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The Kibo Code System Review & Bonuses

Do you want to know complete details about the Kibo code system? 

The Kibo Code Quantum Review And Bonus

Want to see the Kibo Code Course Members Area, superstore dashboard, and LaunchPad application software working before purchasing the system?

Yes, It would be a good move!.

Knowing and understanding the course blueprints, strategies, and working of application software before purchasing the program is a good move.

In my case, I try to spend some time knowing and understanding the course approach before purchasing it. Then only I confirm does this program is right for me or not. I look for reviews, case studies, and some case tries to get the course with a discount price by googling.

When I heard about the quantum model, I thought it’s an old re-hashed strategy of the initial Kibo code system.

But it’s not like that; Let me tell you why!.

By the way, I’m pleased to see you on this Kibo code review post.

So, can we start the evaluation right now?

I try to reveal that 2021 kibo code model *secret traffic source* and my assumption on revenue and profit inside the member’s area overview section.

Introduction to The Kibo Code System

Kibo Code Quantum Members Area
Course Name:The Kibo Code QUANTUM (🔥 Trending Now)
Mentors/ Coaches:Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth
Niche:eCommerce Business Model
Price / Cost:$3,497 (Installment Option Available)
Course Duration:8+ Weeks of Live Training.
Refund Policy:30 Days of Money Back Guarantee.
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended eCom Training System.
Official Website:

The Kibo Code system is the latest eCommerce-based training program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The basic concept behind this program is to help people to build their own $100k+ per month income through eCommerce stores. In 2021 Aidan and Steve bring a new model called “Kibo Code QUANTUM”. This edition is mainly focused on the speed of implementation and profiting through our stores.

The Quantum model is entirely a unique style of approach compared to the initial edition. Aidan, Steve, and their beta students tested and succeeded before sharing this with the public.

As per my knowledge, it’s not a “relaunch“, “rehashed“, or “rebooted” training program of the initial version of the kibo code model. The quantum edition system is entirely new with the latest strategies, tools, and blueprints.

The 2021 quantum model of the kibo code 2.0 system focuses mainly on the speed of implementation and profiting. Mentors reveal tried and tested unique sources of free traffic resources along with paid traffic strategies. Not only that, we get access to a lot of Done for You (DFY) materials and exclusive store dashboard access.

A new Kibo model will be released this January 2022 called “Kibo ECLIPSE”. You could read a more detailed Kibo eclipse review from here.

I believe now anyone can build, grow and scale-up eCom based online business successfully and profitably in 2021 and beyond using this unique system.

  • Without Shopify stores
  • Without Amazon
  • Without China suppliers
  • Without Inventory
  • .. And without any technical knowledge
  • or prior experience

I hope you’re more excited to know more details!.

✔️ Here’s The Best Kibo Code Quantum Review by Real Student.

Let me reveal the MEMBERS AREA, store dashboard in a Walkthrough and offer power-packed bonuses to fulfill your purchase and faster breakthrough.

Kibo Library

In this Evolution Post, I tried to point out what I LIKE and DISLIKE about this training system at my level best. But before you discover everything, I would like you to read my short story with this course and mentors.

How Did I Get Into This Kibo Code Course?

4 years ago, I was looking for a way to make some extra money to supplement my regular earnings. Such extra income can feed my family, and we can live smoothly.

I had thought on a part-time side job sometimes..

Yet, I was not too fond of that choice since it would take me far from my family. That makes me more upset, and most likely, it pays less.

I wished to have the ability to work from home. I had surfed the web for many days and had thought about the concept of taking a part-time job on the internet world. 

I had checked out some data using the internet and found that the increasing trend of eCommerce business. Same period, I read a news bulletin which says that a massive part of Christmas shopping is done over the web around the world.

That’s huge numbers!

I shared and discussed this topic on my Facebook wall. One of my FB friends (I forget his name) shared about a training called 100k factory revolution (A course by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton). I am hungry to learn more about online selling strategies. I invested some of my hard-earned money into this training system with the hope of a high Return on Investment (ROI). I chose to jump in with both feet to know how I can sell online and make some profits to support my family.

My decision was not wrong, and I gained a massive profit within a period of 65 days. Expressing my feelings about those days in this article is not possible. I was double happy and partied with my family and friends. And nowadays earning much profit than my full-time job and thinking about quitting it and focusing only on this online business.

Income Proof Today 1
Income Proof Today

Last year in January 2020, Aidan booth and Steve Clayton hosted the initial version of this quantum edition called “The Kibo Code”. I decided to try my luck on this training system also. But my bad, the pandemic situation slow down my process even though the eCommerce business model is in peak — Anyhow, I reached my goals milestone at the end of 2020.

Not only myself many students of this initial kibo model also achieved a colossal breakthrough using this system. Some of them hit 4 to 5 figures revenue per day!!.


This January Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are going to host more advanced eCommerce business training and model called “The Kibo Code Quantum“. So I’m going to upgrade my knowledge and set a goal for 10x my income. Meanwhile, let me try to write an in-depth review of this training system here.

I believe in Aidan, Steve, and their blueprints. So, that’s why I decided to buy their new QUANTUM system.

So, now I’m inside the member’s area and ready to test this new opportunity.

Before understanding the program ins and out, I would like you to know the eCommerce and dropshipping model basics. So that you can easily understand this business model and build a profitable online business in 2021 and beyond.

What is E-commerce?

Purchasing and selling of services, products, sending of information, or funds over an electronic network mainly the internet (web) is called E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC).

E-commerce has become one of the most common kinds of online businesses nowadays. The market began growing when people started to share electronic files in the 1980s, followed by the launch of sites like Amazon and eBay in the 1990s.


There are lots of advantages over using e-commerce, let me outline some of the significant benefits here:

  1. Offer Services or Products for 24×7, 365 days.
  2. Speedy Access to the Products or Services.
  3. Can Offer Wide Range of Services and Products.
  4. Offer Products All Over The World by Utilizing International Shipments.
  5. Fewer Maintenance Costs.

The below listed video shares more details about the eCommerce business model in an easy-to-understand form.

If someone asks me exactly what is the best method to make money online, my number one suggestion would be an eCommerce business.

OK… So, you desire to establish an E-commerce website.


Then now is the best time to do it. The pandemic situation eased eCommerce businesses to grow much faster than ever before. Look at the eCommerce growth forecast report done by SmartInsights.

There is a huge spike in eCommerce business growth from February 2020 onwards. People around the world quickly adopted the change and started to shop from online stores. So the global online eCommerce sales exploded to almost $4 TRILLION.

So what do you think? having mentors like Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton with their result-proven blueprint helps you to dream and achieve big in life. Yes, of course, this quantum edition helps you to build an empire from zero. Click here to know more in detail.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the best strategy to build a profitable online eCommerce business with zero upfront. We could sell products that we don’t own by utilizing the strategies shared inside this training.

Are you Shocked?

Hm!… That’s 100% correct. 


We don’t need to see or handle the product we sell. When a buyer purchases a product from our store, we need to give details to third-party sellers, and they will take care of the shipment of goods, and we share a percentage of revenue with the third party seller.

This process is almost automated by using the application tools offered inside the kibo system!.

There is a big twist in this new quantum edition compared to traditional dropshipping. We only focus on USA based suppliers and products. No China vendors or suppliers. This way products will reach to our customer as fast as possible and avoid other headaches.

