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The Kibo Code System Review & Bonuses

30 Days Money Back Gurantee

Do you want to know complete details about the Kibo code system?  Want to see the Kibo Code Course Members Area, superstore dashboard, and ...

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Want to know healthy commissions system members area IN and OUT before buying it? Would you like to know how you can benefit from the healthy ...

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Commission Hero 2.0 Review and Bonuses

$2,497 $2,988

Do you want to earn thousands of dollars daily like Super Affiliates? But, don't know where to start!. I have a solution for you. Here I'm going to ...

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Don't you have a sales/ marketing funnel yet? Or don't you have a product that sells like hotcakes?  Even don't know how to get targeted ...

Every business to succeed needs to build a targeted leads list. These Leads can generate more sales for the company. There is a simple equation for this: ...

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Are you joining on ClickBank breaks the internet course with a desire to improve your profits in record time? Then, you must read this blog post!. ...

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Want to know the overnight freedom course in and out with members area overview before purchasing? Product Name:Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition Created ...

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Are you like the many people fed up with tedious 9 to 5 jobs? Do you want to earn money through the internet? Do you apprehensive about how to start ...

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Course Name: Niche Profit Fast Track Created by: Adam Short and Bobby Mclees Price / Cost: $2,497 (Installment Option Available) Recommend: Yes, ...

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Welcome to my UnHustled 6 Figure Freedom Review Blog Post. Do you believe six-figure profits are possible? Yes, it's... but only when you take ...

User Articles: Rekhilesh Adiyeri

So what's up guys, this is Rekhilesh Adiyeri here, and today I want to talk about the advantages of dropshipping business model. Do you know that ...

Digital marketing is a buzzword that almost every business owner and entrepreneur has heard nowadays. However, many businesses are still struggling to make ...

The Kibo code quantum is an ultimate training program for eCommerce-based businesses. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton decided to reveal all their secrets along ...

The Kibo Code Quantum course is the most recent updated variation of the Kibo Code training program released in January 2020. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton ...

The Kibo Code is an online e-commerce training program from Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. They initially released it in late January 2020 and offered more ...

E-commerce implies buying and offering a product, information, funds, or services using an electronic network (web). This online commerce pattern began in the ...

You get access to the healthy commissions free ebook guide from September 01, 2020. It will give you a clear idea of how ordinary people utilize the exact 5 ...

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur or an employee for life long? WHO DOESN'T LIKE TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL and RICH!! Want to earn passive ...

Hey, The Kibo Code has just been published, and the doors have officially opened right now. >> Click here to act now You now have the ...

The Kibo Code System is LIVE now. Are you ready to join this training system that makes you 4 to 7 figures in 2020 and beyond? Join Now => ...

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  1. Hi Ben,

    I appreciate your thoughtful questions and understand that you want to have a clear idea before investing in the program. Let me address each of your queries.

    1. After you publish your posts on different websites, the businesses whose products or services you are promoting as an affiliate will pay you. Also, you can use this method to promote anything online, including offline stores, online businesses, e-commerce products, and anything!

    2. In most cases, you don’t need a separate contractual agreement with the businesses. You would typically join their affiliate program, which has its own terms and conditions that you agree to upon joining. If you promote local businesses, then set an agreement with them; otherwise, when they get some traffic and clients, they won’t pay monthly recurring payments.

    3. When you receive payment, it will depend on the conditions set by the affiliate program. Some pay immediately after a sale is made, while others have a delay (30 days, for example) to account for possible refunds. If you’re promoting your own products or services, you could see an increase in income. If promising local businesses, set an agreement with them for monthly recurring payments.

    4. Finding potential great products not noticed by the market in any niche is indeed challenging. However, with the right research and marketing strategies, it’s possible to uncover hidden gems. That’s part of what Simpler Traffic aims to help you with.

    5. Yes, creating your own website to promote products is part of the process. It serves as a platform where you can publish content related to the products you’re promoting and direct your targeted buyer traffic.

