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The ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review

Clickbank Breaks
The Clickbank Breaks The Internet Course

Are you joining on ClickBank breaks the internet course with a desire to improve your profits in record time?

Then, you must read this blog post!.

You may have joined the ClickBank network hoping to make money through their high commissions (as much as 75%) and quick payment. It is so easy to use, and you thought it’d be easy to make money through affiliate marketing.

I agree that CB is easy, but only as long as you play your cards right.

It all depends on the products you choose and how you promote them, which is not so easy for everyone

With so many aspiring ClickBank vendors and affiliates like you around, you have to have an edge above them. And the only way you can remain competitive is by making good use of available resources. Robby Blanchard’s project Platinum system may help you to become a ClickBank platinum member.

That is where ClickBank Breaks the Internet proves useful to you. 

Cb Breaks The Internet System
Course Name: ClickBank Breaks the Internet [NEW]
Created by: Justin Atlan and ClickBank University Team
Price / Cost: $2,497 (Installment Option Available)
Recommend: Yes, Highly Recommended Training System.
Official Website: https://www.clickbank.com/university/breaktheinternet

Welcome to my real and honest ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review!

I got so excited about learning about this new program that I had to write a review of this ClickBank Breaks the Internet system. Build more profitable business with the asigo system. Here is asigo system review by real student.

The Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review Bonus

I just had to share my thoughts and aspirations about the program, and reveal to you the program’s more in-depth features. I purchased the course and ready to share what you get with this training system.

Yes, I just bought it!.

So, now I can tell you what makes it different from other ClickBank courses and systems. I tried to point out in-depth evolution with what I like and dislike about this program. 

Anyway, you deserve to know all this because you will wonder if it’s worth the $2,497 investment, or is it a hyped-up program like so many others.

Let’s know right now!

By the way, just check it out on the commission hero review post.

What Is Clickbank Actually?

What about understanding ClickBank first, then deep dive into the course review.


So, ClickBank has been one of the leading online marketplace network for the past two decades. It has more than 8 million affiliates spread across 195 nations. It is making about 40,000 deals on its wide range of digital and non-digital products taking place every day. 

It was developed in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber in San Diego. They provide a common platform for suppliers (Vendors) to sell their products. Most Online affiliate marketers find suitable products and sell for a proposed commission.

  • Product creators develop information products and introduce them to Clickbank.
  • Then affiliates sign up to offer the items for a good commission (often 50%, yet more).

One more thing, Clickbank was acknowledged and ranked as the 87th top internet seller by web Retailer Magazine.

What is ClickBank Breaks The Internet System?

The “ClickBank Breaks the Internet” is a new training system from Clickbank University (CBU). This training hosted by Justin Atlan of Clickbank University.

The Clickbank Break The Internet Course

This training system designed to help both vendors and affiliate marketers. So you can use this course in many ways. Either learn about creating and earning as a vendor (product owner) or gain secret to increasing your affiliate marketing earning potential.

What Includes in This Training System:-

  1. A proven training (Clickbank University Premium)
  2. Powerful application software for funnel building (ClickBank Builder with Unlimited feature)
  3. A whole new way to make high ticket sales with automated webinar technology (WebinarX)  

As per the mentor, we can earn up to $1,000 in profits on each sale as an affiliate through this automated webinar system.

Vendor vs. Affiliate – Which is Better?

You have to decide what you want to be, a supplier (vendor) or an affiliate.

Vendor – It is true that vendors need more extended learning and starting time. They can start earning a bit later, but the profit margin is enormous. You first need to create a product. Once it’s created, you can use the tips and tools on CB Breaks the Internet to maximize your sales. It means that as a vendor, you not only sell your own products and reap its benefits. You have other affiliates selling for you to earn a commission for both themselves and you. 

Affiliates – On the other hand as an affiliate, only earn percentage commissions through the sale. If you picked up the right products and put in some effort into marketing, then you can profit a lot. There’s no reason why you can’t earn a sizeable amount through the commissions too.

What I Think!

In my concern, I choose affiliate marketing in the beginning, and after earning some profits I will look at the product creation area.

The choice is yours!.

Free 1Kmanual

Who is Justin Atlan?

Justin Atlan

The man behind ClickBank Breaks the Internet is Justin Atlan. He’s the reason why this course has grown so popular even before its launch.

