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Commission Hero 2.0 Review and Bonuses

Do you want to earn thousands of dollars daily like Super Affiliates?

Commission Hero Course Review

But, don’t know where to start!.

I have a solution for you. Here I’m going to write a detailed Commission Hero 2.0 Review, a course, and training system by the #1 ClickBank affiliate marketer.

Do you know many people worldwide are still struggling due to the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID 19). Many lost their job!. I’m not different; I faced the same situation and tried something different in 2020 by joining and implementing the SIMPLE 3-STEP SYSTEM of Robby Blanchard.

In 2021, I’m pleased about last year’s decision. These lock-down periods were the best time in my life. I learned new skills and built another passive web-based business from home with Robby Blanchard’s strategy.

The Commission Hero Pro Members Area Reviews

So, here I’m going to share my evaluation of a high quality affiliate marketing course. Some of the links available in this review post are affiliate links. We earn a percentage commission if you use them while purchasing; there is no additional cost for you to do that. By using our affiliate link while purchasing, you’re supporting our mission of educating and empowering entrepreneurs. We use this money to provide more valuable content for free on OnlineCOSMOS.

This will be the Best Commission Hero PRO Review you ever read on the web; a Real Student writes it. ✔️ I tried to reveal the MEMBERS AREA overview with My 39 day CASE STUDY of 2020 and my current 2021 daily earnings status with pros and cons. I have some fantastic power-packed bonuses for your faster breakthrough.

Course Name:The Commission Hero PRO (? Hot On Web)
Created by:Robby Blanchard
Price / Cost:$2,497 (3x $997 Installment Option Available)
Course Duration:8+ Weeks Live Challenge Training Sessions
Refund Policy:30 Days of Money Back Guarantee.
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training System.
Official Website:https://JoinCHPRO.com/ (HOT NOW)

I purchased the commission hero’s training by Robby Blanchard in 2020 for a reason. I heard a lot about this course and mentor in Clickbank platinum summit, YouTube videos, and other webinars.

Really his daily earnings made me jealous of him!

I decided to follow his method to make at least 4 figures daily using his blueprint. I believe in Robby’s system and the ClickBank marketplace, even though I was in an economically uncomfortable situation in 2020. Robby has a new training program called Project Platinum for 2023. It’s an updated version of the original commission hero training program.

…So, I purchased the program and tried a 39-day challenge with this system.

Yes, It’s a real challenge for me!

I shared my 39-day challenge details on this review post. I did the challenge from 21 February to 30 March (2020) and revealed my journey. My main aim was to make at least $100+ per day profits with this course within these 39 days. I achieved it, and in 2021 I’m making a lot more!!! (Let me share my current daily earning on this post)

The 2021 Commission Hero Pro System

In 2021 Robby Blanchard hosts an updated version of his coaching program called “Commission Hero PRO (CH PRO)“. As a student of CH 2020, I got early bird access to the program. I bought it without any doubt and am ready to share what is in this new update. I think the loci cycle review may shock you.

The 2021 CH PRO update has many solutions for previous students who faced problems. Such as:

  • FB ad accounts bans
  • Apple’s iOS 14 privacy update
  • Focused only on ClickBank marketplace
  • Additional expenses, hidden costs, and monthly expense
  • FB compelling ads copy creation
  • FB compelling landing page copy creation

Most of such issues and problems are solved in this newly updated program, and Robby offers a powerful toolkit application software.

By the way, Do you want to see the member’s area dashboard and know how this system works before purchasing?

Are you ready to see my challenges failures and success?

Yes, Here I’m going to write a detailed review of the CH PRO course with my actual test results. Here is no product hype and fake scarcity; I will be genuine and honest with you.

<strong>Below Let Me Share</strong>:

  • My findings, understand it’s legit or a scam program
  • CH PRO Member’s area overview 
  • Toolkit Details (New 2021 Special Application Software)
  • Other similar courses comparison
  • My Challenge Results
  • Course advantages 
  • Course disadvantages
  • My thoughts

I hope you’re excited to know how this systems blueprint works and what my challenge results are!.

So, let’s start.

Commission Hero 2.0 Review 2021 (CH PRO)

​I received lots of emails that showcased we can earn up to $1000 a day through ClickBank. I believe you also got such emails in your inbox.


Do these emails grab your attention?

Yes, maybe!.

Do you believe these earnings are possible? Believe it or not, it’s possible!

As a digital entrepreneur, I networked and met many 5 to 7 figure successful affiliate marketers worldwide. Almost all of them make 4 to 5 figures of revenue per day on ClickBank and other affiliate networks and marketplace for affiliate marketers.

So, I’m pretty much sure it’s possible.

But how? That’s the question constantly popping in my mind!

I believe this course will be a solution to these curious questionable elements my mind pops. Let’s look at what this program is and how it could be beneficial to us.

What is The Commission Hero Pro Training System?

Commission Hero Course

The Commission Hero is a coaching program hosted by Robby Blanchard. He is a self-made millionaire and top affiliate marketer on the web. Robby was awarded as the #1 affiliate in the ClickBank marketplace.

His course teaches students how to earn profits online and achieve success in affiliate marketing. It’s a simple 3 step system that utilizes the Clickbank, MaxWeb, DigiStore24 marketplace products to sell through paid advertisements.

