may need to buy Clickfunnels for better opt-in pages.
  • Google algorithm changes perform some guidance out-of-date.
Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments

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  1. 4.5
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support

    I just completed reading of that free report. It’s good.

    + PROS: Nice report.
    - CONS: Would like to know more.
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  2. @Rekhilesh Do you recommend this to a newbie like me?

  3. 4.25
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support

    I just bought it in the early bird workshop as per your recommendation. Really, thanks to you Rekhilesh, you helped me to find a good system to adopt.

    + PROS: Good Interphase Nice video quality Good training I like the presentation style of Adam
    - CONS: Course conducted as live, so need to wait to gather full idea.
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  4. Is it too late to join Npft? I good night get your link to work yesterday.

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