Aidan and Steve mentioned more about this dropshipping model on their free PDF report. You can grab this free report from here.

Compared to the typical retail model, we as a merchant don’t need to have the product stock or inventory. We outsource the complete task to trusted third-party sellers, and they will take care of the most works. We just need to send targeted traffic (visitors) to our store.

There were vast advantages of using drop shipping way of selling online.

  • Zero Investment in Product Creation.
  • More Comfortable to Get Started this Business.
  • Vast Selection of Quality Products to Sell.
  • Less Work and Overhead.
  • Easy to Scale the Business.
  • Sell All Over The World.

OK, now let us learn more in detail about this kibo code quantum training system and how it would help you to gain profits online.

What is The Kibo Code Quantum Course?

Kibo Code System

The Kibo Code QUANTUM model system is an 8+ Weeks of eCommerce-based training program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They reveal how to make money online using a unique style of eCommerce business. Steven, Aidan, and their beta testing students made MILLIONS of dollars over the past couple of years completely using the same strategy.

What We Will Learn From This Course?

  • A to Z about the eCommerce and Dropshipping Business Model.
  • Own Our First eCommerce Store in a Matter of Minutes.
  • Free and Paid Genuine High Converting Buyer Traffic Getting Loopholes.
  • Sell Products Globally that We Don’t Own or Have.
  • Automatically Convert Each Visitor into Sales with High Converting Theme!.
  • Include Many Popular Products in One Store. (We’re building multi niche stores)
  • And many more…
The Kibo Code Robot
The Kibo Code System Skelton (2020 Model)

The 2021 quantum edition of kibo code system is entirely a different training program. Its results are MUCH faster and more accessible for people to put in place compared to other eCommerce methods. Even a newbie who has no previous experience can start this business. 

It’s one and only “Under the Radar” system available on the net right now!.

We Get A Program That’s:

  1. Stable
  2. Unique
  3. Predictable
  4. Profitable
  5. Results Proven

Aidan and Steve follow a blueprint of a Japanese-based famous brick and mortar store called “Don Quijote”. This Japanese store makes BILLIONS of dollars every year by implementing such a model. They sell every product that you can’t imagine!.

Don Quijote Megastore

This company comes up with a store with lots of products. They look at what sells the most and list out the best-selling products in the front area to get more eyeballs. Visitors will buy the best selling products through their shop. If some products do not sell well, then they remove them and add new products in that area. Also, they optimize non-performing products for most conversion and profits. This is the exact model we need to do online with the training and support of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

For This, We Don’t Need:

  • No Shopify stores
  • Without Amazon FBA or Involvement
  • Without Dealing with Warehouses
  • Without Foreign Suppliers, especially China suppliers
  • Can start even without paid traffic!
  • Without Running Facebook Ads
  • No Upfront Product Purchases
  • Even Without Worrying About Inventory
Free Master Plan Book

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are doing this business model for almost 4 years. And they make an absolute fortune online with this exact blueprint. Now they are coming up to share this blueprint with us.

To be honest, this training system is unique and different!

It’s effortless to build and grow a store, and anyone can profit with this blueprint and training system.

Are you ready to know more?

Here's How Kibo Code Quantum Works:

We need to buy a high-quality generic domain name for our superstore. The launchpad tool provided some good suggestions for the best domain names. It’s the only main cost we need to invest in starting our store, it just costs a cup of coffee.

Now set up a simple store with high converting themes. All are pre-loaded on the launchpad system and it only took just 1 or 2 minutes.

Now pinpoint out profitable products using the profit vault application software provided in this program. There are almost 2 Million+ products on the database. In this system, we don’t focus on niche or market-specific stores. We mainly focus on profitable products that are easy to sell.

Now launch the website with all such profitable products. Every student will get 10 such products, It’s completely unique to them. We don’t need the listing image or text content. All are pre-created for us in this system.

Now, it’s time to send targeted traffic to the product listings. It’s an instant free traffic source, mentors shares very cheap paid traffic resources too. These free and paid traffic resources are untapped and underrated. Let me reveal the traffic source on the member’s area overview section.

We get sales if we apply this model. Now it’s time to deliver products. In this blueprint, mentors use USA-based suppliers for dropshipping. They deliver purchased products to our customers directly. We never need to have ANY inventory or buy anything upfront. Our customers get the products delivered very fast almost automatically.

Now, we need to optimize our product listings. Keep the most profitable products to get more users to see. We need to drop the products that aren’t selling well. Then do the scaling up procedure to earn the largest of your potential using paid traffic. Replicate this process over and over to find out other winning products for your superstore. So you can simultaneously increase profits through your new online business.

That’s the basic operating model of this system.

Of course, there are other factors too. Yet, this is one is the basic process model.

The Kibo 5 Step System

Below you can see the exact working model of this course’s basic blueprint.

Kibo System 5 Step

Here Are the 5 Steps of the Kibo Code Model

  •  STEP 1 – Set Up Your Store (With 1 Click Kibo Launchpad)
  •  STEP 2 – Identify Winners (Done for You 2 Million+ Products Database)
  •  STEP 3 – Pick Your Profit Path (Using an Untapped Free Traffic Source)
  •  STEP 4 – Accelerate Your Sales (Conversion boosting stratergies to get 2x slaes)
  •  STEP 5 – Rinse & Repeat (Do It As Much As You Need!)

Now let’s discuss about these 5 steps in short:

STEP 1 – Set Up Your Store :-

Step 1

First of all, we need to buy a high-quality domain for our superstore. The launchpad tool made it easy for us by sharing high-quality, unique domain name suggestions for us. The next procedure is to create a logo for our store — the free logo creation tool inside our members is really useful. We could create a stunning look logo in minutes using this.

After these procedures, we need to install our superstore with a high conversion guaranteed theme offered in this program. This theme is highly tested, and it converts better than any other themes or funnels available in the marketplace. You just need to click the store installation button, and within seconds your store will be ready. There may be almost 24 hours delay with domain DNS propagation.

As an extra step, we need to install some custom-made apps for increasing conversions; these are free and built-in apps.

⭐ STEP 2 – Identify Winners:-

Step 2

Now it’s time to load our store with winning products. As a student of the quantum edition, we get 10 readymade products that are easy to sell. The launchpad tool eliminates most of the groundwork for us. Our superstore is ready to sell these products!.

⭐ STEP 3 Pick Your Profit Path:-

Step 3

Sending some traffic to our store is the next step. In this course, mentors mainly focus on free traffic, but they teach paid traffic resources too. Our first goal is to achieve the $1000/Week milestone using free traffic.

The system will automatically try to fulfill orders when a person orders a product through our store. Product suppliers are from the USA, so there will be better quality products, lower complaints, and faster transit times. The launchpad system will take care of these parts. One of the main catches is, we don’t need to touch the product we are selling.

⭐ STEP 4 – Accelerate Your Sales:-

Step 4

What about selling other products of your store when a person buys a product from the store? Yes, you could make more profits with less effort. That’s what is happening inside the sales acceleration part. The launchpad system has the capacity of:

  • Offering Upfront Upsells – Boost sales by showing related products to people before they purchase
  • Post Pay Upsells – Get extra deals by offering other top products in your store after making an initial payment.
  • Fun Wheel – The superior discount strategy to boost more conversions.
  • One Page Checkout – Improve conversion up to 10% by implementing the one-page checkout feature.
  • Benefit X – Get buyers to come back to your store for more purchases using these 3 fill in the blank “benefit lines”.