In the 2020 edition, Robby focused mainly on Facebook advertising. In the 2021 pro edition, he covers other traffic resources along with FB advertisements.

How Can You Make Money with Commission Hero Training?

This training program’s basic concept is to help students make $1000+ revenue per day as an affiliate marketer. We cannot earn money directly from the course. Instead, the program teaches a proven system that you can use to make money online. Robby and his students tested and achieved a significant breakthrough before sharing this method.

Selling other products and earning a percentage commission for each sale you made is called affiliate marketing.

We can use organic (free) or paid traffic directly to affiliate offers we are promoting.

The course teaches you how to do it with paid traffic resources. This leads to faster breakthroughs but you need to have some advertising budget.

The Simple 3-Step System:
  • Step #1: Find a profitable product to promote.
  • Step #2: Utilize free and paid traffic resources to get targeted visitors to our landing page.
  • Step #3: The psychological method to create “Open Loop” and get more sales.

With CH PRO We Could Make Profits in 2X Speed:

  • Without a website or blog.
  • Without our own products.
  • Without any inventory or support desk.
  • Even, without doing email marketing
  • Without employees
  • And.. not need a huge budget to get started
  • After all, without any previous experience or technical skills

That’s you don’t need any online experience to get started with this online marketing business model.

Free 26 Million Dollar Secret Ebook

Now, let’s know some brief information about our mentor and coach of this program.

Robby Blanchard Reviews (Who is He)

Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard is a super affiliate marketer and self-made millionaire. Robby is recognized as the #1 affiliate around the world in the ClickBank marketplace. Robby Blanchard is the CEO of Blanchard Media LLC. Paleo Secret, Fit Body Bootcamp, and Jason Capital International are his clients.

Robby is the Founder and personal trainer of CrossFit GYM and he is the best fitness instructor in his location. Maintaining fitness is his passion. Robby started his GYM after completing MBA from Fitchburg State College. But, he does not treat his gym as a business and struggled a lot due to this. One day, everything collapsed, and he could not even pay his bills!.

Robby At Gym

That time he discovered affiliate marketing and Facebook advertising. Initially, the strategy did not work very well. But he achieved an excellent breakthrough after many tests and tweaks to the system. Now he runs multiple profitable and successful online businesses. That allowed him to focus and grow his CrossFit gym.

Nowadays, he earns thousands of dollars every day and makes millions of profits every year. So, getting coached by him is an excellent opportunity for us. I follow him because of his extensive contribution to the community and massive success in the affiliate marketing business. It proves that Blanchard is a very successful online marketer around the world.

Now he is sharing his strategies with others and help them to make profits like him. The Commission Hero PRO is 2021 updated and the latest course from Robby. Robby Blanchard reviews the secrets on how to make passive income just by utilizing Social media. 

Is It Commission Hero PRO Legit or Scam?

The CommissionHero training system looks legit business model for me; I tried and achieved good results with the exact blueprint. I believe the PRO version also provides better results for my campaigns. I can see many of the student’s positive reviews showcases that they are getting huge success through this program.

This course and system can’t be deemed as a scam program. We get members area access to the coaching program when we sign up as a student. And we could quickly locate other student’s success stories through members-only Facebook Group. A lot of students reported their success stories in this community. I was shocked by seeing testimonials from students of this course!.

So, I believe the Commission Hero™ isn’t a scam. Robby Blanchard hosts it; he has lots of experience in this same field and making a living using the exact blueprint he reveals. Robby created this coaching program based on his knowledge, testing, and principles. That also makes this course a legit program.

Does Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Ads Really Work?

First of all, let’s understand what affiliate marketing is, how Facebook advertising and other free/paid traffic resources works.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling or offering other people’s services or products for affiliate commissions. In the ClickBank affiliates marketplace, we could sell digital and some physical products as an affiliate marketer.

Compared to other affiliate marketplaces on the web, Clickbank offers almost 75% commission for affiliates. DigiStore24 and MaxWeb are other marketplaces recommended by Robby.


What is Facebook Advertising

Did you notice some sponsored ads on Facebook?

Facebook is the #1 website in the world, with billions of active users. As an advertiser, we can create and show ads on their platform. Advertisers can target audiences by their interests, age group, country, and other demographics. This way, we could achieve lots of targeted eyeballs to our offers.

As FB advertisers, we can put or show our ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other audience networks. Maybe in the future, WhatsApp also will be in this chart!.

Other Free & Paid Traffic Resources

In the CommissionHero PRO edition, Robby reveals other free and paid traffic resources. Such as YouTube Ads, Snapchat Ads, Other Native Advertising Platforms along with free Organic Traffic methods.

Traffic is the main lifeblood of any digital business model. So here, Robby covers almost all of the top targeted traffic getting resources in the 2021 update.

So, If you chose the right products from ClickBank, MaxWeb, or DigiStore24 and put in some effort into Paid traffic resources, then no one can stop you from profiting.

I highly recommend starting with paid traffic, especially FB ads. Facebook ads where many of Robby’s students achieved massive success. Even in my case study, I just proved this method really works!. When you get some profits, then try other free and paid traffic resources to multiply your income.

