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Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Review (Current Student)

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Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Reviews

According to the latest statistics, the affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow by 8.2 billion dollars before the end of 2022[1].

But 95% of affiliate marketers fail [2] within three years of starting it!

It is a fact that most affiliate marketers don’t make any money at all. Most people who try this business model will give up within the first few months.

So, what separates the 5% who succeed from the 95% who fail?

If you’re one of the few people serious about making a full-time income with affiliate marketing, then you NEED to read this review thoroughly.

Most online reviews you find on the web are probably biased because the reviewer is an affiliate for this course, and they get a percentage commission from your purchase.

I will give you an honest, unbiased Profit Singularity ULTRA Edition review and tell you if it is worth your time and money.​

Actually, I bought the initial version of this coaching program in 2021 and implemented the strategies. You can read my Profit Singularity review post here.

I purchased this 2022 Ultra System edition as an early bird adopter and let me share my genuine opinion on this page.

So, let’s get started…

=> If you want to check the official website of profit singularity ultra-system, go here.

1. Profit Singularity Ultra Review by Real Current Student

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Hi, my name is Rekhilesh Adiyeri. I’m a successful affiliate marketing expert and digital entrepreneur from Kerala, India, with 14 years of experience in this field.

I believe having an informed decision when spending your hard-earned money on a product or service is essential.

– If you’re reading this section, then you’re fantastic and a good decision-maker.

Do you know fewer sites shared honest opinions when I was starting!

So, I lost lots of money and time on non-working strategies, tools, and courses…

…I don’t want you to be there!

That’s why I launched the Online COSMOS portal. We provide unbiased evaluations of online courses, services, and products.

This site was developed as a crowd-powered evaluation platform. A buyer can leave reviews of the products or services they purchased. This allows other consumers to evaluate products before they buy them.

I know you’re here because you want to know if the “Profit Singularity ULTRA-Edition System and Masterclass” is worth your money.


Ok, let me briefly review this course and coaching program that uses low-cost paid traffic (ads) and free traffic (organic) with some YouTube strategies.

It is my pleasure to share my thoughts and results with you.

Are you ready?

Okay, let’s get started with my evaluation without further ado!

2. An Overview of This Profit Singularity Training Program

[su_table class=”custom-su-table”]
Course Name: Profit Singularity ULTRA Edition System (New & Updated)
Coaches:Keegan Muller, Gerry Crammer, Chris Reader, Rob Jones & Mark Ling
Price:$2,497 OR 3 payments $ 997
New Training Duration:8+ Weeks Live Sessions
Recommend:I Highly Recommend This YouTube Ads Based Best Affiliate Marketing Course.
Refund Policy:Yes, they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Official Website: 

3. What is Profit Singularity ULTRA Edition System?

the profit singularity ultra edition system 2022

The Profit Singularity ULTRA Edition (2022) is a result-proven, step-by-step training system. It helps you to make money through affiliate marketing on YouTube with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) support.

This is an updated and improved version of the original Profit Singularity course (2021). The latest ULTRA edition includes new and updated strategies, methods, tools, resources, bonuses, and more.

5 highly successful super affiliate marketers created this system:

  • Gerry Cramer
  • Mark Ling
  • Rob Jones
  • Keegan Muller
  • Chris Reader

These top affiliate marketers have significantly changed the 2022 ULTRA System. And added more powerful bonuses to help you earn money with YouTube video advertisements. Robby Blanchard also shares better YouTube ad strategies; you could check out my Project Platinum review from the OnlineCOSMOS blog.

How Does Profit Singularity Work?

To understand how these various methods work, you must familiarize yourself with 3 steps involved in this program.

  • Creating Splash page (Presell page) for targeted affiliate offers.
  • Then create YouTube ads to send visitors to the presell pages.
  • The affiliate link will redirect them to the offer sales page. Where visitors can buy the product, and you earn a commission.