    6. You’re correct that you’ll need to keep finding new products and services to promote. The digital marketing landscape is dynamic, and what works today might not work tomorrow. Regularly updating your product list helps keep your content fresh and relevant.

    7. As for using AI and AmpiFire, the usage terms would be specified in their individual agreements. Generally, software services are paid on a subscription basis, so you’ll continue to have access as long as you keep your subscription active.

    8. The 90-day commitment is a guideline, not a rule. It’s based on the observation that it often takes around three months to see meaningful results from this new digital marketing strategy. However, individual experiences can vary.

    I hope this clears up your doubts. Remember, success in digital marketing requires consistent effort and learning. Simpler Traffic is designed to guide you through that process.

    Have a great day!

    Best wishes, Rekhilesh Adiyeri

  2. Thanks for commenting, Naanu.

    Yes, it’s possible, but you should need to invest some money in advertising and be willing to take action even if you face any obstacles in your journey. Then you can also see breakthrough results!

    All the best for your journey!

  3. Hey Meena, 

    Yes, I tried both old editions. In the initial edition, I got some roadblocks, like YouTube ad account suspensions and card issues. In Ultra, I made thousands every week.

    And, for PSB, I’m going to implement it very soon. hopefully this month itself. And let me update my results here!

    Thank You

  4. Thanks for your kind words, John!

  5. Thanks for your comment, Neona. Yes, I’m trying to implement PSB methods this month itself. I am currently in week 1 of training.

  6. Thanks for your support Anik

  7. Hello Hami,

    Please visit this link to find the latest live webinar access information.

    And as of today (19.01.23), all new member registrations will be permanently closed.

    Thank you

  8. Hi,

    I just got busy with other tasks and just found his comment today. And updated the reply just now. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.

    There is no need to worry since I will only share genuine opinions with you.

    Yes, even if you don’t wanting to become a millionaire, this program can help you secure financial independence and a better future for yourself and your family.

    Thanks Pradeep.

  9. Hey,

    Thank you for the comments, Ken. Despite being an affiliate, I purchase the programs and test them before sharing my opinion.

    Regarding this course, I am sure it will work. So, I bought the program before it was released to the public. As a student of Aidan and Steve, I got earlybird access to the program even before it was released.


  10. Hi Paul,

    Yes I’m an affiliate of this program. But, I only promote products that work or have a previous positive experience with vendors. You can see our about us page for more information about why we created this portal. We only review products we actually bought or have access to.

    This 123 profit system is a great opportunity to start in 2023 and succeed.

    Here are my answers to your questions.

    1. This project was actually tested by Sean for over a decade. I also purchased the course “Project Thunderbolt” from the same vendor and tested it. It has been a massive success for me. The “Project Thunderbolt” course is comparable to the “123 Profit “course. But, the “123 profit” course and system are up to date for 2023 and beyond with more features, additional tools, and resources to better convert our audience.

    2. Currently, this course sold for almost 12 million dollars. There will certainly be thousands of people using this program. As far as I know, they have already tested the same system with 10+ beta testers, and all received results.

    3. Aidan and Steve teach and share only what works for them. Furthermore, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a 60-day double-your-money guarantee if you aren’t able to make any money with their business model. That makes your purchase more secure.

    4. Mentors limit the number of memberships each year. For this year too, they have set a limit, and as of today (19.01.23) all new member registrations will be permanently closed.

    Depending on your situation, you may choose the installment option and implement the system within 60 days. Suppose it’s not working for you. Opt for a 60-day double-your-money refund option.

    Thanks, Good Luck Paul.

  11. Yes, it’s a nice program to opt in to, and thanks for giving your honest opinion.

  12. Yes, Marlin, anyone can earn a reasonable living online with this coaching program.

  13. Thanks for your honest opinion Joe.

  14. That’s really great Jan, thank you for commenting. 🙂

  15. Yes, obviously I will do my finest for people who buy using my affiliate link. Thanks for your consideration.

  16. Hey Tessa,

    A major expense is paid traffic, but it’s not an expense. You’ll get a return within 24 hours.

