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Lead Conversion Squared Review & Bonus Offers

Lead conversion Squared System
The Lead Conversion System Course

You may have numerous questions related to the Lead Conversion System Squared (LCS2) and 3 day business masterclass by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely? such as:

  • What is 3 day business masterclass?
  • What is Lead Conversion Squared?
  • What are the features of this LCS2 system? 
  • How can you utilize this lead conversion system squared for your business?

Here is the best lead conversion system squared review that gives answers to the above questions.

Course Name:Lead Conversion System Squared (LCS2) (? Hot On Web)
Created by:Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels
Price / Cost:$1,497 (+Upsell Available)
Course Duration:6+ Weeks Training.
Refund Policy:Refund Available for 30 Days.
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended Lead Generation and Conversion System.
Official Website:https://3DayBusinessMasterClass.com/
<strong>What I Share On This Review Post</strong>:

  • Complete information about the course
  • LCS2 member’s area overview
  • 3 day business masterclass overview
  • Advantages of this training course
  • Disadvantages of this training course
  • Power packed bonus offers
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • My final thought

What is the Lead Conversion Squared System (LCS 2)?

Lead Conversion Squared System Review

The Lead Conversion System Squared (LCS 2) is an ultimately proven type of Customer Relationship Management (CMR) software developed by digital marketing pioneers Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels. It will help your business to lead generation into lead conversion with the least effort. 

It is a total turnkey system, with a powerful lead conversion tool launched on Sept 28. This software tool mainly targets those digital marketing experts or business owners who like to run their marketing strategy. Even an individual can use this tool to increase their site traffic without much effort.

The mentors claim that it will be a comprehensive solution for all marketers. It is perfect for those who were unsuccessful through internet marketing and for those who like to start their internet marketing journey.

The Leads Conversion Squared 2 Course contains 6 video series to help you improve your online marketing. You will be able to find several methods to gain traffic to your websites.

⚠️ Important: Click here to get more details about the Lead Conversion Squared system

Who Are The Mentors?

Let’s look the Masterminds behind this course:

? Chad Nicely:

Chad Nicely

Chad Nicely started his first website design business company around 1999, which focused on motivating

organizations to establish their web visibility. It was temporary. 

He moved in to start several relevant eCommerce ventures and testing in several other markets. With frequent ups and downs, he discovered an interest in acting as a digital marketer. 

Chad had a blog under his name, where he taught his experience in digital marketing with his audience. He has been educating everyone precisely on how to run their organizations online. 

? Daven Michaels:

Daven Michaels started his business journey at an early age. At the age of 15, he started his first business venture. Daven is the creator of the Philippines based company called 123Employee

Daven Michaels

At an early age, he found an enormous bond with entrepreneurship, which led him forward with an organizational formula that he uses to this day to transform various service efforts into great successes. 

123 Employee was his first company, which started with one worker and has hundreds of highly qualified workers today. Except for 123 Employee, he runs two more successful companies called “Mastery Retreats” and “Beyond Results Mastery.” Daven played a significant role in the creation of the lead conversion squared (LCS2) system.

Daven and Chad were teaming up to put on a 3-day client attraction masterclass in the first phase. It will help us to find a new and efficient method of lead conversion. With the help of a virtual assistant, we can learn how to make 1,000s of leads every month.

This LCS2 Masterclass will reveal how to build a home business with a foolproof system. It will help build instant credibility, improve lead generation, and earn real money online.

What is the 3-Day Business Masterclass?

I know you still have few doubts about the 3 days lead conversion squared Masterclass.  

Let me tell you in detail..

As I mentioned at the beginning, this 3-day Masterclass is an excellent opportunity for all kinds of people working in the business field to learn how to generate leads online.

To join this lead conversion squared system Masterclass, you didn’t need any experience. It is open to all types of individuals. 

  • No marketing experience is needed.
  • No event technical skills are required.

So don’t worry about your lack of knowledge about a certain area of online marketing and business.

If you enter the 3-day business masterclass, you need to take two steps before the class.

  • STEP #1 – Get All Set up!
  • STEP #2 – The Warmup Sessions
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Benefits of 3-Day Business MasterClass

The Lead Conversion Squared System Membership
  • How to create an efficient home-based business service?
  • How to attract and keep customers?
  • How to use the LCS2 system to produce and transform a thousand leads every month?
  • How do you find, select, and certify clients who can pay substantial charges?
  • How to use the new LCS2 digital marketing software application to improve business development?
  • How do you discover the basics to grow a business naturally, from the comfort of your home?
  • You are not alone here. Mentors are ready to help you on your business journey.