By following these simple 3 steps, you can also become a successful affiliate. So, in a nutshell:

[su_list icon=”icon: star”]

  • You will learn affiliate marketing to making money online.
  • You’ll also learn to utilize YouTube’s untapped traffic source (through Google ads).
  • This online training program helps you to make passive income while you sleep or travel in the next few years. 


Do you know that this YouTube ads strategy is even bigger than Facebook ads?

Mentors have generated millions in affiliate commissions and are ready to share their knowledge with you. This will help you make huge profits and shorten the time it takes to become successful.

In the member’s area overview section, I’ve added extra information and what you’ll get once you sign up for this program.

Download free profit singularity report

4. What is Affiliate Marketing & How to Become a Successful Affiliate

Affiliate marketing[3] is an online business model in which you promote other people’s products or services and start earning money online (commission) on each sale. And it doesn’t require any specific skills or experience.

How Does Affilaite Marketing Works

You need to drive traffic to the merchant’s website or sales page as an affiliate. And you will get paid a commission for every sale generated through your efforts. You can find affiliate programs on every product or service online.

You can start as a newbie and grow your business to a full-time income like me.

5. What Will You Learn from the Profit Singularity Program?

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#02BF6F”]

  • How to achieve success by having a winning mindset.
  • Get started with a less-used traffic strategy (YouTube video advertisements) that can help you generate consistent profits daily.
  • How to select the most successful products.
  • How to set up your ad campaign to cut your risk and maximize your chances of success.
  • How to use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level.
  • How to increase conversion rate using million-dollar copywriting strategies.
  • How to scale your business quickly and efficiently to make more money online in less time.
  • And much more!


This strategy helped their students generate tens of thousands in profit daily. One of them even made $32K per day in commissions alone.

If you’re serious about making sales with affiliate marketing using YouTube, I highly recommend purchasing the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition System from the official website by clicking here.

This system is designed to work for anyone, even if you’re a complete beginner with no prior experience.

the profit singularity roadmap cheet sheet

6. Who Created the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition System?

As I mentioned, this comprehensive program is led by a team of 5 affiliate marketing experts.

This group of instructors has a connection between them. They have created the “Overnight Freedom” and “Healthy Commissions” training courses together. Both were highly successful coaching programs. Hundreds of students have made progress using their methods.

Let me share a short brief about each of them below. 

Gerry Cramer

Gerry Crammer

Gerry Cramer is a highly successful digital entrepreneur. He earned millions of dollars by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate on the internet. According to his recent YT channel video, Gerry makes five figures daily as a ClickBank affiliate[4] .

In 1999, he began his internet business as an SEO specialist and ranked the top pages for many competitive keywords. His current focus is on paid traffic resources, and he is a super affiliate. If you follow his advice, he will definitely help you become wealthy!

Mark Ling

Mark Ling

Mr. Ling is a digital entrepreneur and self-made multimillionaire who has used his creative marketing strategies to succeed. By utilizing the power of the internet, he has helped thousands of people achieve financial and lifestyle freedom.

Mark began his online marketing career by watching his friend selling posters on the internet during a squash tournament. Fascinated by how this could generate money, he decided to learn more and soon achieved success. In 2008, he started his first online business and, within 18 months, had made over one million dollars.

Since then, Mark has become an expert in digital product publication and affiliate marketing, earning millions of dollars from his various online businesses. Also, he has won many business awards, including Deloitte Fast 50[5].

Keegan Muller

Keegan Muller

Keegan Muller is the mastermind behind this singularity program. He was a student of Gerry Cramer’s previous courses and tweaked the methods for better results with YouTube advertisements. As a result, he achieved superior results with some trial and error!

He introduced the same strategy to Illyos, another student of Gerry. As a result, Illyos implemented the same process with a twist – he used AI robots voice-over for video production. This simple tweak made him more than $32K in one day.

Illya’s 32K Per Day Interview Short Clip Shared Below

In this interview, Illya’s shares his 32K per day results using the Profit Singularity system.