Commission Hero PRO Members Area Overview

Commission Hero Members Area
2020 Edition Members Area
The Commission Hero Pro Members Area Reviews
2021 CH PRO Edition Members Area
Ch Pro Menu

The CH PRO member’s area is simple and easy to navigate. Training modules and other information links are categorized on the left side. Significant ​pieces of instructions are split into 5 main parts with other additional pieces of training.

Welcome Video :

A welcome video by Robby with some brief information about this program is available on the main dashboard: Robby’s coaching is categorized into modules. Each module contains necessary video training and worksheets.

Here Are the Core 5 Modules:

1) Getting Started
2) FB Set Up
3) ​Tracking & Scaling
4) Resources & Tools
5) Additional Training

** There are other modules other than these 5 core modules. Let me outline brief details about that too. So, can we start the member’s area walkthrough?

1) Getting Started

Getting Started

This module contains videos and a checklist for getting started. We get step-by-step instructions from the basics to some advanced strategies like link tracking & campaign scaling. Robby shares 6 tips to make this blueprint a passive income earner. In this module, he covers sub topics like:

A) Getting Started

  1. Start Here – Welcome – An introduction video of this module with welcome messages.
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing – Robby teach what is affiliate marketing in a simplest way. 
  3. Ad Accounts – We can get an idea an on how FB advertising works and how to set up Ads account and business manager accounts.
  4. Clickfunnels – Robby shares his best landing page builder or funnel builder application software called ClickFunnels. I’m also using ClickFunnels for my case study. Right now I found a better alternative to save huge monthly subscription. Let me tell you about that when you purchase this program using my affiliate link.
  5. Clickbank – He shares how to register and utilize the Clickbank marketplace.
  6. Maxweb/ Digistore24 – Shares another 2best affiliate marketplace other than ClickBank. Anyway, I stick with ClickBank in the beginning.

B) Choosing The Right Offers

In this section, we learn how to choose the best product in the top 3 niches. These products can sell like hotcakes. He shares choosing products from other affiliate marketplaces than ClickBank. But I personally like ClickBank.

C) Finding Ad Images

In this section, Robby reveals the strategy to get high CTR (Click Through Rate) using images. He shares his favorite graphic designers and platforms to hire such talented people.

D) Setting Up A Landing Page

From the basics to the advanced level of landing page (the funnel) creation revealed here. We could either opt for ClickFunnels or use PHP Landing pages. You have the choice to choose a Landing page builder or PHP lander; It’s all up to our selection.

2) FB Set Up

Fb Setup

This second core module covers all about FB advertisements. We can learn A-Z about FB ads setup and management from this section, like:

  • Setting Up FB Account
  • Creating Fan Page​
  • Setting Ads Account
  • Setting Business Manager​ Account
  • Pixel Creation
  • Installing Pixel on our funnel & Clickbank account
  • Launching First Ad Campaign​
  • Creating Custom Audiences
  • Figuring Out Successful Campaign​s
  • Understanding Your Pixel Analytics
  • CBO
  • Reaching Out To Facebook
  • etc…

3) ​Tracking & Scaling

Tracking Scaling

In this module, we learn how to track our campaigns properly. Mainly we need to track link clicks, conversions, ROI, etc. Then stop running failure campaigns and scale profitable campaigns using the Rule of Thumb strategy.

4) Resources & Tools

One of the best benefits of having this course is the resources and additional tools section. We get access to results proven products, million dollar landing page swipes, Ad Images, and Ad Copies.

Presell Page

I really like this section, anyway I tried to design my own funnel in my challenge. But I decided to implement some strategies for these million-dollar assets.

5) Additional Training

In this module, we get additional training to improve our profits. Robby reveals his Ninja tactics with us in this area. From this module, we learn:

  • Ninja Tactics
  • Snap Chat Training 
  • Email Marketing (Email List Building) Training
  • Solution for Account Shutdown
  • Credit card solutions
  • And many more.. 

I told you earlier, there are other traffic resources training also available inside the member’s area. let me describe them in short.

  1. Native Ads Module: This is an untapped traffic resource with tons of traffic to scale up. Robby and his Guest will share the native ads tactics here. Right now, this section is not fully updated.
  2. Messenger Module: Robby and his special guest reveal strategies to utilize Facebook messenger for lots of success with it. Messenger ads are the less tapped resource on Facebook. Currently, this section also not updates yet!.
  3. YouTube Ads Module: I’m excited to watch and try these YouTube ads strategies. It’s one of the best-paid traffic resources to tap in 2021.
  4. Copywriting: Copywriting is a must to do strategy for any business to grow online or offline. Here in this module, we could learn some copywriting techniques from Robby and his friend.
  5. Warming Up Your Accounts in 2021: This is not a module, but it’s better to understand how to warm up ads accounts in 2021 for the longevity of our ads..

Other than this value-packed training, we get another masterpiece tool along with CH Pro purchase. It’s called “App ToolKit

2021 CH PRO ToolKit

Join Ch Pro App Toolkit

The latest 2021 updated edition of this course offers a power-packed toolkit to its members. Inside this tools area, we could find a lot of useful apps. I’m really impressed with the ability of this software.

Fan Page Content 

We get access to Fan page content search, image search, and image creator tools inside. It’s beneficial for making our fan pages updated daily with fresh content. 

