7 Blogging Tips for Small Business Growth in 2021

Blogging is a powerful way to generate new leads and increase site traffic for small businesses. 

In this article, you’ll find blogging tips for small business growth that will help your blog succeed without breaking the bank! Check out these 7 blogging tips below and try to implement them in your marketing strategy.

These blogging tips are designed to be cost-effective and measurable. Any size of company can use them to grow their blog into an effective marketing tool. 

The Importance Of Blog for Small Business

Blogging is essential nowadays to connect with the audience and for making a business successful. It’s an excellent way to market your product or services online. But, unfortunately, a lot of small businesses struggle to establish blogging as a priority. 

If you’re using blogging as a marketing tactic or have no blogging strategy at all, it’s time for you to get started: blogging can help your business grow.

Blogging Tips For Business

It helps you to:

  • Generate new leads
  • Get more clients
  • Increase site traffic
  • Drive more sales.
  • Get more customers
  • Create audience and followers

Small businesses consider blogging as another expense. But actually, that doesn’t directly affect and also it provides better marketing ability. You can make blogging a cost-effective way of developing leads and increasing your customer base.

  • Make sure your blog has an original voice and personality that resonates with readers. 
  • Your blog should be filled with information targeted specifically to your audience’s needs (No matter how niche it may be. This is what makes blogging so powerful.)
  • You can create content on any topic in any language at any time of day or night if you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone! 
  • As long as the content is exciting and valuable for your readers, you’ll be blogging the right way.
  • Take some time to think about what blogging means to your business if blogging is a new thought for you. 

How Blogging Generates New Leads

Blogging is the best way to develop an audience of your targeted market. This audience will become your targeted leads, and you can turn them into customers

It’s better to blog about topics relevant to your audience to like what they read. Then, they’ll be ready to share your content on social media and make purchases from you. People who visit your website through blogging have a higher chance of purchasing from you. 

You can use free organic traffic and paid ads for starting a blog marketing strategy.

Free Organic Traffic Sources:

  • Search Engines
  • Social Media

Paid Advertising Sources:

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media Ads
  • Influencers

You can promote your blog posts on social media platforms by using organic traffic and paid ads. Organic traffic sources are free to access, but you have to build them up over time, and they take more time than PPC or SEM.

Paid ads are expensive, but they can help you get started and reach a wider audience quickly. Both are helpful strategies to create your blog marketing strategy. Your company will benefit from using either approach or both if you have the budget.

If you’ve already built up an organic traffic source for getting targeted leads, you may want to try paid advertising. 

7 Blogging Tips for Small Business Growth

Here are the 7 blogging tips for small business growth that will help your blog succeed without breaking the bank:

1.Research Your Competitor’s Blogs

One of the easiest ways to start and grow your small business blog is by analyzing your competitor’s blog. You could do this either by searching on google or directly browsing your competitor’s site or blog. 

Now visit your competitor’s blog and find out what kind of content they put on their website. Are they talking about similar topics as yours? If yes, then just do the same or take a different angle to attract your audience.

2.Keyword Research

When you write, every blog post must have the main keyword of its topic. Then, make sure these keywords have some searches on search engines. 

New Keyword Research

Where should use keywords:

  • In your blog title
  • description
  • Blog summary
  • Body of text
  • Images properties

These optimizations will help to get organic free traffic from search engines.

It’s better to use the right amount of keywords in your blog post. Also, so that you don’t appear too spammy or irrelevant to search engine users/customers, ensure that your blog shows up on the search engine results page.

3.Create High-Quality Blog Content

It’s essential to produce good quality content on your blog. Make sure it is available on time and cover topics related to your audience’s interest. 

Quality content helps to get your target users/ customers to come back again and again.

4.Blog Consistently

The next important thing is blogging consistency. Without publishing new blog posts regularly, you’ll lose your audience to those who do. 

Like any other content strategy, blogging consists of publishing new and valuable content regularly. Your audience always looks for fresh updates. Therefore, it’s best to schedule all your blog posts for optimal publishing.

5. Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile-Ready

Nowadays, people prefer to read or listen from their phones or on the go rather than their computers. So if you want to take advantage and stay in the game, your blog has to be mobile-ready or responsive.

6.Visitor Engagement

You can earn some extra traffic if you add visitor engagement tools to your blog. It provides a better blogging experience or content discovery for end users. Like, post search option, social media sharing buttons, email referring tool, commenting features, etc.

It will help you to bring in more new traffic sources. Also, It keeps your old blog posts fresh for more engagement.

7.Create an Active and Engaging Community

Blogging is not just about posting your content on a CMS platform. But it takes more time and effort than that. First, you can build an audience of your blog reader on social media platforms as followers and fans.

You can build audience community on:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group / Community
  • Youtube community
  • ClubHouse Groups

You can make an active and engaging community on your blog also. Where people can comment and engage with other like-minded people on your blog posts. 

These 7 blogging tips for small business growth will help you keep your blog fresh, active and engaging to drive more traffic to it. Read our latest review of the profit singularity course for other growth oppertunities.

Final Thought

I hope these blogging tips shared above for small business growth are helpful for you.

We’ve provided some basic information that helps you get started. Just think about how you can leverage the power of the human brain in your blog marketing strategy. If all of this information sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know. 

We will update more helpful blog posts shortly.

By the way, which blogging tip have you applied to increase traffic on your site? Just comment below!.

Thanks for reading!

Rineesh Adiyeri
Rineesh Adiyeri

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