Justin Atlan is one of the youngest and highly successful entrepreneurs in the USA. He made a fortune of millions of dollars by promoting Clickbank products on the web. In the beginning, his primary traffic sources are YouTube and other free strategies. He made all these profits without owning a website. Now he utilizes paid traffic and funnels.

His Highly Successful Courses Are:

  • ClickBank University
  • ClickBank University 2.0
Justin Adam

These courses were co-founded with Adam Horwitz and ClickBank. They were both successful and self-made millionaires.  

I have personally used ClickBank University 2.0. That’s why I have written about the features and training they offer. It’s one of the best programs a ClickBank affiliate marketer needs for success — even other real customers who have reviewed these products vouch for this.

What is in the ClickBank Break the Internet System?

It is a unique training system comprising of courses and application software. Which is offered to you as a package with lifetime access. The ClickBank Break the Internet system consists of:

1) ClickBank University Premium

Clickbnak University 2

ClickBank University is a training program that teaches you how to generate income with ClickBank with two approaches:

  • As a Vendor – Creating digital products and offering them through the ClickBank marketplace.
  • As an Affiliate – Promoting other’s information products in the CB market as an online affiliate marketer. You can earn commissions on every sale you bring.

This training program teaches both vendors and affiliate marketers. It shows tips and secrets on promoting digital products.

? Vendors Training – The first part focuses on becoming a successful supplier (vendor) or rather the creator of digital products. We can sell these products through the ClickBank marketplace’s massive audience. 


? Affiliate Training – The second part teaches affiliate marketing. In this area, we learn how to promote information products through the CB marketplace. It explained how to become a successful CB marketer through email marketing and paid traffic sources. Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing, Youtube are some of the significant suggested traffic sources. These advertisements gain enough traction for the products we promote and earn a commission for all the sales we make. 


It helps even newbie’s to become successful affiliate marketers and vendors from scratch. 

2) ClickBank Builder Software

Clickbnak Builder

It is a powerful funnel builder application software from ClickBank. We get ClickBank Builder with Unlimited features when we buy this course. It uses an easy drag-and-drop method to develop funnels, sales, and opt-in pages. We get high conversion-optimized Done for You pages for free.

It’s highly beneficial for promoting products as an affiliate or vendor. We can utilize this application software to build and promote products.

3) Automated Webinar Funnel Technology


The automated webinar funnel is the main highlight of this course. It helps us to create or share automated webinars through the WebinarX software program. It produces an automated webinar channel for advertising or promoting ClickBank products to potential buyers as an affiliate. We can earn $1k+ per sale using this automated webinar technology.

Extra Benefits

This training system will be our most excellent source of information from the authority. A few of the leading Clickbank affiliates make over $100,000 a month. Some affiliates are earning more than $20,000 daily. To earn that much, you need to have the software and automated systems. Here we get everything, proper training, software, and complete automated system blueprint.

Free Short Film

What Does ClickBank Break the Internet Teach You?

We can learn affiliate marketing and digital product creation training. They cover topics like market research, copywriting, funnel building, and traffic generation.

Training for all this is given every week so that you understand everything. You have lots of time to put in place what you learn. Learning and taking action is the best thing.

You don’t have to worry if you are stuck with the content or technical queries, or even if you need feedback. You have to turn to their Q and A section for solutions. You visit the Q&A section even if you don’t have questions because others may post questions that will help you improve.

Team Support

Another feature I liked is it’s efficient customer support through the informative QAs, chat support, and dedicated email where you can send queries through the day.

You can also get instant information from beginner to become an expert — seasoned CB members from all over the world in the private forum available 24/7. There’s tech support for the CB builder to help you with anything related to setting up the funnel.

I also liked that you have to send any queries about things you don’t understand or aren’t covered in the training module. The CB team will create and send you a YouTube video explaining it. 

ClickBank Builder vs ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels Vs Clickbank Builder

As I’d mentioned earlier, you are granted lifetime access to CB Builder when you buy ClickBank Breaks the Internet program. That means while you pay a relatively high price of $2497 for the program, it’s a one-time payment. You can use the software to market as many products as you like for as long as you want!.

It is unlike other funnel builder software like Clickfunnels that don’t offer lifetime access. Clickfunnels have two monthly subscription plans. Based on the plan features, you can pay either $97 or $297 a month. It depends on the number of the landing page, sales funnels, and traffic in a month.