Ads Tools

In this area, we get a lot of handy tools. Some of them are:

  • Ad Compliance – We can make sure to do our ads copy compliance with FB using this tool.
  • Ad Scaling – It’s a calculator that shows the average scaling and compounding strategy.
  • Emoji Tool – Useful tool for adding some emojis in our ads copy and header.
  • Interest Tool – We could quickly figure out other keywords of interest that Facebook usually won’t show to other advertisers.
  • Ad Library – Another excellent resource for finding niche-based ads images and ad copy
  • Image Size Validator – Using this tool, we could make sure our ad images are compatible with Facebook users. Robby suggests some image sizes get more engagement on our ads.
  • Pixel Tool – A pixel code generator for our lander and vendor sales pages.


Another great resource in this toolkit area is the offers section. We could get easy access to top-selling, new, or trending down offers in Clickbank and MaxWeb. Not only that, Robby includes a featured section for successful offers he tried.

Landing Page

This section includes some helpful resources for making our landing page or funnels compliant with FB. 

  • Legal Texts – We can quickly create legal pages for our landers. 
  • Domain Tools – We could find available domains for registering quickly using this tool. 
  • Lander Compliance – A handy tool for checking our landing page or funnels compliance issues. I like this tool very much.
  • Lander CTR – We could easily calculate our landing page CTR using this tool.

Tracking Tool

We could track our Ad campaigns, ad accounts, and product along with profits using this tool section. I did not try it yet, but let me try and update this area on how it’s beneficial. I believe it’s time save for us.

I enjoy the tool kit section; it’s power-packed with the most valuable tools needed for an affiliate marketer who mainly uses paid traffic resources. 

Other than the tools and training, we get other additional benefits too:

1. Facebook Community

We get access to the mastermind community of CH student’s Facebook group. Here we could get help and support from mentors and other successful student posts. We could help others too. This is a supportive community group of beautiful people that I ever joined. I’m really thankful to Robby.

2. Support Desk 

We get access to the support desk team. I’ve not tried the support desk system yet. But, as per my knowledge, they will get back to us within 24 – 48 hours of support query submission.

So, This rinse and repeat type of business has below listed 5 benefits.

  1. It’s Easy to Get Started and Implement
  2. It’s a Semi-Automated business model
  3. Highest Longevity of this course Blueprint
  4. Profits Potential is Predictable

 I experienced my first affiliate sale within less than a couple of hours on my case study. 

My Commission Hero Training Challenge

  • 21/02/2020 –  I just started the challenge
  • 21/02/2020 to 25/02/2020 – Attending training in a fast phase mode. Hope I could start implementing strategies from Wednesday.
  • 26/02/2020 – I started some of the initial homework and to-do tasks. I have accomplished the below lists jobs today.
  1. Created Facebook ads account and other necessary accounts
  2. Created 2 pages in the health niche for advertising.
  3. I posted 2 image posts and scheduled 2 image posts tomorrow.
  4. Bought a new domain related to my niche and changed nameserver.
  5. Connected this domain with my hosting.
  6. Installed WordPress on this new domain.(Actually, Robby suggests directly use ClickFunnels, but I would like to use WordPress and try ClickFunnels WordPress plugin in it)
  • 27/02/2020 – I just created my first ad campaign for getting some first page likes. I also added 2 new image-type posts.

PROBLEM: Facebook did not accept my credit card, but I fixed this issue with another card.

  • 28/02/2020 – FB team approved my first ad campaign. I want to test the boost post strategy available on this page. So, today creating a boost post camping also. (Actually, it’s not recommended by Robby, I’m trying my own risk to learn how Fb ads work.)
  • I just added 2 new images on the page to show this page is active.
  • 29/02/2020 – Balance modules attended. Added 2 more images on my fan page. I got almost 250+ likes for my page using initial advertising; that’s great.
  • 01/03/2020 – Sunday, it’s a holiday for me!.
  • 02/02/2020 – I am attending the balance video modules. Page not updated with new posts; I was busy today. Ads are still running, and I got 400+ likes on this new fan page.
  • 03/02/2020 – Attended extra training. While login into my FB account, something happens bad!.

PROBLEM: Facebook asking me to upload a face photo to verify identity. I did it and waiting for my account to get back!.

Facebook Error

04/03/2020 – Today, I can log in to my FB account. But suddenly went something wrong.

PROBLEM: Facebook is asking for me to log in. When I log in, they asked me to upload an identity verification photo.

Another Issue
I just uploaded my ID verification photo and got my account back within 10 minutes. But. Issues not solved yet!.

ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM: My page was unpublished ?

Next Issue
I’m done nothing against Facebook policy and TOS. So, I tried to appeal. I am waiting for their reply message regarding this issue.

It looks like this journey is not really comfortable, But I try my level best!.

