How to Set Up a Profitable Marketing Funnel in 2020

The marketing funnel is one of the hottest topics in business and marketing right now.

So, what exactly is a marketing funnel?

How can you use this method in your business to generate more leads and sales??

What is Marketing Funnel?

Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is also known as a sales funnel, conversion funnel. It’s a system that allows us to track the customer journey from having no idea who you are to becoming a loyal customer for lifelong.

The beauty of a funnel provides the graphical representation of a challenging subject to visualize.  

How to Set Up a Profitable Marketing Funnel:

Step 1: Pick your favorite funnel building software and create an opt-in page. There are many funnel building software out there to choose from.

Step 2: Link your designed opt-in page with your autoresponder.

Step 3: Write the best call-to-action contained 5-7 email responses that engage the reader. 

Step 4: The fourth step is crucial. Here you need to set up a thank you page for a free trial offer. It will take the customer to get familiar with the program you’re promoting. 

Step 5: Finally, Once the trial offer is up, they can continue to help training, and your high ticket backend with upsells kicks in. 

The Funnel Elevation Marketing Process

Funnel Process

It was done in 4 easy steps. They are,

  • Traffic (Attention)
  • Conversion (Interest)
  • Ascension (Desire)
  • Elevation (Action)

* Traffic – STEP #1:

Here you need to identify where your prospective customers (leads) are coming from. Are they finding your business through social media, search engine, or paid advertisements which you’re running…

Once you identify your traffic sources, you can compare and pit them against each other and may win the strongest traffic source. At this stage, your lead is COLD.

* Conversion – STEP #2:

Once your potential customers land on your website, storefront, or landing page, the next step is to make a micro-commitment and take some form of action.

The main point here is that you want to encourage them to take the next logical step in the customer relationship. It can be exchanging their contact information, such as their name, email id, cell phone number, or even scheduling a one on one meeting. At this stage, your lead becomes HOT.

* Ascension – STEP #3:

In this third step, you want to start the tracking process and add value. You need to earn their trust (potential customers) by providing more useful and valuable information. Here you can request the sale; if you think you did an excellent job guiding them on their business journey.

The next important step is to offer something valuable. That can be providing your main offer, product, or service. When they buy and exchange their money for your product or service, at this stage, your leads become HOT.

* Elevation – STEP #4:

Now is the time to add value and improve your relationship with your customers. Keeping track of your recent buyers is one of the fastest ways to solidify your position as a company that genuinely cares. Buyers’ remorse is genuine and alive in all markets and industries. You can create profit affiliate marketing funnel using AI, discover more from here.

So after making a purchase, the first 24 to 48 hours is a critical time to calm any anxiety and affirm your new customers’ decision to do business with your company in the future.

It’s also unexpected, making for an even more excellent surprise and part of the system for elevating your customer to brand evangelists who tell their friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes even strangers about just how great your business is.


The Funnel

The beauty of the funnel is that when you design everything, things get real and fast. You can’t hide a flawed strategy or justify a lousy campaign. It’s just the way it is, and that’s the power of the funnel.

The funnel helps to quickly and visually illustrate your customers’ journey to eliminate any choke points or areas of friction. 

So you can create a system that allows you to generate leads, convert them to customers, and then turn those customers into loyal, lifelong brand evangelists.

For more details about latest funnel hacking methods, Visit the main funnel hacking secrets review page.

Subeesh KM
Subeesh KM

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