Keegan also tested AI-created videos and achieved tremendous results. Next, they tried the blueprint with Chris Reader and Keegan with 15 other beta testing students. They are all able to generate more than the $500 per day mark within a few days.

Chris Reader

Chris Reader

Chris Reader is an ambitious young man interested in technology and self-learning. After trying many other online coaching programs, he found Gerry’s blueprint to be the most successful and decided to follow it.

He implemented Gerry’s methods on Facebook ads and achieved remarkable success. Chris is grateful to Gerry for teaching him what he knows and introducing him to Keegan and his strategies. He believes this singularity system is a new opportunity for people like us and encourages others to try it.

Rob Jones

Rob Jones

Rob Jones is a digital marketer and entrepreneur who has succeeded like Gerry and Mark. In 2011, he began his career as an SEO analyst and managed to rank many sites at the top of Google search results. He subsequently started a software company on his own.

Rob teamed up with Gerry to launch the Trust Jacker plugin and the Overnight Super Affiliate system. They had remarkable success in both product debuts.

Nowadays, Rob travels across Europe and Asia while living the authentic laptop nomad lifestyle. He is the main organizer, copywriter, and co-host of this course. In addition, most of Gerry and Mark’s online coaching programs are conducted with Rob’s help.

Their Previous Courses:

Together they released many successful online marketing programs. That helps everyday People start their own marketing businesses and achieve financial freedom. Some of their most popular programs include:

7. What’s Inside the Profit Singularity Ultra Members Area?

2022 profit singularity ultra members area
(Blurred due to NDA policies)

The profit singularity ultra edition comes with 8 weeks of live training. This masterclass training is covered in 8 modules week by week, with additional video instructions and action plans (homework) for each week.

Currently, only module 1 is live in the member’s area. Anyhow, let me tell you what we can expect in other modules.

⛳ Welcome Dashboard: 

It’s an entirely new members area portal compared to the previous edition. It is the first time they have asked me to sign in Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the beginning. It means this ultra-version will reveal an even more valuable secret.

📖 Module 1:

Module 1 of the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition focuses on preparing for success. Students are encouraged to establish their “why” and set goals, as well as develop the proper mindset for success. They are also given an action plan (homework) to maximize their results.

As per my understanding, this is the fastest route compared to the 2021 version. So they are teaching on a fast track with more content and value.

📖 Module 2:

This module covers choosing a product and setting up your website. Students will learn how to create landing pages, find money-maker products, and set up their domains. They are also given DFY template and other materials with action steps to maximize student results.

In this module, they will reveal a secret affiliate network, and I’m really excited to know which one it is!

📖 Module 3:

3rd module covers an overview of million-dollar YouTube ads created by successful students. New students can discover successful money-maker products, landing pages, and YouTube video ads in the breakdown video series. Mentors are also given an action plan to follow to create their own successful YouTube ads.

Mentors will show you how to run $15K to $50k daily earning ads without any risk using their unique “YouTube ads” strategy.

📖 Module 4: 

Module 4 of this masterclass focuses on launching your ads successfully. Students learn about ad targeting, campaign setup, and target CPA. They are also given action steps to maximize student results.

This module teaches students to use click tracking software to report their conversion outcomes automatically and troubleshoot any issues they may encounter. They’ll also be provided with a weekly action plan.

So, we will be in hands-free mode on conversion reporting compared to the previous course. Hurray!!

📖 Module 5: 

This module teaches students how to scale their ads to the moon. They will also be given action steps. 

This is an essential module for those who want to make more money with their ads. Students will learn how to optimize their campaigns for maximum profits and scale their ads faster.

Not only that, they have some surprise bonuses along with 12 Example Videos to help get you started quickly!

That you will get access to their top student’s entire successful video ads library, where you can swipe & deploy their best-performing ad campaigns.