    And other expenses are:

    * Purchase a domain ($11 per year)
    * Web hosting (Aidan and Steve offer it for free)
    * Theme and Plugin (They offer for free)
    * Autoresponder (You need to purchase it, it costs less than $19/ Month for 1,000 subscribers)

    These are the main expenses you could expect for implementing this business successfully.


  17. Thanks for your opinion Thomas, yes it works on any topic, niche, and business. Chris teaches to figure out low competition keywords and hooks to get more exposure and profits. Yes, I know this review is not fully complete like my other reviews. Mentors have put some strict rules on sharing complete details about this program publically, maybe students could leverage this blueprint due to that. Anyhow, I believe this will be the best coaching program that anyone can opt and try.

  18. Building your own business is an investment of time and effort, so make sure to put in the work for yourself. You can more profits as much time you spend on this system.

  19. Hi, they release 1 module per week. As of now, almost 90% of modules are released to early adopters.

  20. Yes Aslam, it’s the system to opt.

  21. Thanks for commenting, I hear you. You’re right; they mainly promote health-related offers, but YouTube traffic works on any niche – and I believe this method converts well without VSLs (the product vendor will create them with high converting copy scripts). As an affiliate, we don’t need to worry about VSL and text-based sales pages. Even simple text-based sales pages conversion is better than VSL in some niches. So, don’t worry about it!.

    The YouTube video ads strategy also works for CPA offers and other methods. Don’t worry about monetization or different strategies initially, and the trainers will teach A-Z in detail when the time comes 🙂

    Thanks again Richie.

  22. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints, Julia. By the way, mentors will teach you all about these AI funnel-building software and how you can integrate the tracking system to make it work 24×7 as a salesperson for you. If you purchased using my affiliate link, you could have some terrific bonuses. You missed it!

  23. Hey Amitai,

    I recommend that you take the chance now by enrolling in the course with three split payment choices. Within 25 days, you could launch your first YouTube ad run and observe results within 24 hours. If it’s not practical, you may get a refund within 30 days of purchase. Continue with the program if it works, and transform your future by taking that enormous risk.

    Thank You

  24. Hey David,

    Thanks for commenting and testing our crowd-powered evaluation system. Yes, I believe it would be the best course I bought in 2021. I just updated the review with more details. So you could check out now.


  25. Hey Nazeer,

    Yes, you should invest in this coaching program to get the full benefits. It’s like you’re investing yourself in improving the skills to grow your online business and enjoy life freedom by taking the profits of your smart work.

    Other than that, you should have at least $100 to $1K ready in your hand as for advertising.

    I hope this replay is helpful.


  26. Thanks for the rating CLEVEREARNER.

  27. Hi Venkat,

    Yes, I’m trying the system. There are some issues as an international seller. I will manage them and achieve my goal—taxing and exchange rates conversion other known problems.


  28. Hi Reginad,

    I really don’t know what price they charge for the moment — any how you could directly contact them through the official website.


  29. Hi Dr. Thomas,

    You could contact them through the support desk email system; they respond within 24 to 48 hours. I got some submission issues with Ampifire, and they responded to my query within 10 hours.

    I never dialed the phone number, so I don’t know much about it.

    Here is the official contact page


  30. Hi James, please check this comment.


  31. Hi James,

    I decided to try my luck on this training system in 2020. But my bad, the pandemic situation slow down my process even though the eCommerce business model is in peak — Anyhow, I reached my goals milestone at the end of 2020. You can read the full story here. Regarding my store, I can’t reveal it publically.


  32. Hey John,
    Thanks for commenting, They have another payment gateway to support. Don’t worry about your payment gateway issues.

  33. Thanks for commenting, hope you’re in the process of purchasing this course. All the best.

  34. Hey Betty,

    Thanks for the compliment. We can sell to the USA even as a nonresident. As per mentors with the new edition, we don’t need to form an LLC. But having one is a good option.

    Yes, you can do it as a solopreneur.

    We don’t need to pay monthly for Shopify anymore; the quantum edition comes up with a solution. The primary cost is on a domain name, and it’s less than $10. It would be great if you have 1800 number, it’s also available at a cheap monthly subscription.