How to Register for LCS2 3-Day Masterclass?

The process of joining/register this LCS2 3-Day Masterclass is straightforward. All you need is signup by entering your email id and first name on the Lead Conversion System Squared website, and experts will take care of the rest of them.

Only a few seats are remaining… So make it quick and jump on board today.

>> Join using this website link.

The 3 Promises of the 3 Day Business Masterclass:
  • You will have attracted your first client online. GUARANTEED!
  • You will know EXACTLY how to engage an endless supply of high-quality clients using the “Foot In The Door” strategy.
  • You will learn how to estimate your business as BIG AS YOU WANT to if you have discipline and consistency every single day.

These are the three promises you’ll get when you attend Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely’s 3-day business masterclass live session.

The Promise You Need to Make:

  • Be positive and open-minded. Start fresh! Forget everything you know about attracting and engaging clients in your business.
  • Show up for each and every session ready to implement the steps they show you. Get engaged with the group and finish your goals!
  • Have the consistency and discipline to do this every single day, and you will have the same tools and training as seven-figure agency owners.

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

3 Day Business Masterclass Overview:

The process which carried out during 3 day masterclass is revealed bellow:

? Day #1 – Laying The Foundation:

In day 1 of the 3 day business masterclass, you will learn,

  • They will open their business and show you how they ENGAGED with their customer every day. We can do the same.
  • They are going to show you EXACTLY how this process works. It is THE EASIEST system you have ever seen. It is the same system that uses Chad and Daven’s members.
  • You are going to learn the key elements that your profile needs to have. Your profile is your first impression; it needs to be “on point.”
  • They will reveal a simple formula to help you to create your profile hook. This is so people will be drawn to your business. Then they will critique your hooks!
  • You will figure out what your “Connection Magnet” needs to be. They will critique this for you!
  • You are going to connect with prospects TODAY! People will experience SUCCESS on this call today!

? Day #2 – Foot In The Door:

In day 2 of the 3 day business masterclass, you will learn some of the most potent client-attracting strategies.

  • They will help you clear up any questions or concerns you may have from the previous session.
  • They will show you how to set up your digital business card. It is your “Foot in the Door.” And yes, there is a secret to this…
  • You will learn how to respond to your prospects that come in from your connection requests. There are two options available to you!
  • They will show you how to maneuver inside of your system. It would help if you were clear on how the software works.
  • You are going to connect with potential clients TODAY! People will experience SUCCESS on this call today.
  • They will also going to have fun with the contest, giveaways, and massive engagement.

? Day #3 – How To Make Profits With The Training:

On day 3 of the 3 day business masterclass, you will learn how to make profits from the training.

  • They will reveal the BIGGEST secret to closing your prospects… WITHOUT SELLING a thing (They do this all the time)
  • They will show the “Hook, Line and Sinker” close that you will be using with all your prospects.
  • You are going to discover how to turn your prospects into paying clients. Something that most people are doing WRONG!
  • They will reveal the “Lethal Client Attraction Strategy” ever created that’s going to make your prospects anxious and hungry to become clients!
  • They will stick around to the end and make sure ALL YOUR QUESTIONS are answered. You must have TOTAL CLARITY!
  • FINAL REVIEWS and Celebration!
Features of Lead Conversion Squared System (LCS2):
Lead Conversion Squared Tools

The following are some of the key features of lead conversion squared system:

  • Virtual Assistant: When you buy LCS2 software, you will get a virtual assistant. With the help of this virtual assistant, you can get almost 1000 leads per month.
  • Sales Pipeline: It will help you create a sales channel for your customers and how you can approach them.
  • Automatic Follow-ups: This automated tool will help you to follow up with each customer at a scheduled time. Now you didn’t have to worry about losing any clients. We have seen so many times when we give our clients an appointment, but then we forget about it.
  • Contact Customers Through Different Methods: These LCS software features help you communicate with your potential customers based on their preferences. Like through mails, text messages, or calls.
  • Landing Page: It will allow you to customize your own landing page. This will help you receive data from your customers and generate leads.
  • Lead Magnet: When you buy the LCS2 software tool, you will get a lead magnet. It helps you generate new leads at no additional cost.
  • Personalized Connection: 
  • 60 Day Cookies: Any leads you bring in using lead conversion system squared will be tagged with your unique link for 60 days.

Who Can Benefit from LCS2 Tool and Workshop?