📖 Module 6: 

Mentors cover advanced tools and techniques in this module. For example, students learn about advanced video creation, leveraging an Al Spokesperson, maximizing ROI secrets, optimizing videos for mobile traffic, etc.

They are also given a surprise bonus. This module is essential for those who want to take their ads to the next level.

📖 Module 7: 

Students can expect to participate in live hot seats/funnel reviews of their own and other students in this module.

Getting feedback on your progress and gaining experience from others’ successes is a great opportunity. Additionally, students will receive a week 6 action plan to ensure they are ready to maximize their results.

📖 Module 8: 

Module 8 covers a case study of how a student made $300,000 in 14 days. This is an excellent module for those who want to learn from a real-life success story. Additionally, students will receive week 7 homework.

So, there you have it!

I can’t reveal more than this because I signed up for NDA. They offer extra training even after module 8 is over.

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Resources & Support

I can see there is a 24×7 support desk feature for students operated by other successful students. Also, they offer necessary resources, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered here.

More benefits of joining this program:

  1. Free Access to AI-Powered Funnel Builder: – You will get free access to their AI-powered funnel builder, where you can host 3 websites with unlimited funnels for a lifetime. This potent funnel builder can help you quickly generate leads and sales. Coaches also share the Done for You (DFY) website and high-converting funnel templates for free.
  2. Free video script generator access: – This free software allows you to create high-converting video ad copy without any previous copywriting experience.
  3. Free A.I. voice-over creator: – Students will get access to Artificial Intelligence based human-like voice synthesis technology to create voice-overs for their videos without spending any money. It is an excellent tool for those who are uncomfortable speaking on camera or don’t have the time to record their voice.
  4. VidBot access for 6 Months: – This software can make videos using A.I. support. You can create high-quality, attention-grabbing videos without any video editing experience. This is an immensely powerful vidnami, invideo, or canva alternative software.

It’s all designed to help you go from $0 to $10K+ per day. Keegan, Gerry, Chris, and Rob taught in the program. 

8. What Makes Profit Singularity Unique from Other Courses?

The Profit Singularity blueprint reveals how to earn thousands of dollars on digital and physical products from some specific affiliate networks.

Also, they share how to get regular commissions from monthly recurring products, high percentage commissions on low-ticket digital products, and high commissions from high-ticket offers.

There is no limit to how much you can earn.

[su_list icon=”icon: close” icon_color=”#ff373c”]

  • Without creating a blog or e-commerce store.
  • Without making your own course, product, or software.
  • Without worrying about the ad account being shut down.
  • Without building an email marketing list.
  • Without any inventory and providing customer support.


The mentors offer some Done for You (DFY) AI-based landing page templates for Groove Pages/Funnels and recommend using ClickMagick as an AI-based click tracker. 

Plus, properly integrating this A.I. technology helps you scale your business quickly and efficiently to profit in less time.

It’s something that no one has mentioned before!

If you’re ready to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and live the life of your dreams, take a moment to learn more about this program and system by clicking the link below. 

9. Profit Singularity’s Pros and Cons

There are several advantages and disadvantages of this Profit Singularity Ultra Edition program which I will now reveal.

8.9 Total Score
The Profit Singularity Ultra Review by Current Students

There are several advantages and disadvantages of this Profit Singularity training program which I will now reveal.

9.4Expert Score
Training Quality
Trainers Support
8.3User's score
Training Quality
Trainers Support
  • We get access to a result-proven method.
  • We get free access to AI-based voice-over and video creator software.
  • Successful students function as mentors and coach us to achieve our desired results.
  • The trainers offer high-quality bonuses.
  • The training is well organized, and you will get lifetime access to the modules.
  • It's step-by-step training and easy to understand.
  • Motivate us to act by providing weekly action plans (homework)
  • Can start even without any prior expertise, experience, or technological abilities
  • Perfect training for intermediates and even experts.
  • Profitable ads and offers vault will save lots of time and money.
  • Access to Done for You (DFY) templates, website funnels, offers, and ad scripts.
  • Other valuable resources are shared.
  • Can learn YouTube advertising and create sustainable income with it.
  • Access to a members-only support desk.
  • Ask questions in live webinar sessions.
  • 90-day profit guarantee.
  • It's an expensive training program.
  • AI voice-over technology still needs some work to make it sound more like an actual human.
  • We need to work initially to make the passive income stream.
  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a one-click money-making program.
  • It would be best to work at least 2 to 4 hours weekly to get results.
  • You will not make money overnight.
  • It takes time, effort, and consistency to achieve success with this system.
  • You need some advertising budget to get started.
  • Click tracking software costs $37 to $97 per month.
Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments

10. Excellent Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Bonuses

The trainer already provided huge valuable bonuses for the profit singularity ultra-edition course.  I’m sure it will benefit your successful affiliate marketing business journey. Even though I strongly suggest you check out my power-packed bonuses that help to 10x your profits and growth.

Using my affiliate link, you will get $7495 worth of bonuses if you purchase this training program and AI system.

The Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Bonus

Bonuses Offered by Trainers

  1. Get 6 months of free access to VidBot software.
  2. YouTube Ads Video Script Generator
  3. 3 Free Lifetime website hosting and Unlimited splash pages builder software.
  4. 1-Page Mini splash page templates (landing page)
  5. Done For You (DFY) Website Templates
  6. Money Making Products Database
  7. Million Dollar Profitable Video Ads Vault
  8. Case study of $300k in 14 Days

Discover what are my $7,495+ worth profit singularity ultra bonuses from here.

11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Profit Singularity Ultra Edition System?

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition System Review

Profit Singularity is an online training course that teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and YouTube advertisements. The profit singularity ultra edition also offers AI-based tools for automated affiliate marketing. 

How Does the Profit Singularity Program Work?

It is an 8-week training course divided into 8 modules. Each module has live sessions and step-by-step instructions to help students get the most out of the system.

Read more detailed profit singularity ultra review from here.

Who Are the Trainers for this Masterclass and System?

Keegan Muller, Chris Reader, Gerry Crammer, and Rob Jones are the mentors and coaches for this masterclass and system. Mark Ling is also a co-founder and assists mentors in providing quality training.

How Much Money Can I Make with the Singularity Model?


It depends on your willingness to work and how much you invest in your YouTube video advertisements. Some students make $5K, $10K, 15K, $30K, or $92K+ per day by starting affiliate marketing strategies taught in this program without having to worry about ad account shutdown issues or spending massive amounts of money on ads. So, the earning potential is up to you.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

It takes some time and a little bit of effort to get results. Most students see results within the first few weeks, but it depends on the time and effort you’re willing to put into the training.

Is There a Refund Policy?

Yes, there is. You have a 90-day profit guarantee policy from the date of purchase. If you cannot make any profits within 90 days after implementing the method, the trainers will give you a full refund with an extra $500 as a bonus.

Is This Profit Singularity Course & System Right for You?

Starting an affiliate marketing business entails risks like starting any other business. But, if you’re willing to take those risks, the earning potential is unlimited. The Profit Singularity is the best comprehensive, step-by-step coaching program showing you how to build a thriving middle-man business from scratch. The system includes everything you need to get started, including:

* Video training
* Live Coaching Session
* Q&A Sessions
* DFY Landing / Funnel page templates
* Profitable offers recommendations
* Ad scripts
* A.I. voice software for voice-over creation
* Includes a video Copywriting tool
* Mindset strategies
* Productivity secrets
* And much more…

This course and system are one of the best options for making money online.

Who Is This Profit Singularity ULTRA Course For?

1. It’s a suitable course for people looking for a way to make an income online and willing to invest in their education.
2. The program is an excellent resource for people who wish to learn how to use paid advertising methods to promote affiliate products.
3.If you’re interested in the health niche, this course is definitely for you.
4. Also, if you want to leverage AI-powered funnels and YouTube video ads (low-cost skippable videos) to drive targeted traffic to your funnels. – you’ll find this course helpful.
5. This course and system is for you if you want to work from home without creating websites or eCommerce stores.
6. Lastly, it’s the right course for you if you need to learn how to drive traffic successfully.