  • 04/03/2020 – I was disappointed yesterday, but I’m happy now. My page got back to the published state.
  • 05/03/2020 – I had a family get together today. So, nothing is done today.
  • 06/03/2020 – Updated page with an image post. I’m already reached 1800+ likes. So I think I’m almost ready to start my money-making campaign. Going to start work for this!.
  • 07/03/2020 – Spend almost 80$ and got highly targeted 2450+ fans for my new page. I Just updated 1 image and schedule 1 for tomorrow. Attended balance training and planned next week for crating image, presell page, and ads copy. I hope I can run my first money campaign on Facebook next week.
  • 08/03/2020 – Sunday, holiday!. No work today.
  • 09/03/2020 – I re-watched videos that mention Ads copy and presell page creation. I could create my own version this week. Added some extra image posts on my page, people really get engaging with my posts. I’m really happy on that!. 🙂
  • 10/03/2020 – Today I chose the product which I’m going to promote — done some fundamental analysis of the market and demographics of this product. Created basic ads copy skeleton and landing page partially redesigned. (Robby offers done for you ads copy and presell page templates, but I would like to try my version)
  • 11/03/2020 – I almost completed my Ads copy. Now need to do final editings and proofreading. I added another image to my page. Page likes daily budget reduced to $2/ day.
  • 12/03/2020 – Partially completed my presell page. Now need some final editing. Let me do it tomorrow. I hired a graphic designer on Fiverr for my Ads. My husband is busy, else he can do this task! 🙁
  • 13/03/2020 – Due to the coronavirus (Covid 19) issue, I can’t fully focus on this challenge. Anyway, I tried my level best. I redesigned the presell page for better conversions. Re-watched some of the videos on the presell page, ads copy, and images.
  • 14/03/2020 – Fiverr seller delivered graphics, but I’m not fully satisfied. So asked her for a revision. I created a Facebook Ad copy with some copywriting strategies for more clicks. I have done proofreading and grammar fixes.
  • 15/03/2020 – As always, I take a break on Sundays. It’s a holiday for my family and me!.
  • 16/03/2020 – Due to some network issues, I cannot complete most of my today’s tasks. Anyway, I just added pixels on my presell page and ClickBak. I have added a new image on the page regarding the coronavirus. I asked the Fiverr seller to redesign some of the images.
  • 17/03/2020 – I watched some of the videos for my next step. Yes, it’s for publishing my ad on Fb. I realized that most of the traffic needs to target mobile devices. So, I just changed some of the elements on my presell page to mobile-friendly. I believe it will work very well on mobile devices. Fiverr seller sends me retouched graphics; I’m not fully satisfied. Anyway, I’m using it in my first ad. Now I’m thinking about creating a short copy of my ads description. Let me try to create it today. I hope I could run my first ads campaign tomorrow.
  • 18/03/2020 – I can’t start ad today. Ads images are not ready yet.. Meanwhile, I try to edit my ads copy FB safe, and add some emojis to it. I believe I could start Ad tomorrow.
  • 19/03/2020 – I just fixed my presell page issues and made it FB compliant free. I added my Clickbank affiliate link on my presell page. Just checked pixel works or not. It’s working correctly. Created multiple versions of images, ads headline, description, and started my ad with a budget of $100/Day. I created 1 campaign with 3 adsets and 1 Ad on each asset. It’s a CBO (Campaign Based Optimization) ad. So, this $100/day budget will be shared between these 3 adsets. Really excited to see my results.
  • 20/03/2020 – Just wake up early in the morning and excitedly checked my FB ads and Clickbank status. It looks like FB approved my ad and started running it.
    • Wao! I made my first sale. $24.78
First Sale

I spend almost $46.19 to make $24.78. I really feel good even though it’s a negative ROI. I just started.. and nearly 20 hours left to complete today. Let me update the complete results tomorrow.

  • 21/03/2020 – Something terrible happened!.. NO SALES TODAY!. When I check FB status, it looks like all my ads are turned off. I don’t know how it happened and why?
Fb Error

I will try to fix it soon. Meanwhile, I contacted the product vendor to get the user’s demographic and look like audience details. Within minutes they replied with all the necessary data.

Now, let me fix the current FB issue and update this post.

I just fixed the issue and stopped the current ad campaign. I will create a new one on Sunday.

  • 22/03/2020 – I take a break from work on normal Sundays. But today I have some important tasks to do.
    • Just rewatched some of the essential videos on camping creation.
    • I tried to increase my landing page speed. It’s ok with the desktop, but on mobile it’s slow. I can’t do anything; I tried my level best on this. Maybe in the future, I could figure out a solution for mobile speed increasing.
    • I started new campaigns and scheduled it to run from tomorrow onwards.
    • Fixed pixel issues.
  • 23/03/2020 – Just wake up and checked my ClickBank account. I have $121.55 in my account. It looks like advertising are running smoothly.

More than 18 hours left to complete today. I am waiting for tomorrow to see my results.

Trying to spend this day watching necessary training once again and figuring out missing puzzles.

So, here is my report:

$1003$274.42 $174.42174.42%
  • 24/03/2020 – I made another $81.80 in Clickbank. It looks like ads are not running today, maybe coronavirus lockdown is the cause. Looks like yesterday was beginners luck. SO, changed my daily budget to $50/ day

MISTAKE – I found a silly mistake and made small edits to campaigns. Now ads are in review state. Due to the Corna issue review may take more time than expected!. Never edit camping in the testing period.

  • 25/03/2020 – Another $141.17, to be frank,
  • 26/03/2020 – Bad day for me, only 1 sale and got $24.79. looks like the corona issue effecting really on my conversions.
  • 27/03/2020 – $49.84 today, Something terrible happens, nothing going as per plan. I’m trying to figure out the issue and fix it.
  • 28/03/2020 – $77.86 made today. Just did minor fixes, now it’s on track.
  • 29/03/2020 – $180.83, that’s really great.
  • 30/03/2020 – The challenge period is not over yet, I have more than 15+ hours left to complete today. Anyway, I’m concluding my decision today with my total investments, profits, and ROI.