The lead conversion system squared will benefit those who own websites, digital marketers and doing work online. This tool will help in maximizing their expertise and reach in generation and conversion of leads. 

Also, the LCS2 workshop will help those interested in digital marketing, especially for social media influencers. The mentors’ main goal is to teach all participants the skill and information needed in email marketing and lead generation.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and make $1000 per day, try the Commission Hero Pro course by Robby Blanchard. Reveal a step-by-step tutorial of affiliate marketing for beginners.

Pros and Cons of LCS 2 System:


  • Cutting Edge Software for Generating Leads
  • Proven Lead Capture Templates
  • Top-notch Customer Support
  • Access to white-labeled
  • Your own Virtual Assistant
  • An Appointment Builder
  • A Business Card Builder
  • A Masterclass Training
  • Lots of Awards and Prizes


  • The price of the system is high, and it may prevent some from being able to invest.

So, are you ready to become a member of LCS 2 and start to build your own online business today?

If you become a base member of this program, you will get the following benefits and tools. 

? The LCS2 Base Membership Plan

Let’s look at what you get with the Base Membership…

? The Digital Card System ($1,997 Value)

This digital card system allows you to generate business cards for your prospective clients.

The digital card system includes features like,

Lcs2 Digital Card System
  • Card Creation
  • Instant Card Funnel
  • Card Signup Pages
  • Card Management
  • ​Digital Delivery

? The Lead Conversion System ($2,997 Value)

This lead conversion core system allows you to keep track of your leads, schedule appointments, view pipelines, create emails, and text messages, etc.

It includes features like,

The Lead Conversion System
  • Lead management
  • Survey creation
  • Applications
  • Email follow up
  • Lead tagging
  • 3rd party forms
  • Sales pipelines
  • All future updates included

? The LCS Agency License ($4,997 Value)

Having your own branded agency sounds great, right!! The LCS agency license helps you use the lead conversion squared system and sell services to your potential clients.

Here you will get,

Lcs2 Agency License
  • You can create 5 accounts using this license
  • All branded to you or your company
  • ​You place on your own domain
  • ​You can add clients to your account
  • ​You can set your own charges
  • ​You sell packages at your choice
  • ​It’s your own marketing business

? 3 Day Live! Fast Start Dojo Training ($997 Value)

While attending this live training session, you will learn the essential steps to follow to set up and implement a real business. Here Chad and Daven help you through the entire process to ensure your success.

Your first Masterclass starts on August 31st (8 Am PST / 11 Am EST)

What includes in this live training session,

3 Day Live Dojo Training
  • Learn the fast start set up method with Chad & Daven
  • Walkthrough your Card Prospector System
  • Walkthrough of your Agency Program
  • Marketing materials set up
  • Training to get you on top and run instantly
  • Further Master Class training

? Lead Generating Virtual Assistant (Priceless)

The LCS program gives you a personal Virtual Assistant. It will assist you in lead generation.

What you will get here,

Lcs2 Virtual Assistant
  • 500 LinkedIn Connection requests executed on your behalf
  • ​The assistant is well trained and ready to go!
  • ​The virtual assistant knows where to find your leads
  • ​They will manage to message for you
  • ​Setting up all your marketing materials
  • ​You have nothing to do here

? The LCS2 Base Membership Bonuses!

If you become a member of the Lead Conversion System Squared, there is a huge bonus waiting for you. Chad and Daven put together the most incredible bonus package to make sure you succeed with this LCS2 program.

? BONUS # 1 – Custom Branded Site ($ 997 Value)

You’ll get a beautifully designed branded website to represent you and your business, helping you advertise your new agency.

Lcs Custom Branded Site

What you have inside

  • Brand website created with the latest technologies.
  • Included all calls to action
  • Hosted on your own domain
  • You are the boss of this site
  • There is nothing to do for you

? BONUS # 2 – Follow Up Campaigns ($ 997 Value)

Here everything is configured for you. So you are one click away from getting started.

This campaign includes

Lcs Follow Up Campaign
  • Highly convertible follow-up messages
  • Linked to your bonus offer page
  • All your campaign and tagging settings
  • Almost 99% of the work has been done for you
  • Fully automated system

? BONUS # 3 – 7 Day LCS Masterclass ($ 997 Value)

This 7-day Masterclass begins on September 3 (10 AM PST). DO NOT MISS IT !! So mark your calendar and be on time.

