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bCast Suite Review and Bonus – Podcasting is Simple Now!

bcast suite app review

Do you want to know how bCast Suite application software works?

Would you like to know how you can benefit from bCast Suite podcasting?

Yes, that is good.

Here I’m going to write a detailed bCast Suite review by testing it’s full potential. It’s the best software for the podcast content creation and distribution. This application tool can helps to grow our business much faster. Along with bCast suite try my special bonuses to double or triple your growth.

Introduction to bCast Suite Review

Software Name:bCast Suite(🔥 Hot New)
Created by:Neil Napier & Abhi Dwivedi
Price / Cost:$77 – $97 (Front-End)
Refund Policy:30 Days of Money Back Guarantee.
Recommend:Yes, Highly Recommended Tool
Official Website:

Podcasting is the latest cool kid in digital marketing with the global podcasting market said to be growing at a CAGR of 24.6% and expected to reach $41.8 billion by 2026. However, creating and publishing podcasts can be tiresome and cumbersome, especially if you don’t have the right equipment or relying on outdated ones.

The bCast Suite is the latest across-the-board web recording advertising software built on the Cloud and with a total arrangement helping clients get more traffic and leads.

The bCast suite is very versatile and offers advanced podcasting features to podcasters, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and digital marketers. 

Before diving deep into the application software, let’s know what this podcast is actually!!.

What Is the Podcast?

A podcast is a series of spoken words arranged in episodes. The podcast can download on a storage device for easy listening. It is a form of audio broadcasting on the internet. 

podcasting benifits

With podcasting on an upward trajectory in digital marketing, podcasting services and streaming applications offer a convenient and integrated way to manage consumer podcast content.

There is a growing demand for podcasting as they are used for various purposes by businesses, including sharing the company’s information, launching new products, and general happenings in the industry. Besides, many companies incorporate podcasting into their marketing strategies to drive more traffic and generate more leads.

Businesses are using podcasts to share their experience and build an authoritative presence in their industries.

So, let’s understand how the bCast suite helpful for us.

What Is The bCast Suite App?

bCast Suite is a brand new first-to-market application and all-in-one podcast marketing solution built on Cloud. The new suite is made to create, curate, and publish podcast content. Unlike other software, bCast Suite is entirely cloud-based and does not need downloading on the device. 

bCast Suite is fantastic to work with from any niche and also supports more than 100 languages.

Users Can Use the New bCast Suite to:
  • Create original podcasts for their audience
  • Record voice-over and create content
  • Share their podcasts on multiple podcasting platforms

bCast Suite is built with AI voice-over technology that helps the user to create high-quality content quickly. Additionally, the suit is also a search engine app where you can search for the best performing and trending podcast topics. This additional feature is an excellent place to research podcast titles, topics, and industry. 

Let me share more details about the bCast suite in-depth review and member’s area overview section.

By the way, do you want to know who the actual creators and masterminds are behind this application tool?

Let me share in a moment in this bCast Suite honest review!.

the bcast suite software app
➡️ Flexible Search➡️ Audio Inserts➡️ 107 Different Languages
➡️ Deep Search Filters➡️ Auto Optin➡️ Over 461 Voiceovers
➡️ Quick Convert➡️ Transcription➡️ No API Needed
➡️ Correct Grammar Mistakes➡️ One-Click Submission➡️ No Credit System
➡️ Auto Punctuator➡️ Email Notifications➡️ Voice Customization
➡️ Find & Replace➡️ Podcast Website➡️ Create Voice That Sounds Like You
➡️ Content Spinner➡️ Publish To YouTube➡️ Save Voice Customisation
➡️ Integrated Affiliate Link➡️ Download Voices
➡️ Email Optin Forms➡️ Merge Voiceovers That You Created
➡️ Headliner Integration➡️ Edit them
➡️ Private Podcasts

Who are Neil Napier and Abhi Dwivedi?

neil and abhi bcast suite

bCast Suite is a product of Neil Napier and Abhi Dwivedi, who has vast experience in product launching and affiliate marketing. Before launching bCast Suite, Neil Napier founded a million-dollar social media marketing company called KV. This company specializes in launching and growing startups and multi-dollar businesses.

Both Neil and Abhi have launched several multi-million software products and conducted several successful promos on leading platforms like PayKickStart, JVZoo, etc. The team launched bCast Suite after recording massive success with Mailvio’s first launch in November 2020.

The team also successfully launched the new TikTok Video Builder, which allows users to produce custom-made TikTok videos without using a camera. To make it even better, this application software can publish customized videos right from the tool. 

bCast Suite: An In-Depth Look Inside (Features & Demo)

The software is the first of its kind in the market that allows users to solve their audio and podcasting problems and optimize their podcast marketing solutions. Below are I have listed some of the key features and benefits of bCast Suite:

Text Article Generator

One of the main features of the bCast suite is the content generation tool. It helps to create unique and high-quality content in any niche we choose. It uses YouTube videos to create these text-based articles in a matter of minutes. I really like this feature very much. 

Grammar correction

The software comes with in-built grammar correction tools; hence, users need not hustle looking for outside software. Also, users don’t need to spend extra money buying grammar correction tools from third-party vendors when preparing effective podcast content. 

Advance content research

Do you need content ideas for your podcast? 