Here is my income proof:-

Cbtrans 1

Still, I’m not achieved 100% ROI yet, but I completed my challenge in 39 days with almost $130.83 in profits on a $50 ad budget. I could make more than this, but sales are down from March 26 onwards due to the coronavirus issue. Anyway, I’m thrilled to achieve the $100 per day mark within these 39 days. My next goal is to make $500 per day with the following 6 week period. I will try to update my results on this blog post.

My final thought is that this system really works. But you may face minor failures and obstacles in your path. Try to take it all in a positive mind and fix them or find a solution. I did everything from scratch in these 39 days. But you could use Robby’s Done for You materials and get started within 1 day. For this project, I spend just 20 to 50 minutes per day. If you can invest more time and money, then you could gain more.

Note: This is a case study challenge did in 2020; I never edited or proofread the above paragraphs. 

?? Pros and ?? Cons

Let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of this training program.

9.2 Total Score
The Commission Hero Course Reviewed

➡️ The Commission Hero System is a highly recommended affiliate marketing training program. Click the link above for purchasing this course with my excellent bonuses.

9.2Expert Score
Training Quality
Blueprint Pottential
Success Rate
7.1User's score
Training Quality
Blueprint Pottential
Success Rate
  • Results proved training and blueprint.
  • Coached by a highly successful mentor.
  • Can get started even without any experience or technical knowledge
  • Easy to learn and step by step manner training
  • Access to million dollar results proven Done for You (DFY) Materials
  • Support desk and mastermind community access
  • A good solution for work from anywhere.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee by ClickBank
  • Extra 12-month money back guarantee from Robby
  • Price is not affordable for some newbies
  • Robby does not share refund rates ratio (In my case study i got 0 refunds, I'm happy on that)
  • Clickfunnels costs monthly (I'm using CF for almost 1 and a half years, In my case, it's an asset for me)
  • Needs to put some time and money to get it to work properly.
  • It's not a 1 click solution or get rich fast system.
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Commission Hero Alternatives (Super Affiliate System, Savage Affiliates & Wealthy Affiliate)

The Commission Hero PRO can’t be wholly compared with other courses or training programs. But if you’re still looking for an alternative, let me suggest some here.

Commission Hero VS Commission Hero PRO

The commission hero is the initial training program hosted by Robby Blanchard. It’s entirely focused on Facebook ads with ClickBank and max web offers. The PRO edition of commission hero is a more advanced and updated course of his original CH system. In the PRO edition, we learn YouTubde Ads, Native Ads, Email Marketing, and CopyWriting other than Facebook Ads. Not only that, the PRO edition offers a handy toolkit to the members. 

Commission hero is one of the best alternatives to the commission hero pro system. Its enrollment cost is less than the pro edition. But there are some upsells to the program to make it useful entirely. And we don’t get other traffic resources training. So, I suggest having the Commission Hero PRO edition instead of the commission hero.

Commission Hero VS Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is hosted by one of the best affiliate marketers globally, Mr: Jhon Crestani. It’s ultimately an academy for affiliate marketing. Anyone who is wishing to make money online without owning a product is the best option to choose this training program. 

He offers done-for-you funnels, software, and 6 weeks of training inside the Super Affiliate System course. Jhon teaches the methods he tried and succeeded in the affiliate space. Compared to Commission Hero training, this coaching program dives deep into affiliate marketing. But as for beginners and intermediates, I highly recommend opting commission hero pro edition. Focusing on one is better than knowing everything.

Commission Hero VS Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate program is another excellent alternative for commission hero. It’s also teaching students how to become wealthy and successful affiliate marketers. Compared to other options, it’s easy and free to get started. But they offer some upsells after joining for free. 

Also, read the latest kibo eclipse review post done by me.

Wealthy Affiliate system has lots of lectures and training modules to help students to become successful marketers. They offer extra tools, community, and web hosting to make them successful. Most of the students achieve outstanding results by promoting this free training system. Compared to Robby Blanchard’s course, it’s free to join. But when it comes to training, I highly recommend the commission heor pro course. CH Pro is in a step-by-step manner training with 9K+ students mastermind access.

Commission Hero VS Savage Affiliates

The Savage Affiliates is a unique training program by Frank Hatchett. He is a 2 comma club winner of click funnels. He also utilizes Facebook as his main source of traffic. But compared to Robby’s training, he teaches to promote hosting, funnels, and small launches to become successful. With Blanchard’s training, you could understand affiliate marketing and try to implement these strategies into savage or any online promotions.

So, choosing CH PRO is the best thing to do right now other than comparing alternative programs or courses.

The Commission Hero PRO Price and Discount

The commission hero pro price starts from a one-time payment plan of $2,497. It’s the best option to choose if you’re serious about this business. The second option is an installment payment of $997 for 3 months. It will cost you an extra $494 compared to the one-time opportunity.

The Commission Hero Pro Price And Discount

Commission Hero PRO Discount

I tried my best to get a special discount offer for OnlineCOSMOS visitors, but I’m Sorry, there is no commission Hero course discount available right now.

You could get your investment back within few months, even without a discount offer; just implement what Robby teaches.