These conversion-boosting strategies can get you more sales and profits. As per the mentors, we could expect 2x sales growth with these boosted funnels.

⭐ STEP 5 – Rinse & Repeat:-

Step 5

Scale up your eCommerce business growth by doing the rinse and repeat strategy. Keep testing new products, get more winner products, and increase traffic with both free and paid resources. You could increase the revenue and profits by doing these steps. Try to outsource tasks to Virtual Assistants (VA) when you reach a particular milestone.

In a nutshell:

  • Without your own branded products
  • Without any market research
  • Without Shopify stores
  • Without buying any inventory upfront
  • Without Facebook Ads or Amazon FBA
  • Without spending months preparing everything
  • And without talking to customers
  • Even get started with free traffic
  • Full fill sales automatically
  • US suppliers for faster delivery and quality products

Students Will Get:

  • The Best Training from Highly Successful Mentors
  • Launchpad Application Software that Helps to Make Millions of Dollars
  • Results-Proven Store Themes
  • Built-in Product Listing Content Pages
  • Access to the 2+ Million Products Database
  • Targeted Free Buyer Traffic Generating Strategies
  • An All in One Control for Running Our eCommerce Business Smoothly and Semi-Automatically.
  • Excellent Coaching and Support from Other Successful Students and Coaches
  • Students and Coaches Only Community for Getting Support Anytime.
  • And Lot More…

These all make this training system as easy and profitable for us. 

One more thing, everything shared by Adam and Steve on this program is the results proven and tested. They generated millions of dollars using this exact blueprint and system. Then why not make at least 7 figure profits every year!?.

The Kibo Quantum code is an eCommerce marketing course. But, affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money for beginners. I suggest you try the course of the Commission Hero Pro by Robby Blanchard.

The bCast Suite is the newest across-the-board web recording advertising software built on the Cloud and with a total arrangement helping clients get more traffic and leads.

Who Is Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the hosts and mentors of this Kibo course. They partnered to produce an efficient and high-quality digital marketing course for the world. 

Steven Clayton And Aidan Booth

Right now, let’s find out a piece of brief information about the hosts of this fantastic training program. Let us look at their backgrounds, motivations and know how exactly they are concerned about producing this training together.

These two mentors helped lots of students to earn 4 to 7 figure annual income within a matter of days. Let me give you more details about them below.


✒️ Aidan Booth

His Background

  • Aidan grew up on a farm in a small rural town in New Zealand.
  • When he married Carolina, he was required to move to Argentina in 2003. A Spanish spoken nation, hence he might not see any job.
  • It drove him to search for a job online, we can understand this will open his world to many opportunities.

Know About His Journey in Short

In 2005, he chose to create his very first website called This website was just a careless site in the beginning. He utilized paid traffic to get sales from this site. He made some cents occasionally. But, he recognized that this was small amounts.

He then did his research and which led him to begin affiliate websites and eCommerce stores. But, it collapsed in Google’s ‘May Day’ algorithm updated held in 2010 and lost some of his sites. Anyhow he managed it and got up with more power by making huge profits by using other sources of online traffic. He partnered with Steve Clayton a couple of years earlier. Now he reveals what helped him to grow much faster in the digital world on his training programs.


✒️ Steven Clayton

His background

  • Steven is a well known digital marketer.
  • He has several degrees in mathematics, accounting, computer science, and business.
  • Moreover, he worked as an expert to a variety of recognized international business corporations like Marriot, AIG, and CBS.
  • He was before the Vice President and CFO for a Fortune 500 company.

Know About His Journey in Short

Steven is much older than Aidan with a lot more experience in the web marketing world. After studying and acquiring his 4 degrees, he went on to hold high positions in the world’s biggest corporations. 

Steve was worked as a technology leader, executive, manager, and director for these corporates. At the beginning of 2013, he met Aidan and started their venture. This partnership made them hugely successful.

Above, I have pointed out a quick story of these two guys and exactly what brought them to interact. 

Other Training of Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton:

  • 60 Days to 1k
  • Page One Evolution
  • The Trinity Code
  • Crowd Force 
  • 100k Factory
  • 100k Factory: Ultra Edition
  • 100k Factory Revolution
  • BlackBird Suite
  • 7 Figure Cycle
  • Parallel Profits
  • The Kibo Code
  • Kibo Code QUANTUM (Yes, the same you are looking for right now)

Aidan – A smart guy, well know the web and digital marketing things. He had one theory that was working, and he stayed with it. It was making him a fair bit of money. When he met Steve, his world completely changed a lot.


Steven – He introduced Aidan to a new world of opportunities being an expert online marketer and business owner. Together, they developed lots of affiliates, dropshipping, and other eCommerce websites and training courses.

Recently, they chose to combine their testing and understanding into an excellent new training system. This training has been helped many beta testing students to grow their online businesses faster. They share all their useful approaches to make money online. The very best part is that the KIBO system is readily available to the public from January 26 to February 4.

Benefits of Having The Kibo Code System

🌟 Predictability Predictability is one of the excellent features of this brand-new eCommerce model. That’s people can be able to offer products without needing to buy stock or inventory. It likewise teaches the right approach that removes obstacles. It helps to maintain a thorough routine screening with certain products. Students get a smooth LaunchPad platform, which is prepared to use, and its problems free.

🌟 Convertibility What makes this program stand apart from similar programs is the capability to convert high-quality free and paid traffic. That means it will help students to get inexpensive advertisements that give returns fast and with extremely high conversions.

🌟 Scalability Unlike websites like Amazon, where sellers don’t need to buy stocks and send them to Amazon before selling them. By using this blueprint reduces such difficulties. Furthermore, the stores that were taught to build are of high quality and still simple to reproduce.

I believe this blueprint can produce more profit compared to other courses offered by Aidan and Steve. This edition goes to top-notch!. This system teaches people how to offer products on their eCom store that even don’t own or have.

The strategies are much simpler as compared to the other courses of Aidan and Steve. It will be one of the most excellent courses which help students to make massive profits in 2021 and beyond.

Students just need to take part in 8+ weeks of live training and do the necessary actions to achieve a breakthrough. By the time students complete training, they will have gotten abilities and an in-depth understanding of the system. That will be an achievement ahead of a lot of digital marketing programs out there on the web.

Free Master Plan Mindmap

The Kibo Code Members Area Overview

This training system contains 8 core modules that teach students A to Z about the business model. These pieces of training are held live, so I can’t describe much about them in detail. Anyway, let me point out what I can see in the member’s area.

Kibo Code Quantum Members Area

In the member’s area, you will get good training, application software, homework materials, and resource content. 

From the main dashboard, we can access to:

  • Pre-Course Content (Starter pieces of training)
  • Modules (The core coaching videos and other resources available here)
  • Updates (The latest notifications and updates for members available here)
  • Tools (Get access to application software, services, and tools)
  • Support (Get contact details of help center and support desk)
  • Resource (Get members-only information and resources library access)
  • Knowledge Base (Get answers for frequently asked questions by members

We get 7 kibo code components once we purchase the system. Let me describe what are below.