Yet, ClickBank Builder lets you create as many products, membership sites, funnels, and landing pages using high converting templates. The hosting is also free, and you have a host of advanced features to use.

If you are serious about this business, then it’s better to have a ClickBank builder. Let me show you the simple math below.

What I Think!

If you buy click funnels unlimited package of $297/month, you need to pay $3,564/ year). While ClickBank breaks the internet, Clickbank builder and automated webinar platform all cost you $2,497 for lifetime access.

Just imagine if you are doing business for more than five or 10 years how much it would extra cost if you choose click funnels!.
No. YearsClickBank Builder CostClickFunnels Cost Features

Wao!.. that’s huge savings, right?

Can You Earn Big with ClickBank Breaks the Internet?

If you ask me, the ClickBank Breaks the Internet program does have a high potential for earning.


It’s because it’s created by the same person who has two other successful training programs to his credit.

Clickbank Earning Proof

Even I have benefited a lot through their complete package of a training course and software programs. Which helped release my greatest earning potential as a ClickBank affiliate. You may end up tasting success 5 to 50 times faster, and double or triple profits with this program.

Remember, the best way to maximize ClickBank’s earning potential and earn as much as $20,000 every day is possible. It is by using the right software program, blueprint, and training like the ClickBank Breaks the Internet system.

The idea of this system is to provide affiliate marketers and vendors like you and me with a complete package deal to become a successful ClickBank marketer.

Free 1Kmanual

Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of the program.

Average Score 9.5
Training Quality
Mentors Support
Students Success
  • Highly Successful Mentors as Coach
  • Results Proven with CBU Students Success
  • Thorough Training Even Beginners Can understand
  • Lifetime Access to Course and Tools.
  • 60 Days of Challenge.
  • Expert Support Community Access.
  • 30 Days of Money-back Guarantee.
  • Not affordably price, but cheaper than four years of college fees and clickfunnels subscription.
  • We need to put some time and money initially.
  • Can't find other disadvantages.

My Past Experiences With Justin Atlan’s Programs

I have used Justin’s ClickBank University 2.0 to learn everything about ClickBank and maximize my earning potential. I have had a positive experience with ClickBank University 2.0 program.

They helped me increase my audience to reach and effectively use my resources. The program taught me everything about online marketing like blogging, SEO, paid advertisements, and how to use the forums and webinars for support. Everything I learned through the program helped to increase my earnings significantly.

My Final thought

Justin Atlan has gained massive popularity through the success of his past programs. So that ClickBank Breaks the Internet has gained so much traction. Both digital entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers are eagerly awaiting its release on October 28th, 2019.

ClickBank is already famous for helping people earn vast amounts of money through commission. So as the ClickBank Breaks the Internet is attached to it, it has the potential to provide its users with lots of benefits.

I conclude my review stating that this is a product beneficial. That’s indeed worth buying for both its theoretical knowledge and its tools and software programs.

In short, This system is useful if you are an affiliate marketer who wants to become an affiliate marketer and earn money or want to become a product owner. It would help if you considered investing in ClickBank Breaks the Internet. It is a program worth investing in because it can significantly improve your earning potential.

If you wished to discover how to use and benefit the Clickbank platform, then this training system is best for you.

I highly recommend this Clickbank training system to my friends and colleagues. I hope this Clickbank breaks the internet review post helpful for you to decide before purchasing it.

To Claim Your ClickBank Breaks the Internet Bonuses, Please Follow the Steps Listed Below:-

STEP 1: => Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies First (Here’s How)

STEP 2: => Click Here to Order Clickbank breaks the Internet with Special Discount Offer

STEP 3: => After Purchase contact me with your purchase receipt number through contacting us page or email me on [email protected]

We will verify your payment receipt and grand access to bonuses with in 24-48 hours.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet Bonuses

By joining Clickbank break the internet course, you can get 5, 10, or even 20 times faster success. I believe with my Clickbank breaks the internet bonus offer you can double or triple the profits.


To Claim Your ClickBank Breaks the Internet Bonuses, Please Follow the Steps Listed Below:-

STEP 1: => Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies First (Here's How)

STEP 2: => Click Here to Order Clickbank breaks the Internet with Special Discount Offer

STEP 3: => After Purchase contact me with your purchase receipt number through contacting us page or email me on [email protected]

We will verify your payment receipt and grand access to bonuses with in 24-48 hours.
Clickbank Breaks The Internet Bonuses1

To Claim Your ClickBank Breaks the Internet Bonuses, Please Follow the Steps Listed Below:-

STEP 1: => Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies First (Here's How)

STEP 2: => Click Here to Order Clickbank breaks the Internet with Special Discount Offer

STEP 3: => After Purchase contact me with your purchase receipt number through contacting us page or email me on [email protected]

We will verify your payment receipt and grand access to bonuses with in 24-48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(❓) What is ClickBank Breaks the Internet System?