Commission Hero PRO (CH PRO)
Best affiliate marketing training program for all level of people
$2,497 $2,988
Robby Blanchard, ClickBank or Commission Hero does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an independent marketing affiliate.

The Commission Hero Buyer Bonuses

Are you ready to get my power-packed bonuses for your order that helps to grow at 10x speed and double or triple profitability?

Get ready!, Here’s it…

Ch Pro Bonus
Commission Hero Bonus Pro 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(❓) What is the Commission Hero PRO 2021 Course?

Members Area

The commission hero’s pro edition of 2021 is a training program hosted by Robby Blanchard. It’s an updated version of his own main coaching program. Robby is a self-made millionaire and successful affiliate marketer on the web. This program teaches students how to earn thousands of dollar profits online through affiliate marketing. He reveals a 3 simple steps program that utilizes the affiliate marketplace products and paid advertisements to sell.

A detailed review of the commission hero training course is shared here.

(❓) Does Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Ads Works?

Yes, it really works. If you chose the right products from the affiliate marketplace and put some effort into Facebook traffic, then no one can stop you from profiting. Check out the 39-day case study.

(❓) Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is the mentor for this coaching program. He is a highly successful digital marketer and self-made millionaire. Robby uses the same strategy and blueprints shared in this program to make millions of dollars in online business.

(❓) Is Commission Hero PRO Course Legit or Scam?

The CH PRO course by Robby Blanchard definitely NOT a scam. He is a real mentor who achieved great results with the same blueprint. They got many positive reviews and testimonials from successful students. Most of them are now coaches in the 2021 updated PRO edition course. New students will get an updated blueprint, trainings, resources, and tools. It really helps you to make profits with affiliate marketing at a faster speed.

(❓) What is Clickbank Actually?


ClickBank has been one of the leading online marketplace networks for the past two decades. It has more than 8 million affiliates spread across 195 nations. They are making about 40,000 deals on their wide range of digital and non-digital products every day.  In my research, I found that the average refund rate of products sold through ClickBank Marketplace is less than 10%. That’s they add only quality products to their marketplace.

(❓) Can I Make Money with ClickBank?

Suppose you ask me if it’s possible to real money online with ClickBank products as an affiliate. My answer is YES. Many people are making 3 to 6 figures daily on the ClickBank marketplace platform. My major income source is Clickbank.

(❓) Is Commission Hero PRO Training Reliable?

The current facts and test results, and reviews show this commission hero pro training can help make passive profits for action takers. This course helped many affiliate online marketers earn high returns from the ClickBank marketplace and other affiliate networks. I’m pretty much sure this program is as reliable as it can get.

(❓) How Much is Commission Hero Price (Cost)?

The commission hero cost starts from a one-time payment of $2,497. It’s the best option to choose if you’re serious about this online business. The second option is an installment payment of $997 for 3 months. It will hidden costs you an extra $494 compared to the one-time option.

(❓) Are There Any Commission Hero 2.0 Course Alternatives?

There are many Affiliate Marketing courses and training programs available on the internet. But only a few can match with Robby’s coaching program. He teaches the method he used to live. Its results are proven, and the latest 2022 is updated.

Overnight freedom, Quit 9 to 5 Academy, Profit Engine, Savage Affiliate, Healthy Commissions and Super Affiliate System PRO, wealthy affiliate course etc are real alternatives for this program. But most of them are not accepting new student’s registration for the current moment. I consider CH PRO could be the best affiliate marketing program for affiliate marketers who wish to become a super affiliates. So, there is no better alternative to it right now!.

(❓) When Can I Buy CommissionHero System?

You can purchase the program from March 29 to April 08 in 2021. You can buy this 2021 updated CH PRO program from the official website. After April 08, they will close doors to new student registration. So, don’t miss this opportunity!.

(❓) What Happens if I Join the Program, But Don’t Like It?

Don’t worry, because this training system is a high ticket product, your purchase is guaranteed with a 30 days refund policy (privacy policy). You will get 30 days action refund guarantee if you believe it’s not for you. And another 12-month money-back guarantee if you tried this system for 12 months and no results.

(❓) Is There Any Refund Policy for this Program?

Yes, there are 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

(❓) Are There Any Commission Hero PRO Bonus Offers for Buyers?

Yes, of course, Robby offers massive valued materials as bonuses for the buyers. And if you purchase the training system using my affiliate link, I will provide power-packed bonuses for your faster breakthrough. It will help you to grow at 10x speed and double or triple profitability.

(❓) Does Robbys Commission Hero Affiliate Program Worth Joining

Yes, the CH pro offers an advanced level of affiliate marketing training program along. Other than that, you could promote CH training as an affiliate marketer.

(❓) Are CH Students Actually Getting Results?

Yes, lots of students posted their success screenshots on the Facebook group. So there is no need to worry about that. All you have to do is find the right type of offer to generate a good commission percentage of at least 50% and send targeted traffic to it.

(❓) How to Join CH PRO Training Program

You can join the CH pro training program using this link.

My Final Thought

Many people try to review this course even without testing the system. I don’t want to be a person like that. Let me try first and evaluate the program with its pros and cons. So you can make the right decisions on your purchase.

Do you want extra income? Everyone worldwide wants extra income to feed their family and enjoy life.

My primary income source is affiliate marketing. Anyhow, I’m not a super affiliate yet, but one day I will be.