7 Kibo Code Components

  1. Kibo Academy
  2. Kibo Launchpad
  3. KIBO Super Stores
  4. Kibo Profit Vault
  5. Kibo Accelerators
  6. Kibo PowerLabs
  7. Kibo Alliance
📚 Kibo Academy
Kibo Academy

Kibo Academy is the main component of this program. We get 8+ weeks of core training in this component. We learn everything in step by step manner thought by our coaches. 

On this training, you will get beginners to expert level training. Training materials are categorized as modules. Each module contains:

  • Step by Step Videos
  • Strategy Manuals
  • Home Work Assignments
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Mind Maps
  • And Much More

You will learn A to Z about this training system in detail. So you could build a successful and profitable eCommerce-based business as fast as possible. It will be a life-changing business that earns you passive profits for years.

You could make revenue within record time if you have done everything correctly. As per mentors, we could see results within 48 hours max. If you see sales, then you need to scale it up as much as you need.

Mentors will teach you how to assign the right price for products that people are eager to buy from your store. The launchpad software automatically tells this. As I told you earlier, in this system Aidan and Steve use USA-based product suppliers. They will take care of the order stock and shipment of the item to our buyers as fast as possible. So we will get a good reputation. We don’t need to worry about product inventory and do not need any upfront investments.

Above I have listed out some basics of the core modules. You will learn a lot more from the central intelligence component. 

We will be coached by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, and their successful expert students. We can understand their failures and success tips. So, we could avoid the mistakes they made and keep profiting from this system.

One more thing, we get access to the “Inner Circle” community. We will learn our mentor’s 7 figure per year business strategies and conversion secrets to increasing sales. Not only that, we could get more updated information to increase more sales and profits.

Let me tell you what module we can see after registration.

  • Welcome Page (I showed you above)

Aidan and Steve welcome us to the member’s area. They encourage us to watch precourse materials first.

  • 📗 Pre-Course Content
Precourse Content

We get the essential training videos in the first-week introductory module section. It teaches us to set the right mindset, goals, planning, and other necessary things.

  • How The Training Will Work
  • Mindset: Stack The Deck In Your Favor From Day 1
  • Figuring Out Your WHY
  • Knowing your Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Planning: The Ultimate System
  • VA Management: The Ultimate System
  • Goal Setting
  • Wearing Different Hats
  • 📘 MODULE 1

Week 01 module contents are not available yet. We need to wait for module 1 content because it’s an 8 week of live training. The first module live training starts on 29 January.

Other than these pages, all other shows the “Coming soon…” badge. I hope they will update them very soon.

⚙️ Kibo Launchpad
Kibo Launchpad

The launchpad is the most powerful component of this system. In this component, we get access to one of the best application software of this package. This launchpad software will help us to build our eCommerce store (website) in just 5 minutes with a click.

This software processes super fast, and it’s completely automatic. So, we can set up our eCom store more quickly, even without knowing any coding. We get a moneymaker website with high conversion-optimized themes inbuilt. These experts designed themes will help us to get more sales and become a popular brand. This way, we could get more consistent buyers in traffic and sales.

The “Theme” is specially offered for students only. We can easily convert each buyer traffic (site visitors) into a customer. This theme was tested in almost 50 sites with millions of traffic. By utilizing this theme, they sold thousands of products online and made millions of revenue. This Theme is one of the best themes I can use. Let me try to switch my other stores to this launchpad very soon. Let me update its conversion changes on this blog post.

The significant advantage is that we can build a site without any experience or coding. So, we can get started with this business within minutes.

Most people struggle to build landing pages, funnels, and websites. We can completely end this headache with this launchpad application software.

📦 KIBO Super Stores
Kibo Superstores

We get the highest selling 10 hands picked products for our faster breakthrough. We learn the process of finding and selling the most profitable products from this coaching program. Anyhow, here we get 10 Done for You (DFY) unique hand-picked products for each student. So no one will get a similar product, and it will avoid competition.

That’s awesome!.

We get instant gratification with these genuine highest-selling products. We can avoid other guesswork easily. As per our mentors, we need just 3 best-selling products to earn 4 figures per day. We get 10 from this component.

Great, right?


If we take necessary action on the instructions with these 10 products we can see some initial profits. It will prove to our mind this system really works!. From that moment, we could figure out other products and scale our business.

WARNING:- There are limited hand-picked “Done for You” products are available. If they get lots of registrations, it will be hard to get the best selling 10 products. So, I highly recommend being the early adopter of this system. Grab your membership right now from here!.

🔍 Kibo Profit Vault
Kibo Profitvault

We are not limited to these 10 hand-picked products. We get access to 2 million+ other highest selling products database with the Profit vault component. I can say It would be one of the secret repositories of this system. It’s like a Gold mine for us!. We can dig deeper inside and identify the other highest-selling best products.

The profit vault is another best software suite available on this training program. We can quickly figure out the most profitable and high-quality products that sell like a hot cake!. Not only that, this software will help us find the best suppliers with stock, fast shipment, and other groundwork for us.

We can analyze thousands of products quickly in a matter of minutes. I can see the best opportunity for me with this tool alone. We need to Use Launchpad App once we figured products that can be sold for more profits using Profit Vault.

Oh, Why? The Launchpad will help you to load necessary product contents to your store within minutes. It will save a lot of time!. Now you just need to test the product selling well or not. If it’s converting well, get into the homepage of your site. If not, try to figure out another product.


It will save us lots of time and money for us. Finding the right product to sell is the biggest problem for eCommerce store owners. With this tool, we can save a lot of time and money. I believe its value is Massive for other students and me.

📈 Kibo Accelerators
Kibo Accelerators

We learn the strategies to get free buyer traffic (visitors) to our eCom from a secret traffic source (let me reveal here!.). We get a foolproof model to get unlimited amounts of highly targeted customers in no time. It solves our biggest headache.

We get traffic from the biggest social media. Yes, you are right, Facebook. 

But, there is a twist!.

Our products will be listed on Facebook for the most profitable products without doing any paid FB advertisements or traditional organic Facebook traffic strategies. This secret traffic source gets buyer traffic to our store quickly. Most of them are ready to purchase with us!. They will buy from our store immediately after they reach our product landing page. We can get massive profits with these free clicks. One more thing, we don’t need to write any ad copy for each product!.


Yes, you heard it all right!. Once we set up the system, it’s an almost semi-automated process. You can use the loci cycle system to generate lots of buyer traffic to your Kibo store.

By the way, let me reveal that secret traffic source here.

Yes, it’s none other than Facebook Marketplace. We can instantly generate the highest quality free buyers traffic to our store using the FB marketplace. We will also learn other paid traffic like google shopping, bing product ads advertising strategies from this component. Not only that, we learn the ultra-effective sales funnel creation strategies and retargeting methods as well. It will double or triple the sales of our products with little to no effort from our side.

We can easily understand the buyer’s traffic generation loophole from this component. 

I wonder how I missed this loophole. I have seen the FB marketplace feature so many times on my account. Anyhow, I believe it will be the right time to learn from the right coach and start implementing without any failures. 

As per Aidan & Steve, they get targeted paid buyers traffic for almost 0.30 cents. Let’s do simple math here.


As per the image, they got 3,433 targeted buyers for an average of 30 cents per click.

Avg.CPC $0.30
Total Ad Spend:$1,030
Total Clicks: 3,433
Avg. Conversion Rate:3%
Total Sales:103
Avg. Order Value:$100
Product Cost:$35
Total Product Cost :$3,605
Total Revenue:$10,300
Total Profit : $5,665.00 [$10,300 – ($1,030 Ads Cost + $3,605 Product Cost )]

The above table describes my assumption only. Profit and Revenue may be higher or lower than stated above.