    I hope it’s helpful.

  35. Hi Meudje,

    Yes, you can check the JV page to become an affiliate. They need to whitelist you for promoting. I hope it’s useful.


  36. Hey Fernados,

    Thanks for commenting; yes, you can achieve a good ROI within days by implementing the system. The 2021 quantum edition describes a free traffic resource (Facebook Marketplace); it’s almost untapped by marketers and massive potential in it. We need to test the products using free traffic initially; when we get sales from it, scale it up with pad traffic (mainly google merchant ads and others).

    I believe this will be a huge income generator for many. This system automates most of the traditional eCommerce tasks in 1 dashboard. So colossal time saver too!.

    Let me update more details very soon, keep in touch.

    Thank You

  37. Thank you Reha, thanks for responding.

  38. You can get connected with me through OnlineCOSMOS Facebook page.


  39. Hi,

    If you already bought this course, then congrats. Else I’m sorry to tell you that they closed new student’s registration.

  40. Hi Burhan,

    Thanks for your honest opinion.

    Yes, you can sell digital products worldwide. But some physical products only possible to sell in certain countries. Dues to COVID 19 and some country laws. You can contact the vendor for more detailed demographics.

    Thank You

  41. Hey Craig,

    Thanks for appreciating my work. Yes, I will update my case study on our Facebook group where buyers who bought using my affiliate link will access my journey.

    Thank you very much for commenting.

  42. Hi ed,

    Thanks ed; commission hero also shares almost the same strategy, but Robby has many upsells in that course. In healthy commissions you will learn the system who invented this method initially. It’s Gerry Cramer.

    In healthy commissions system you get extra tools and successful student mentors support. If you have time, learn from both system and implement according to it. I bought both courses.

    Bye theway, wishing you fast recovery.


  43. Hi Rod,

    Yes, you will get my casestudy with extra tips to scale this business. Sept 28 – Dec.20 is my 12 week challenge period; I aim to make 4 figures per day by implementing exact strategies shared inside the training system. Garry and Rob offer the best training; I provided the action steps I take according to this training as a bonus offer.

    New student registration will close on Sept 17, and you won’t get access to the training after that date.

    Thanks for commenting

  44. Hi Craig,

    The 30 days money back guarantee starts from the day you purchase the Kibo model system. There are more than 8 weeks of training. They do live webinars every 2 weeks. Yes, you can complete within 8 weeks period and get started your store within 2 – 4 weeks.


  45. Hi Linda,

    How can I help you?

  46. 1) Yes, we get training even after week 8
    2) Currently no issues
    3) Yes, you can start from anywhere in the world. No issues.
    4) You need to have some extra budget for domain, Shopify, 1800, number service provider. That’s all the initial investments—balance you need to have some budget on Advertising.
    5) I can’t entirely focus on this course due to the corona outbreak, but I will soon follow it.

  47. 1) Yes
    2) Currently running 3 figure campaigns.
    3) Yes, I got my business managers restricted in April – May period. I try to recover by contacting the FB support desk, but no chance of recovering it. So, Started from the beginning once again.

  48. Yes, reopened and available for Anik Singal and Robby Blanchard students. Anyway, you can also join.

  49. Tanks for sharing Nick..

    .. that maybe his marketing strategy.

    Yes, you’re right; ads account ban rate is high. But in this program, Robby mentioned a secret strategy to overcome this issue. You could try Fb with your marketing, nowadays FB ads also working very well.

    If you follow the rules, then no issues Nick.

  50. Thanks Peter, no,I did everything from scratch in these 39 days. But you could use Robby’s Done for You materials and get started within 1 day.

  51. Hey,

    That’s good to hear Julian. No sales yet, I’m just started. Yes, I will update this blog post as my daily log. Here you can see my actions, failures, and success. I believe page engagement is not a matter for this system to work. So, don’t worry!.

    By the way, thanks for commenting.

  52. Hi Soliu,

    Lets make it happen!.

  53. Hey Vladimir,

    Thanks for commenting. I think they won’t.. each year, they release a new and unique course. So, don’t wait for next year!.