Just imagine you are on a beach and enjoying a vacation with your family and eating whatever you want and not worried about cash, and living a stress-free life. You get paid more than what you need every day just by running paid ads.

Imagine all this so that you can enjoy the real independent life freedom of life. Spending time with family, working on your passion, more healthy, enjoying location freedom, money freedom, and time freedom.

I believe this coaching program and toolkit could be a life-changer for both of us. My team and I decided to take massive action on this system. I hope you will also take this course and make an enormous effort to get your dreams to come true.

You can do affiliate marketing even without this training. But driving a car without knowing how to drive is the worst thing!. It will collapse one day. I don’t want you to become that person. I highly recommend getting a mentor and choosing a working blueprint for your good future.

Robby’s training is one of them if you want to become a six-figure person. So, I highly recommend you try this system. I’m pretty much sure you won’t regret it. If you are new to affiliate marketing or already have a marketing experience background, join CH Pro to take your income to the next level.

One more thing…

.. If you choose to purchase this course through my affiliate link, I will be pleased about it!. And my power-packed bonuses will get you a faster breakthrough compared to others. In simple words, it will get you 10X of your results.

So, order the course right now using my affiliate link and get started the work!. Let’s make a breakthrough.

Enjoy coaching and take necessary actions — happy earnings. 🙂

I hope this commission hero 2.0 review post really helps you decide on your purchase.

Commission Hero PRO (CH PRO)
Best affiliate marketing training program for all level of people
$2,497 $2,988
Robby Blanchard, ClickBank or Commission Hero does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an independent marketing affiliate.

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Rekhilesh Adiyeri
Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Hello! I'm Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an affiliate marketing expert and digital content creator from Kerala, India. I started earning an income online as a side hustle while I was in college in 2008. Within these 15 years, I've built a digital entrepreneur empire. I do business with top-tier countries using my simple English, despite English not being my first or second language. And I want to help motivate people to succeed by doing profitable business online. Right now, I am on a mission to be a better coach who can help more people achieve their dreams of financial freedom. So follow me on your favorite social media - there are lots more coming your way!

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  1. HI Rekhilesh,

    I am thinking of joining the Commission Hero course very soon!
    How has it been working out for you? Any sales through your fb ads yet? Would love to know your progress. Also, do you need a lot of engagement on the fb pages for this to work?

    Thank you

    • Hey,

      That’s good to hear Julian. No sales yet, I’m just started. Yes, I will update this blog post as my daily log. Here you can see my actions, failures, and success. I believe page engagement is not a matter for this system to work. So, don’t worry!.

      By the way, thanks for commenting.

  2. Happy to see your gains, Is it take 39 days to see results?

  3. 2.15
    Training Quality
    Blueprint Pottential
    Success Rate

    I watched Rob’s sales pitch today. I was a bit leery about him because after I signed up for the pitch, he email-bombed me about 6 times a day prior to the event. I’m not a newbie but was interested in the techniques. Your coverage of this was outstanding! The one HUGE elephant in the room is FACEBOOK. Most of the time when you make a mistake, they won’t tell you what you did wrong. They will just terminate your ad account and will NEVER allow a successful review. I have 12 orphaned pages from an ad account I lost 6 years ago! All of my data is on those pages, but they won’t give me access to them. Facebook hates any material about fitness, diet, supplements, health, and wellness, etc. I now just use Optimize press for landing pages and I run solo ads or I advertise on Pinterest. Facebook just really sucks.

    + PROS: The material is outstanding!
    - CONS: Facebook is just too horrible of a company to deal with. They won't communicate with you and really don't care a bit about your success.
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Tanks for sharing Nick..

      .. that maybe his marketing strategy.

      Yes, you’re right; ads account ban rate is high. But in this program, Robby mentioned a secret strategy to overcome this issue. You could try Fb with your marketing, nowadays FB ads also working very well.

      If you follow the rules, then no issues Nick.

  4. Hi, Rekhilesh

    Thanks for your blog.
    1. Are you still running Facebook Ads?
    2. If so, could you share some info like daily FB Ads budget and actual profit? If you don’t mind.
    3. Have you got any Facebook account, BM, ad account disabled problem since April? Were you able to recover them? And how did you overcome it?

    Thank you.

  5. 5
    Training Quality
    Blueprint Pottential
    Success Rate

    Great job

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Hi Rekhilesh,

    Thank you for this review. I am thinking about buying this system and I would like to know besides ClickFunnels what other expenses should I anticipate? I saw in your article that you spent about $500 in advertising. How much do you think would be a good start-up budget for all those extra expenses?




  8. Thank you for such a comprehensive review, including your successes as well as challenges. There aren’t many reviews that do this (at least that I have seen) so I find yours more valuable than most.

    To me the cost is a bit high but I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised especially if it does yield successful results. I hope you will provide some ongoing reporting especially if you start to see more of an exponential growth at some point.

    For me, I think once I can pay for the system I would like to try a budget of about $50/day for 2 months to see if that is a good kick start. I would imagine in this business it take quite a bit of trial an error and even though some report having great success by following certain procedures it isn’t going to necessarily work for another person the same way.

    Anyway, thanks again for the review and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

  9. hi, rekhilesh have you done the commission hero partnering program,what is the cost of it,and what is invoved in it.is it worth doing or just get Commission hero and have a go yourself. thank you

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