  • They may spend $1, 030, with an average Cost Per Click ($0.30).
  • That’s this campaign got almost 3,433 total clicks
  • Let’s Assume the product they were selling is for $100 (Average Order Value)
  • If the average store conversion rate is 3% (on the low end), they may achieve 103 sales from these from 3,433 clicks.
  • So, the total revenue would be $7,210.
  • Now let’s minus Ad costs ($1, 030), the gross profit $9,270
  • When looking at product cost (At least $35/ product), it would cost $3,605
  • Total Ads Cost and product cost ($1, 030 + $3,605 = $4,635)
  • So, probably they may get profits of $5,665.00 [$10,300 – $4,635]
  • That’s almost 122% ROI.

With the 2021 mode of free traffic strategy, we could improve our ROI much better.

⚙️ Kibo PowerLabs
Kibo Powerlabs

The PowerLabs is a smart software suite inside this training system. The primary purpose of this tool is to make the most of our tasks automated. This essential feature tool will help us to do everything in the hand freeway.

It will take care of all the complex and time-consuming tasks of this system. It’s really a shortcut to our breakthrough. This way we can save lots of time and money quickly. Let me share what we get from this component.

  • Domain Name Selector - We could easily find out the highest quality brandable store domain name using this tool.
  • Proprietary Design Tool - This tool helps us to create a professional and stunning logo for our eCommerce store. Logo creating graphic designing professionals charge 3 to 4 figures. Using this tool, we can create such logos for free!.
  • Automated Store Publishing - This tool helps us to get our website up and running within a matter of minutes. We can create a brandable eCommerce store without any technical knowledge or coding. Do you know it would cost 4 to 5 figures for a web designer to develop such sites? We get it completely free!.
  • The Product Populator - We get another most useful tool for populating products that won't sell well. It will update our store with lots of products. This tool will create a brandable looking store, and so people will trust our store more. Trust in a company helps to get customers to buy products with confidence. Some of you buy this cource only because of the trust in Aidan and Steve. I'm such a person.
  • Listing Builder - Another power-packed tool for list out products we plan to sell. It will take care of the text, image, and even copywriting work for us.
  • And more...

This whole package is tried and tested by beta students. It proves that these tools will increase potential customer engagement and get us more sales at an accelerated speed.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Kibo Alliance
Kibo Alliance

The alliance an exclusive support desk and community system for students. We get support 24×7 support from an in-house team of experts.

The support desk mainly focuses on an email basis. We get a reply within 24 to 48 hours for our query from an expert. You may get a rapid response from an expert on a call.

The exclusive kibo talk community is a member’s only group access. We get the latest update notifications and get connected with other students and expert coaches. It’s like a mastermind community of like-minded people who were looking for a breakthrough using this model. We get excellent support from other members, and we can help others too.

That’s we have almost 3 ways to communicate with coaches and other like-minded people. These people support and help each other to succeed.

Sharing is Really Caring!…

Not only these 7 components. We get some virtual event tickets and extra bonuses from our mentors (I described everything about these bonuses here). And I will also get you the best PowerPacked bonuses if you buy the kibo code system using my link.

Virtual Event
Power Packed Bonuses

👍🏻 Pros and 👎🏻 Cons

Let me share what I like and dislike about this training system.

9.2 Total Score
The Kibo Code Course Reviewed by Real Student

The kibo code system is a highly recommended eCommerce training program. This latest and updated 2021 model will work for sure.

9.2Expert Score
Training Quality
Mentor Support
8.5User's score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
  • I just watched pre-course content videos. It's easy to understand.
  • I believe in Aidan and Steven's eCom business model. I got a breakthrough using their previous course.
  • I like that secret traffic source! I can see many opportunities for me.
  • I'm excited to use launchpad tools - As per mentors, it will take care of most of the groundwork for us. This way, these tools will save time and money for sure.
  • It's a result-proven business model.
  • We get support from highly successful coaches and students.
  • Even newbies can start this eCom business.
  • We can expect a good Return on Investment (ROI) within months.
  • Live support webinars every week.
  • We get support from support desk experts through email and phone.
  • We get access to like-minded people's mastermind community.
  • 30 days of no questions asked money-back guarantee.
  • This course won't be affordable for some people. For these people, I highly recommend trying the second installment option. They offer 30 days NO question-asked refund policy. So, try it!.
  • I can see some of the page show coming soon... . I hope they will get these pages to live very soon.
  • Need extra investment on the domain. Anyway, I think these investments are beneficial.
  • The core training will start only after the launch period ends.
  • It's not a way to get rich quickly. We need to put some effort into getting profits.
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Aidan and Steve offer huge beneficial bonuses along with this course. Check it out below for knowing what they are. And don't forget to check my power-packed bonuses available for you.


30 People who buy this training system using my affiliate link will get excellent bonus offers. That will help to skyrocket your new eCommerce business. I believe my bonus helps you to double or triple your new eCommerce superstore business growth.

The Kibo Code Bonus Offer

Kibocode Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Kibo Code Quantum Training System?

Kibo Code Quantum Course

This is the latest eCommerce-based coaching program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The basic concept behind this program is to help people to build their own $100k+ per month income through eCommerce stores. Read the detailed review from here.

2. Who Are Aidan booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan &Amp; Steve

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the mentors for this coaching program. They are highly successful digital marketers and self-made millionaires. They use the same strategy and blueprint shared inside this system to earn millions of profits online.

3. Does the Kibo Code Quantum Course Really Work?

Yes, it does! Mentors reveal how to build a profitable eCommerce store just by using a unique style of eCommerce business model. Steve, Aidan, and some beta access students made MILLIONS of dollars over the past couple of years completely using the same strategy.

4. How Much Does the Kibo Code Cost / Price?

The Kibo code price is $3,497. That's this training system will cost you $3,497 when purchase using the one-time offer. You can also pay using 4 months of installment option of $997, but it will cost you more than the one-time charge. I highly recommend opting for one time discount offer.

5. How to Get Enrolled in Kibo Code Quantum Program?

New members' registration opens for a limited period. They only accept a limited number of students every year. You can buy this training system from January 26 to February 04.

6. Why Should I Join The Kibo Code?

When Aidan and Steve host a training program, it would be highly profitable, scalable, and successful for their students. They have a huge reputation in this digital marketing and eCommerce field. I have pointed out some of the benefits of joining this course in my blog post, look at it.

7. Is There Any Bonus Offers for Buyers?

Yes, of course, Aidan and Steve offer high-value materials as bonuses. And if you purchase using my affiliate link, I will provide you with power-packed bonuses for this training system. That gets you a faster breakthrough and 10x your profitability. Click here to check out my bonus offers.

8. Is There Any Refund Policy?

Yes, you will get 30 days of a money-back guarantee if this system is not suitable for you.

My Final Thought

As an eCommerce website owner for almost 3 years, I can say that this business model and training will work for sure. The main problem most of us face is getting targeted buyers traffic. By implementing this new blueprint, we can get high-quality buyers traffic to our website at no cost.

As this course is from trusted mentors like Aidan and Steve, I still believe this will be worth trying. 