The new bCast Suite application software got covered it. The app has advanced research features offering flexible search that allows users to access various trending topics for their podcasts. 

Content Replacing and Spinner Tool

The new bCast Suits saves you the hassle of having to source extra tools for generating podcast content as it comes with an inbuilt content spinner and replacing tool to save lots of time and money for us. This makes content creation both easy and very fast. 

Auto Punctuation

The software is built with an auto punctuation tool that automatically punctuates content. This enables the users to produce well-structured content without looking for external tools.

Language and voiceOver options

Users of bCast Suit can access up to 107 in-built languages and 461 types of voice-overs. This makes a handy podcasting tool for professionals and amateur users.

Auto Transcription

Transcribing an audio file is not an easy task, but the bCast Suite has simplified the whole process with its auto transcription feature. It helps to transform audio files into word documents.

Voice Customization, Merge & Download

In addition to automatically generating content voices, bCast Suite allows users to customize the generated voices by editing and merging related voices. 

The AI voice technology has features for creating auto voices to merge with external audio or voice. With the new tool, you can create audios, edit, merge and download when they are ready to use on the podcast.

100% Cloud Based

As mentioned earlier, bCast Suite is a cloud-based application tool. This means users don’t need to download or install software on their devices. This way, the app is instantly and easily accessible from anywhere at any time with any device.

Podcast Website

The new bCast Suite is a complete kit that comes with WordPress website connecting features. Additionally, using the magic tool, we could transform our blog posts into a podcast in a matter of minutes.

Also, we get unlimited podcast hosting with optin form features. We can connect it with multiple top email autoresponder service providers. This allows the users to build their targeted leads email lists quickly using podcast.

Email notification

This software will help you a lot to build your email list. What do you have to do is? Link your email ID with bCast Suite and obtain instance notifications so you can stay directly connected with your customers.

Email Forms

It allows you to create impressive email forms for blogging more subscribers.

Easy to edit

Personalization Audio and podcasting are super easy. Anyone can effortlessly edit its creation within a single platform.

Customer service of 24×7 hours

You have some problems or queries, then no more worries. bCast Suite’s customer service team is always there for you to help.

bCast Suite OTO’s & Details

bCast Suite Personal/Commercial


✔️ 1 Podcast
✔️ bCast – automated sites, transcription, bandwidth
✔️ bContent – Create, retrieve and spin content
✔️ bVoice – Convert text to normal human speech


✔️ 3 podcasts
✔️ bCast – automated sites, transcription, bandwidth
✔️ bContent – Create, retrieve and spin content
✔️ bVoice – Convert text to normal human speech

OTO1: bCast Suite Unlimited

The Unlimited upgrade super charges the bCast Suite and unlocks everything. Using bCast Suite Unlimited you can create unlimited podcasts, unlimited content for each podcast, unlimited voiceover, unlimited podcast cloud hosting and more bandwidth & transcription.

✔️ Unlimited podcasts
✔️ Unlimited Content
✔️ Unlimited Voice
✔️ Bonus: More Bandwidth
✔️ Bonus: More Transcription

OTO2: bCast Suite Business

✔️ DFY Business Website
✔️ Lead Finder
✔️ Agreements
✔️ Promotional Material

OTO3: bCast Suite Whitelabel

✔️ Custom Domains
✔️ Use your own logo
✔️ Deliver as a branded service

OTO4: PodReel

✔️ Upload Mp3 files up to 100 MB
✔️ Resize/Trim Audio file
✔️ Add Transcribe Caption on the Video Podcast
✔️ 50+ Languages to choose for the transcribe/captions
✔️ Add podcast background color
✔️ Add custom Waveforms on the video Podcast
✔️ Add custom progress bar on the video
✔️ Add and position an Image on the video podcast
✔️ Add and position text on the video podcast
✔️ Add Logo on the Podcast
✔️ Generate mp4 Podcast in different Aspect Ratios

Does The bCast Suite Work for You?

The bCast Suite is mainly designed for digital marketers, agencies, podcasters, freelancers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, coaches, consultants, and local businesses. Below are the main key factors that make bCast Suite stand out:

  • It is newbie-friendly 
  • The AI voices make it easy for anyone to create podcasts content
  • bCast suite can use on any niche
  • You can also get ideas on the topic to cover using the advanced search feature in the app

Pros and Cons

  • Text-based content generator
  • It has AI voice creation technology
  • Inbuilt auto-grammar and punctuation correction tool
  • Complete Cloud-Based App
  • Advance content research tools available
  • Email opt-in and automation are available.
  • Less promotional options
  • It’s cloud-based and accessible with an internet connection

Final Thought

Thanks for reading my honest bCast Suite review; it’s the best software for the podcast business. Here, to finish my review, I would like to mention that just as Apple introduced its products and took the mobile technology industry by storm, this application software will eventually fall down the same path to make significant progress.

The podcast industry is enormous. The competition is less than in other industries, so for now, if you are not making efficient use of this type of tool to start your podcast journey, you are missing out on a lot!

The bCast Suite will be available at a one-time low price for a limited time, after which you will also have to pay double the amount monthly. Adding more value to your purchase, I will help you by giving an exclusive bCast Suite BONUS for FREE. To get the deal, you need to hurry up and click the link below.

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