Profit Singularity ULTRA Edition Price & Investment Costs

Currently, there are only 3 pricing options for buying this program.

* Option 1 – $2,497 one-time payment plan (You could save $494)
* Option 2 – Flexible payment plan of $997 options available. 
* Option 3 – PayPal 6 Month credits (Only for USA citizens).

This is a high-ticket offer, and I’ve seen other programs selling for a comparable price. Yet, if you’re interested in this course and have the budget, I would say it’s worth the investment. 
Other Investments Required:

1. Need to buy a domain name (less than $8)
2. Funnel building app (Groove offers it for free with Mentor partnership)
3. Click tracking tool (Google Analytics can be used for free, or use an AI-powered tool called ClickMagick for $37)
4. Video creation tool – (Offer VidBot for 6 months)
5. Advertising budget ($100+) 

So, for less than $150, you can get started with this business model. But if you need to scale more extensively, you must invest more budget in ad spending.

Is Profit Singularity A Scam?

Absolutely No, this is not a scam. Profit Singularity is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training system that will show you how to build and scale your business. This coaching program is excellent, and the community is very supportive.

Where To Buy Profit Singularity Ultra Edition with Bonuses

You can check out the official website by clicking here, and you will get training bonuses and my power-packed profit singularity special bonuses when you purchase using this link.

Are there any Discount & Coupon Codes?

Currently, there are no coupon codes or discount offers. But when you purchase the course in full payment, you could save up to $494 compared to the instalment option.

12. Success Stories and Case study of Students

13. Profit Singularity ULRA Reviews Conclusions

Just Imagine earning a consistent passive income monthly without worrying about your financial needs ever again.

Imagine traveling the world, enjoying delicious food, and living a luxurious life with your family and friends.

Now, I’m not promising that you’ll be able to achieve all this overnight…

…But I am promising that if you’re willing to do the work, then P.S. ULTRA SYSTEM Edition can help you get there. 

As a student of profit singularity and ultra system[6] , I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to create a full-time income from home. The price is fair, and the investment is worth it.

The Profit singularity is one of the best training programs in the world of affiliate marketing. Profit singularity teaches you to make money from the comfort of your home. You don’t need any experience to join this program.

You may read many negative and positive reviews about this program; If you trust me and this program, I’m sure you will achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading this profit singularity ultra review, and I believe it pointed out all the features of this program.

I wish you all the success and welcome to the affiliate marketing space.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

To your success!

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

14. External References

  1. Affiliate marketing – Wikipedia
  2. About Mark Ling – Affilorama
  3. Official Site to Order – ProfitSingularity
Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

I'm Rekhilesh Adiyeri. I started earning money online as a side hustle in mid-2007 while in college. I believed it was possible and made a lot of profit throughout my journey, which changed my life! English is not my first language, but I do business with top-tier countries. For over 12 years now, I have been a professional blogger and specialist in digital marketing and growth hacking. Currently, I live with my family in Kerala, enjoying the beautiful weather of southern India.  My favorite pastimes are reading books by motivational speakers like Tony Robbins or listening to Pandora Radio's "Rock Hits" station!

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  1. You explained everything very well. I checked other reviews on the web and they talked rubbish about this program. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 4.15
    Training Quality
    Trainers Support


    The results of this report have shocked me. Even if I make $90K per year, it will change my life. I’m looking forward to the live training.

    + PROS: The report was filled with details from Rob. It is easy to consume the mind map. I was also blown away by the case study report.
    - CONS: I haven't seen anything yet.
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  3. Hi Rekhilesh Adiyeri,
    I am Rema and read through the news letter. I am interested to know more about Profit Sigularity. Please email me as how to get started. Thanks.

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