Also, Read - The Kibo Eclipse Review by Real Student…

If you are looking for a way to build a passive profits eCommerce business, then this coaching program will be helpful for you. I highly recommend this eCommerce-based training program to my friends and colleagues. I'm pretty much sure they will like it.

I believe my kibo code system review of the quantum model really helpful for you to decide before ordering the system. If you wish to join this course, then please join using my link. Only 0 Spots Left!

I wish you great success.
All the best.

Thanks from Rekhilesh Adiyeri

The 2021 Kibo code quantion edition revelas the latest eCommerce business model. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton hosted this training system. Many beta testing students achieved huge breakthroughs using this program stratergies.
The Kibo Code System Review & Bonuses
It's not a get rich quick business model or system. Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, ClickBank, or Kibo Code Team does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an independent marketing affiliate.
Rekhilesh Adiyeri
Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Hello! I'm Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an affiliate marketing expert and digital content creator from Kerala, India. I started earning an income online as a side hustle while I was in college in 2008. Within these 15 years, I've built a digital entrepreneur empire. I do business with top-tier countries using my simple English, despite English not being my first or second language. And I want to help motivate people to succeed by doing profitable business online. Right now, I am on a mission to be a better coach who can help more people achieve their dreams of financial freedom. So follow me on your favorite social media - there are lots more coming your way!

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  1. Okay, this is nice and all – but it doesn’t tell me anything about the program – where is your member’s area tour, etc, as promised?

    • Hi Jamne,

      Thanks for your comments Jamne. As because it’s live training I can’t reveal everything. But I’m trying my level best to point out what I fell good and bad about the system. Let me update the member’s area overview section very soon. I’m on the way!.

      Keep stay tunes with this review post for more updates.


  2. Hey Rekhilesh, I want to join in this program. Is there any way to pay in advance. I hope I can be an early adopter and won’t miss this excellent eCommerce business opportunity.

  3. 4.5
    Training Quality
    Mentor Support

    I just completed reading of masterplan manual. Really excited to attend the live workshop.

    + PROS: Good Book
    - CONS: I would like to know what's that secret traffic loophole.
    Helpful(4) Unhelpful(3)You have already voted this
    • Hey, if u actually did the course last year I would really appreciate it if you could give me a few quick thoughts on the whole thing, as well as your website name?

      • Hi James,

        I decided to try my luck on this training system in 2020. But my bad, the pandemic situation slow down my process even though the eCommerce business model is in peak — Anyhow, I reached my goals milestone at the end of 2020. You can read the full story here. Regarding my store, I can’t reveal it publically.


    • Hey Patricia,

      Happy to know you like that masterplan manual. Be sure to attend the workshop as early as possible.

      Oh! Sure.. let me reveal that secret traffic source details very soon. Thanks for your reviews Patricia .

  4. I got to this program via another contact, which is just as well, as it is almost impossible to read your review, given the font you have chosen. The program looks interesting and I’m looking forward to the workshop, but for the love of all things, please change your website body text font. Sure, it looks looks kinda funky (but not really appropriate for your tone and it will fall out of fashion soon enough IMHO), but given the size of the font, and the pale colour, it’s damn hard to read (and I have a 4K screen). I’m off to look at other sites where I can actually rean and learn something.

  5. 4.5
    Training Quality
    Mentor Support

    Excited to attend the workshop. Hope this kibo code model work for me too!.

    + PROS: Looks like it's a best ecommerce business model. Free pdf report and mindmap framework is awesome.
    - CONS: I heard we get only 5 products per student. Is it true?
    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • I actually bought the course. Was disappointed that you have to wait a month to start selling. Kinda contradicts the 30 day money back guarantee. Kind of like buying a car with a 1 year warranty, but you can’t drive it until 29 days later. Then the training is once a month. So if you can’t make it you have to wait because the training is live. Honestly looks like they are not even ready to start because everything says coming soon in your back office. Yet they ask you to be patient.

      • Hey Mike,

        That’s good to listen. The last day I had the same thought on my mind. But now not!

        I think you are not aware of Aidan and Steve’s training programs. They are almost set on the backend. You just attend the January 31 first webinar and ask your queries on that webinar. They may respond to you.

        By the way, I highly recommend you not to quit now. You have almost 30 days of refund period available. As per Aidan on the last webinar, he mentions people who bought already will make revenue within the middle of February. I just checked my mentor status, and he got beta students access recently. Mr. Anik SIngal is one of my digital marketing mentors. He just started to implement the strategies and 9 sales and made almost $700 in revenue.

        SO, I still believe this system will work for sure.

        Take massive action and ever quit soon.


        • Thanks, but if the car has a 30 day warranty and you cant try out the clutch or how it works until the warranty is up, then that would make me weary. Not to mention they did the same thing with the 7 Figure Cycle, accept they gave a 60 day guarantee. You can see all of the complaints on Rip off Report. Same kind of promise with making money on Amazon. I hope they have learned and really found the holey grail.
          Not trying to doubt you, just stating the obvious.

        • Every business is not for every one..

          Find out your passion, focus on that business and take massive action with a successor mindset. You can see breakthrough!.

          I believe some peoples ripoff report may failed in this case and they may have shiny object syndrome. Dedication and passion always matters. You can learn driving in one day or 1 year… that’s all depends up on you.

          One more thing. Aidan recently offered a double your money back guarantee.

          As per him “As long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only REFUND your purchase, but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales in your first 60 days.”

          So, I believe it’s a good statement for us to try this system.


        • Thanks for your reply and awesome blog by the way. Also I mean 30 day warranty on car not 1 year.

          I am signed up for the training tomorrow morning. And do appreciate the 30 guarantee and have verified it with clickbank. But in the pre course content they are saying you will make money by the end of February. They also say they over deliver and under promise, however they make it sound like you can’t start until the end of the 30 day trial. I do not understand if they have the program in the works, why not let people start with training? I am a seasoned professional marketer, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce etc. I’ve made a living off the internet since it came out. Just weary to have to wait so long. Also not sure if you have looked up Asian and Steve up on rip-off report. Same scenario of complaints for a similar program. They made it sound like you could started instantly, the immediately tell you be patient, it takes time. So they kinda covered themselves by saying you can be making money within 20 minutes, but did not add the fact only after the training course that take a while. Looking forward to the training tomorrow, hope it is not all just be patient and hype.

        • Yes, you are right Mike, I heard some. But for me, their training worked very well.

          One more thing, you can’t drive a car without proper learning and license. We need to understand how a car works and how to apply the clutch, and stop the vehicle without getting engine off may take some time. So I still believe this waiting period will payoff to me.

          I hope it will do for others too.

          Thanks for your reply Mike. I’m also waiting for today’s first webinar 🙂

    • Hey Mia,

      Yes, this system will work for even newbies. Then why not you madam. Regarding your con, I have updated my post in member’s area about this.

      When we purchase this training system, we get only 5 Done for You (DFY) products. But, mentors will teach everything to find profitable products and offers an application tool with 3 million+ highly sellable products database.

      So don’t worry about that!.

      Thanks for your concern.
      I hope it would be helpful.

  6. I would like to know one thing. You mentioned you would tell us about where the traffic would be coming from but I did not see anything about it. Can you tell us what the traffic source for this program is?

  7. Inquiry on Kibo Code

    Hi Rekhilesh,

    Can I ask some questions?