What is included in this class,

The Lcs 3 Day Masterclass
  • LIVE training classes for 7 days
  • Latest LCS software tips and tricks
  • You can set the campaign yourself to keep track of your leads and prospects.
  • You will learn complete details about this software (how it works, how to configure/run it, etc.)
  • You can apply the same tricks that you learned here with your own clients.
Get Access

A total value of $ 13,979 of Lead Conversion System Squared Base Membership Bonuses waiting for you. So grab it now …

Is Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) System Legit?

I know you have too many questions and queries on your mind related to LCS. One of the main doubts is,

Will it work for me?

Well, let me tell you one thing first. Just look at the Masterminds behind this system, “Chad Nicely” and “Daven Michaels,” who have over 20 years of experience in this field. The lead conversion system squared is a 100% safe and proven method.

During the internal launch of LCS2, it was found that there was a conversion rate of almost 32% of lead generation. Therefore, this LCS2 software tool is guaranteed to be an asset to you and your business.

In no time and with little effort, this tool will help you accelerate lead conversion and scale your business to the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) What is Lead Conversion Squared?

The Leads Conversion Squared System (LCS2) is a new white-label turnkey CRM system that not only captures leads for you; It also allows you to collect leads for small local businesses that you could sell for HUGE profits.

2) Who are the LCS2 mentors?

The system has been the brainchild of 2 widely known online business owners, “Daven Michaels” and “Chad Nicely.” The system has taken many months to install and establish. It will be a system like no other you have come across before. 

3) What is the potential of this tool?

Based on figures obtained during internal launch and partner testing, Lead Conversion Squared achieved a 32% conversion. That is saying something.

4) What did I get after purchase?

You will get,

  • A Virtual Assistant 
  • Lead Conversion Squared software.
  • The Digital Card System
  • The LCS Agency License 
  • 3 Day Live! Fast Start Dojo Training
  • Much more…

5) What is CRM software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The role of the CRM software application is to monitor the interactions of your consumers. These consist of both your ability and your current customers.

6) What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is something that you provide for free in exchange for contact details. Among the most common types of information that online businesses collect are email addresses. Others collect not only emails but also phone numbers.

7) When will the LCS2 system be released?

The Lead Conversion System Squared (LCS2) will be released to the general public on September 28. So make a note in your calendar as you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

8) How does it compare to the alternatives?

Ordinary lead magnets on the market require a great deal of effort and time to accomplish. Podcasts, e-learning courses, video series, which sound tremendous but frustrating! Other than that, it would be best if he followed up. Otherwise, how will you transform your result into sales?

9) Are there any refund policies?

Yes, there is a 30 days refund policy applies for each purchase.

10) Is there any bonus reward for buyers?

Yes, of course, there are some exciting bonus offers for buyers. Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely offer high-value materials for the lead conversion squared buyers. Apart from that, those who buy LCS2 using my affiliate link will get my powerful rewards too. 

Lcs 2 Membership Plan

⚠️ Important: Click here and get more Lead Conversion Squared System details

?️ My Final Thought

In simple words, the lead conversion system squared (LCS2) looks like a fantastic business opportunity to you, where you will get:

  • All in a proven material that is made for you in one box
  • An ultra-high conversion lead magnet.
  • A well-trained virtual assistant (VA) to help you get leads. (1000s of potential clients per month)
  • And many more!

The Lead Conversion Squared System (LCS2) is a proven, high-converting CRM software tool. It is suitable for all those who are interested in getting more leads/customers for their business.

When it comes to its price, it is expensive, but it will be an asset to you and your business. It is also easy to use software, and you can completely rely on these software tools to grow your business.

If you want to give it a try, there’s no better place than to sign up for the LCSsquared 3 Day Masterclass. Here in this 3-day event, you will see Chad and Daven in action. If you pay attention to this live session, you will get the latest lead conversion techniques. This will ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Access

Grab it today at a great discounted price while it’s still available.

Lcs2 Bonus
9.6 Total Score
The Lead Conversion System Squared Review

The lead conversion squared (LCS2) is an ultimately proven system by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely. It will help your business to lead generation into lead conversion with the least effort.

Lead Converstion System Tool Rating
Training Quality Rating
Success Rating
  • Cutting Edge Software for Generating Leads
  • Proven Lead Capture Templates
  • Top-notch Customer Support
  • Access to white-labeled
  • Your own Virtual Assistant
  • An Appointment Builder
  • A Business Card Builder
  • A Masterclass Training
  • Lots of Awards and Prizes
  • The price of the system is high, and it may prevent some from being able to invest.
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