The "ClickBank Breaks the Internet" is a new training system from CBU (Clickbank University). It includes proven training (CBU Premium), powerful software (ClickBank Builder Unlimited), and a whole new way to make high ticket sales & earn up to $1,000 profits on each transaction with automated webinar technology (WebinarX). 

(❓) Is Clickbank Breaks the Internet Course Legit?

Clickbank Breaks the Internet Course definitely NOT a scam. There are real mentors and coaches with legit blueprints and training resources. It helps you to make profits with ClickBank.

(❓) Is ClickBank Breaks the Internet Reliable?

Based on the fact that Justin Atlan has already created programs that have helped vendors and affiliate marketers earn high returns from ClickBank. I can say that this program is as reliable as it can get.

(❓) How Much is ClickBank Breaks the Internet Price (Cost)?

Currently, there two payment options available. One-time fee of $2497 with a discount of $494 is the first option, and the 3-part payment of $997 is the second option. 

(❓) Are There Better Alternatives to Clickbank Breaks the Internet Program?

While there may be various affiliate marketing training programs on the internet, only a few can match Justin Atlan's training program. His latest training system is poised to be an improvement by providing more knowledge and breakthrough than the previous ones. That is why I consider this to be the best program for ClickBank affiliate marketers and vendors, with no better alternative to it.

(❓) Launch Date

The ClickBank Breaks the Internet course's pre-launch is scheduled for October 23, 2019. In that time, you can get free access to $1,000 Commission Manual and MILLIONAIRE CASE STUDY Short Film.

The student's registration starts on October 28 and runs till November 7. You can buy the program from the official website and register for the primary contest.

(❓) Can You Make Money with ClickBank?

If you're asking if it's possible to make money with ClickBank as an affiliate or digital product publisher, then the answer is definitely yes. People were earning 3 to 6 figures daily on the ClickBank platform. 

(❓) What Happens if I Join the Program, But Don't Like It?

It's quite reasonable to worry about this, because the program costs $2,497. Even though I was a skeptic when I first thought of buying ClickBank University because I wasn't sure if it could be trusted or if it was a scam.

While I did do my research and checked customer reviews, the main factor that helped me decide was that I could get the money back if I didn't like it. ClickBank Breaks the Internet 2019 program offers the same benefits. You have 30 days to try the program, and if you don't like it for some reason or the other, you can request a refund within 30 days.

(❓) Is There Any Refund Policy?

Yes, there are 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Rekhilesh Adiyeri, an independent marketing affiliate.

9.5 Total Score
The ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review & Bonuses

➡️ ClickBank Breaks the Internet is a highly recommended training system. Click the link above for purchasing this course with powerful bonuses.

9.5Expert Score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
Students Success
6.8User's score
Training Quality
Mentors Support
Students Success
  • Highly Successful Mentors as Coach
  • Results Proven with CBU Students Success
  • Thorough Training Even Beginners Can understand
  • Lifetime Access to Course and Tools.
  • 60 Days of Challenge.
  • Expert Support Community Access.
  • 30 Days of Money-back Guarantee.
  • Not affordably price, but cheaper than four years of college fees and clickfunnels subscription.
  • We need to put some time and money initially.
  • Can't find other disadvantages.
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  1. Thanks for your shares, does it really worth purchasing?

  2. 4.5
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support
    Students Success

    I’m a CB university student, and I know this new blueprint also works like the previous one. By the way, You are making good profits through ClickBank Rekhilesh, can I know you your primary traffic sources?

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  3. 4.15
    Training Quality
    Mentors Support
    Students Success

    Really excited after reading mini book and millionaires secrets video.

    Waiting for the webinar.

    Thanks Rekhilesh for sharing such a great program.

    + PROS: Nice ebook and video.
    - CONS: Expecting more information.
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  4. Thanks for sharing this is really helpful.

  5. I am glad to have with you this article very helpful for all of us I hope you bring more information related to this.

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