    1. Is the price $3,497 all inclusive (websites, domain, traffic and others? or what particular are upselling?
    2. Do we need to finish the course for 8 weeks before we can start earning money?
    3. How long is the money back guarantee for this course?
    4. What is the payment plan?

    I hope you can give me some answers.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Jill,

      Thanks for contacting me.

      1) No, $3,497 for training, support, and application software access. It would help if you had pay for a domain, hosting, and traffic. It’s just a cup of coffee to get started.
      2) As per mentors, we can begin earning within 48 hours after creating our store that loaded with 5 DFY products. We need to send targeted traffic using the profit vault method.
      3) There are 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
      4) You can pay using PayPal or credit card. ClickBank is the payment gateway. So you pay with confidence.

      I hope it would be helpful for you.


  8. Hi Rekhilesh, does this mean that we can sell the system for a profit as well?

  9. Surprised that you are a journalist, and blog. Grammar and English not the best Are you non-English speaking background?

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks for your comments. English is not my first language. I’m trying to learn more by blogging. And regarding journalism, I’m currently working as a freelance journalist in my mother tongue (first language).


  10. Am I the only one to see the flaw in all of this hype? Hello, what about the cost of traffic??? I watched there webinar and the various results they feature of beta users. First did you notice that they don’t provide any average statistics? Notice they don’t reveal how many beta users where part of the beta test? Notice that they don’t discuss those beta users who actually lost money? Their traffic source is Google Shopping ads which is a much easier method to use than Google Adwords. But both Google Adwords and Google Shopping ads share one thing in common, you pay that valuable targeted Google Traffic. There have been too many examples of people losing tons of money using Google Adwords, all the while they had sales to show from their Adwords campaign. The trick is can you profit after buying the product and then paying for the traffic. In all of the examples shown they completely ignore the cost of traffic. Now, you’ll here a real quick reference to the cost of traffic, but for the most part it is as if it’s free. Hey… just click on a product, enter the url into Google Shopping ads, and sit back and count your profit. Give me a break.

    • Hey Ron,

      Thanks for your comments. You are right!. I have an update for you on the member’s area overview section (Traffic Black Box Area). I just assumed that section with a table. You may get better knowledge about the average traffic value, conversion, revenue, profits, etc. Just check it out, Ron.

      Yes, I bought this system with the hope of making good profits. Still, I can’t figure out some. This puzzle is missing somewhere. Maybe they will update more after the launch period. Anyway, I believe this training system will help many people to earn 4 to 5 figures monthly profit.

      I hope this helps, and I will wait for your reply.


      • Reply Avatar Of Vladimir Radosavljevic
        Vladimir Radosavljevic February 8, 2020 at 2:49 pm

        Hello Bina,
        I was late to apply for course.
        I undersand they will make it available again Jan 28th – Feb 06th next year?
        Am I right?

  11. This isn’t a review, it’s a sales page.
    $1750 affiliate commission per sale is good reason for you to promote it and it’s also the reason people should look at your “review” as a paid promotion.

    • Hi Bill,

      I think you don’t like my review style!. Is it?

      I always promote what I own or buy, and it will be genuine and honest. You can check my site. You won’t see any fake reviews on my website.

      Yes, I get a commission for each sale I make. I use these profits to buy new courses and update the quality of my site. I never promote a product that won’t work!. I guarantee that.

      By the way, it’s not a paid promotion. I share what I see inside the member’s area with its pros and cons. I mentioned that they need some improvements in the member’s area. I hope they will update you very soon. If this system doesn’t work for you in the next 30 days, you can ask for a full refund.

      To be frank, I just got 2 kibo code sales of monthly subscription plans. It is very less than what I spend on Google Adwords advertising.

      As an affiliate marketer who owns multiple Shopify stores that profiting daily. I can clearly say that this system will work if you take massive action.

      There will be lots of negatives. But believe in this system. It will pay off for your hard work. For this online cosmos site, I still made less ROI. But I think one day it will pay off for my hard work and dedication.

      I hope you got my points.


  12. Is there any sort of discount code that I can use to get kibo code cheaper?

    • What will happen if I purchase The Kibo Code without a sponsor?

      • Nothing will happen Kevin, it’s all your choice.

        If you buy using my link, I get a percentage commission.I use that money to review and help others to take a good decision. So, what’s your benefit if you purchase using my link?

        You get power packed bonuses and master mind support from like minded students. let’s help and grow using this system.

        Choice is always yours.

        • This is a nice review. Thanks.
          I would like to purchase this training also, but I am not sure if it suits me.
          Currently I am working in a company as usual, from 10 to 7 and do not have much spare time. Will the training contains material that I must attend on a specific time slot? I think a webinar do, right? Will it affect my training?

          Moreover, as someone above said, we may only be able to start selling until the end of February, it will be too late if I found this training is not working well and wanting a refund. How do you think? Is it possible to start the sale sooner to verify this system works?

        • Hi Samme,

          Thanks for your comment. As per Aidan and Steve, you need to spend at least 1 hour day for 5 days, that’s just 5 hours per week. You can treat it as a part-time job. If you take massive action, you could see better profits than your full-time salary.

          Webinars don’t have any specific time slots. They change the webinar time and days regularly. If you want to be live on that webinar, you can attend. Please wait for the reply videos. That way you could watch training on your own time.

          On the last members-only webinar, Aidan mentioned we could start our store and see revenue within the end of February. So, don’t worry about that.

          Don’t worry about the refund!. Aidan and Steve offer another double your money-back guarantee.

          As per Aidan.. “As long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only REFUND your purchase but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales in your first 60 days.”

          So, I believe it’s a good statement for us to try this system.

          Come out of your comfirzone and take the risk.. Risk takers can always see a breakthrough.

          I hope this helps.


    • Hey Joshua,

      Currently, there are no discount coupons available for this course.

      But, when you purchase this training system using the one-time fee (Option 1) feature, you will get a $491 discount.

      Thanks for your comment. I hope this reply helpful to you Joshua.

  13. 3.8
    Training Quality
    Mentor Support

    I attended the webinar. seems like a legit program, but the price tag is too too high for a beginner to adopt. As a homemaker with no budget, i can’t afford it.

    + PROS: USA Warehouse
    - CONS: Too expensive
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Hey Alisa,

      Thanks for your review. Yes, it’s too pricy than the other training courses. But, I believe this investment in your new business would be excellent. Even if you want to study MBA need to pay more than $20K annually.

      So, I highly recommend you to try. You could choose the monthly installment option if you don’t have a big budget.


  14. Hi Alisa,

    I want and need to know how soon are you able to withdraw your profits. Is there a holding period or can I access my funds immediatly, in two weeks or 30days?

    I am a solo parent and $1500 in my currency to get started is a stretch.

    I am excited to start but if I have to wait a long time to get paid then I will need to evaluate if that is fesible for me currently.

    Thanks in advance for yor feedbak and the great review.


    • Hi Janet,

      As per this system, we use the money of our buyer to purchase from the wholesale seller. They will take care of the shipment of the product to our buyer. In most cases, we get our commission within 7 days. We could use that money to scale up our business.

      You don’t need $1500; You could get started even at $100 — $ 50/month or less on Shopify and some extra plugins. Balance 50$ for advertsing.

      If you want $200 free credits on advertising, buy a web hosting plan. They will offer a free coupon for Google and Bing Ads. Contact me if you need any help with this matter.

      If you want to make $1000+ per day revenue, you need to invest at least $500 per day. Treat this as a real business.