  54. Hi Janet,

    As per this system, we use the money of our buyer to purchase from the wholesale seller. They will take care of the shipment of the product to our buyer. In most cases, we get our commission within 7 days. We could use that money to scale up our business.

    You don’t need $1500; You could get started even at $100 — $ 50/month or less on Shopify and some extra plugins. Balance 50$ for advertsing.

    If you want $200 free credits on advertising, buy a web hosting plan. They will offer a free coupon for Google and Bing Ads. Contact me if you need any help with this matter.

    If you want to make $1000+ per day revenue, you need to invest at least $500 per day. Treat this as a real business.

    If you are starting a real business, you need to invest big. When it comes to online, your investment is less, and you can sell this business for big profits.

    I hope this helps.


  55. Hey Cameron,

    Thank your your honest review. I really appreciate it. ?

    All the best Cameron , Let’s make it happen.

  56. Hi Samme,

    Thanks for your comment. As per Aidan and Steve, you need to spend at least 1 hour day for 5 days, that’s just 5 hours per week. You can treat it as a part-time job. If you take massive action, you could see better profits than your full-time salary.

    Webinars don’t have any specific time slots. They change the webinar time and days regularly. If you want to be live on that webinar, you can attend. Please wait for the reply videos. That way you could watch training on your own time.

    On the last members-only webinar, Aidan mentioned we could start our store and see revenue within the end of February. So, don’t worry about that.

    Don’t worry about the refund!. Aidan and Steve offer another double your money-back guarantee.

    As per Aidan.. “As long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only REFUND your purchase but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales in your first 60 days.”

    So, I believe it’s a good statement for us to try this system.

    Come out of your comfirzone and take the risk.. Risk takers can always see a breakthrough.

    I hope this helps.


  57. Hey Alisa,

    Thanks for your review. Yes, it’s too pricy than the other training courses. But, I believe this investment in your new business would be excellent. Even if you want to study MBA need to pay more than $20K annually.

    So, I highly recommend you to try. You could choose the monthly installment option if you don’t have a big budget.


  58. Nothing will happen Kevin, it’s all your choice.

    If you buy using my link, I get a percentage commission.I use that money to review and help others to take a good decision. So, what’s your benefit if you purchase using my link?

    You get power packed bonuses and master mind support from like minded students. let’s help and grow using this system.

    Choice is always yours.

  59. Every business is not for every one..

    Find out your passion, focus on that business and take massive action with a successor mindset. You can see breakthrough!.

    I believe some peoples ripoff report may failed in this case and they may have shiny object syndrome. Dedication and passion always matters. You can learn driving in one day or 1 year… that’s all depends up on you.

    One more thing. Aidan recently offered a double your money back guarantee.

    As per him “As long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only REFUND your purchase, but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales in your first 60 days.”

    So, I believe it’s a good statement for us to try this system.


  60. Hey Joshua,

    Currently, there are no discount coupons available for this course.

    But, when you purchase this training system using the one-time fee (Option 1) feature, you will get a $491 discount.

    Thanks for your comment. I hope this reply helpful to you Joshua.

  61. Yes, you are right Mike, I heard some. But for me, their training worked very well.

    One more thing, you can’t drive a car without proper learning and license. We need to understand how a car works and how to apply the clutch, and stop the vehicle without getting engine off may take some time. So I still believe this waiting period will payoff to me.

    I hope it will do for others too.

    Thanks for your reply Mike. I’m also waiting for today’s first webinar 🙂

  62. Hey Mike,

    That’s good to listen. The last day I had the same thought on my mind. But now not!

    I think you are not aware of Aidan and Steve’s training programs. They are almost set on the backend. You just attend the January 31 first webinar and ask your queries on that webinar. They may respond to you.

    By the way, I highly recommend you not to quit now. You have almost 30 days of refund period available. As per Aidan on the last webinar, he mentions people who bought already will make revenue within the middle of February. I just checked my mentor status, and he got beta students access recently. Mr. Anik SIngal is one of my digital marketing mentors. He just started to implement the strategies and 9 sales and made almost $700 in revenue.