      If you are starting a real business, you need to invest big. When it comes to online, your investment is less, and you can sell this business for big profits.

      I hope this helps.


      • Hi Rekhilesh,

        Thank you for doing this blog. You are very informative.

        I purchased The Kibo Code and asked on the webinar when we could acces our profits and they answered the next day. I jumped on early but was doing other things and I heard Anik say something about “next day through Paypal accounts”. I am not one hundred percent sure if that is accurate but it was what I needed along with your answers to make me feel comfortable about jumping in and moving forward.

        Even if it is a seven day turn around, I can live with that.

        I have another question and I really appreciate how honest, quick and genuine your answers are. Above you and Mike talked about starting after a month. I am confused. I am sure the promotional emails, FB ads etc… said you can start making profit today. Which one is it?

        Thank you in advance for your reply.


        • Avatar Of Cameron From Aus
          Cameron from Aus February 7, 2020 at 11:17 am


          Glad to hear you also purchased Kibo Code. Perhaps I could answer this question as I was also on that webinar.

          I believe you set proper expectations, expecting sales within a week isn’t realistic due to the fact they are releasing content on a week to week basis.

          In fact, Steven said specifically in the Early Bird Training Video (Pre-Content Section) that by the end of February you will be getting runs on the board.

          To answer you question though, I think what Anik said was once you get a sale, you can access you funds straight away via PayPal because it will be connected (they obviously teach you that).

          However, I’d adopt a different mindset. Don’t expect it to come straight away the next day (getting a sale), also remember. Steven said end of Feb! That’s less than fours weeks away.

          They are promising a quicker turnaround compared to other eCommerce courses or programs and models out there which take roughly like 3-6 months or more!

          Be excited about this – you took great action and I’m pumped too.

          Hope this helps.

  15. G’day Rekhilesh,

    I have successfully purchased the program and I tell you what..I can not wait to start! Regarding the price, I think it is quite fair. This has huge potential! The model they use is from a Toyko discount store in Japan called “Don Quijote’ (look it up). They sell about everything and test products for winners and simply dump the losers within areas of their brick and mortar store. Just from watching replays and replays of recent webinars, the way they explained how it would work further, made exciting sense!

    Aiden and Steve are well known in the eCommerce industry and have 30 years combined experience in online business (Steve previously was a CEO of a Fortune 500 company!).

    Also I’m treating this like a university degree (I even withdrew my university offer!). This is an 8 week training, not 3 or 6 or even 12 months.

    It’s all about mindset. People have to be patient, besides they are realising on week by week basis to ensure students absorb information effectively. Furthermore they take on only a certain amount of people and won’t open this up to the public anymore once their launch dates finish (which is very very close!).

    People out there just have to an open mind and try new experiences. If things not work out for you, they give a 30 day money back guarantee AND even give a double money back guarantee if you don’t get a sale within a certain time frame (they would be honestly shocked).

    The pros really do out weight the cons, this is 2020! A new decade with exciting things to come.

    I highly recommend people to take the leap. But if not, that’s okay too.

    Chances are you’ll just stay where you are right now. If nothing changes, nothing changes!

    Also great blog Rekhilesh, I look forward to reading more of your content!

    Have a great day everyone.

  16. Hi, Rekhilesh

    Thanks for your post.
    Almost 4 months passed since they launched this program and may I have some questions?
    I am pretty new to ecommerce.

    1. Did they complete preparing all training? No more coming soon?
    2. Are their any account shutdown problems just like facebook ad?
    3. Is it possible to open store in any countries? For example, google is blocked in China and it’s required to use VPN to access google. And is it ok to use VPN to open the store and run ad?
    4. As I understand once purchase the program, we only need extra budget for purchasing domain, purchasing some plugins, run ads. Is it right?
    5. Were you able to get some profit by following this program?

    I would be very appreciated if you can give me answer.


    • 1) Yes, we get training even after week 8
      2) Currently no issues
      3) Yes, you can start from anywhere in the world. No issues.
      4) You need to have some extra budget for domain, Shopify, 1800, number service provider. That’s all the initial investments—balance you need to have some budget on Advertising.
      5) I can’t entirely focus on this course due to the corona outbreak, but I will soon follow it.

      • Hi, Rekhilesh

        Thanks for your information.
        “4) You need to have some extra budget for domain, Shopify, 1800, number service provider.”
        If you don’t mind could you explain about 1800?
        And do you mean we need to buy phone number service? A US phone number?


  17. Is this still available. Looked at it in January (or around then) and I thought they said it wasn’t going to be available after the stopped selling it then. Thanks!

  18. Concerning the 30 day money back guarantee… when does the 30 days start, when the program was purchased or after the 8 weeks when you can get the store started? is the training able to be completed in less than 8 weeks?

    • Hi Craig,

      The 30 days money back guarantee starts from the day you purchase the Kibo model system. There are more than 8 weeks of training. They do live webinars every 2 weeks. Yes, you can complete within 8 weeks period and get started your store within 2 – 4 weeks.


  19. Thanks for sharing.
    I love this review and points you have made.

  20. 4.3
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support

    Hello Rekhilesh,

    This information is fabulous, and you explain the basics about growing a website with a Kibo code quantum system. I have come across many courses like this and have found this to be the best. But I have a question: Will it help me with my finances faster, and how long would it take to grow my business?

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Hey Fernados,

      Thanks for commenting; yes, you can achieve a good ROI within days by implementing the system. The 2021 quantum edition describes a free traffic resource (Facebook Marketplace); it’s almost untapped by marketers and massive potential in it. We need to test the products using free traffic initially; when we get sales from it, scale it up with pad traffic (mainly google merchant ads and others).

      I believe this will be a huge income generator for many. This system automates most of the traditional eCommerce tasks in 1 dashboard. So colossal time saver too!.

      Let me update more details very soon, keep in touch.

      Thank You

  21. I would like to know if there is an affiliate program to the product and how to register

  22. Hi Rekhilesh,

    Thank you for your detailed review on the course. I understand that they will use US suppliers instead of China. As I am not US citizen, hence, do I need to register limited company when choosing US supplier? Or I can go ahead as solo trader when applying kobo method?
    Another question is that how much estimated do we need to spend for domain, Shopify, 1800, number service provider, etc to start to make things work?
    Appreciate your reply soon.
    Thank you

    • Hey Betty,

      Thanks for the compliment. We can sell to the USA even as a nonresident. As per mentors with the new edition, we don’t need to form an LLC. But having one is a good option.

      Yes, you can do it as a solopreneur.

      We don’t need to pay monthly for Shopify anymore; the quantum edition comes up with a solution. The primary cost is on a domain name, and it’s less than $10. It would be great if you have 1800 number, it’s also available at a cheap monthly subscription.

      I hope it’s helpful.

  23. Reply Avatar Of Cresencio Jr Tannagan
    Cresencio Jr Tannagan January 26, 2021 at 3:08 am


  24. What if you dont have a paypal account due to being banned on that platform. How then do I collect payment for products sold to customers?

  25. Hi Rekhilesh,

    Can we do this Kibo business from India. Do you think any hidden issues?

    Hope you are also been into Kibo and active in this business?


    • Hi Venkat,

      Yes, I’m trying the system. There are some issues as an international seller. I will manage them and achieve my goal—taxing and exchange rates conversion other known problems.


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