    SO, I still believe this system will work for sure.

    Take massive action and ever quit soon.


  63. Hi Bill,

    I think you don’t like my review style!. Is it?

    I always promote what I own or buy, and it will be genuine and honest. You can check my site. You won’t see any fake reviews on my website.

    Yes, I get a commission for each sale I make. I use these profits to buy new courses and update the quality of my site. I never promote a product that won’t work!. I guarantee that.

    By the way, it’s not a paid promotion. I share what I see inside the member’s area with its pros and cons. I mentioned that they need some improvements in the member’s area. I hope they will update you very soon. If this system doesn’t work for you in the next 30 days, you can ask for a full refund.

    To be frank, I just got 2 kibo code sales of monthly subscription plans. It is very less than what I spend on Google Adwords advertising.

    As an affiliate marketer who owns multiple Shopify stores that profiting daily. I can clearly say that this system will work if you take massive action.

    There will be lots of negatives. But believe in this system. It will pay off for your hard work. For this online cosmos site, I still made less ROI. But I think one day it will pay off for my hard work and dedication.

    I hope you got my points.


  64. Hey Ron,

    Thanks for your comments. You are right!. I have an update for you on the member’s area overview section (Traffic Black Box Area). I just assumed that section with a table. You may get better knowledge about the average traffic value, conversion, revenue, profits, etc. Just check it out, Ron.

    Yes, I bought this system with the hope of making good profits. Still, I can’t figure out some. This puzzle is missing somewhere. Maybe they will update more after the launch period. Anyway, I believe this training system will help many people to earn 4 to 5 figures monthly profit.

    I hope this helps, and I will wait for your reply.


  65. Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for your comments. English is not my first language. I’m trying to learn more by blogging. And regarding journalism, I’m currently working as a freelance journalist in my mother tongue (first language).


  66. Hey Lydia,

    Yes, you can become an affiliate and offer this system to others. But it’s only possible until the launch period.

  67. Hey Jill,

    Thanks for contacting me.

    1) No, $3,497 for training, support, and application software access. It would help if you had pay for a domain, hosting, and traffic. It’s just a cup of coffee to get started.
    2) As per mentors, we can begin earning within 48 hours after creating our store that loaded with 5 DFY products. We need to send targeted traffic using the profit vault method.
    3) There are 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
    4) You can pay using PayPal or credit card. ClickBank is the payment gateway. So you pay with confidence.

    I hope it would be helpful for you.


  68. Hey Mia,

    Yes, this system will work for even newbies. Then why not you madam. Regarding your con, I have updated my post in member’s area about this.

    When we purchase this training system, we get only 5 Done for You (DFY) products. But, mentors will teach everything to find profitable products and offers an application tool with 3 million+ highly sellable products database.

    So don’t worry about that!.

    Thanks for your concern.
    I hope it would be helpful.

  69. Hi Julian,

    I just updated, please check it out the member’s area overview section.


  70. Hey Patricia,

    Happy to know you like that masterplan manual. Be sure to attend the workshop as early as possible.

    Oh! Sure.. let me reveal that secret traffic source details very soon. Thanks for your reviews Patricia .

  71. Yes Sadik, some got early bird access to the training already. But, the official cart open date is January 26. Thanks for mentioning Sadik.

  72. Thanks for your suggestions Jenny. Just changed my font and it’s size. I hope it’s now easy to read and follow. I would expect your comments.


  73. Hi Richard,

    Don’t worry!, you will get a slot when they officially open the new member’s registration page. I highly recommend attending the free workshop. So that you won’t miss any opportunity.


  74. Hi Jamne,

    Thanks for your comments Jamne. As because it’s live training I can’t reveal everything. But I’m trying my level best to point out what I fell good and bad about the system. Let me update the member’s area overview section very soon. I’m on the way!.

    Keep stay tunes with this review post for more updates.


  75. Yes of course, newbies and experts and took advantage of this course.

  76. That’s great to hear Samuel.

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