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Hi, my name is Rekhilesh Adiyeri; welcome to the Online COSMOS hub.

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OnlineCOSMOS is my brainchild and is taken care of by a team of seven professionals from various academic disciplines and backgrounds. This ecosystem hub is dedicated to providing the latest news and information for digital entrepreneurs with multiple resources and tools for the community.

About Company:

OnlineCOSMOS.com was born in 2019 to create a new revolution in product reviews for digital entrepreneurs. It’s designed as a community-based portal that provides buyers with real and honest testimonials using our crowd-powered evaluation system

We maintain 100% accurate product reviews, have a user-friendly interface, and provide better customer support. Also, we share expert advice on digital marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, dropshipping, email marketing, organic and paid traffic resources, coaching/mentoring, and product creation. 

We aim to help our readers find the right courses, products, or offers and provide them with the necessary resources to succeed.

Our Mission

Our main intention is to simplify the current product reviews feature as much as possible. It will help our readers, especially online entrepreneurs, stay updated with the latest genuine products on the marketplace. 

We’re on a mission to inspire and motivate fellow entrepreneurs to be their most successful selves. So, they can focus on the most critical aspects while gaining the skills and resources they need to succeed.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to serving our readers by keeping them updated with the latest reviews and updates. In addition, we plan to provide them with valuable tips to improve their lives. In short, we are here to make product reviews interesting, entertaining, and helpful for entrepreneurs!

Our Values

We are a team of 7 passionate and active digital marketers and entrepreneurs from Kerala, India. Our mission is to help our audience through clear & to-the-point advice, tips, and tricks. Our top priority is to make it as easy as possible to find what you are looking for. 

Our Features:

We have almost 14 years of digital marketing experience and expertise. As a community-based portal, buyers can submit real and honest testimonials using Our Crowd Powered product reviews system. Check out our latest review posts to evaluate this system.

We maintain.

  • 100% accurate product reviews
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast & responsive customer support

Our Benefits

We also included a blog that reveals tips and tricks on specific topics and product reviews. We mainly focused on the following:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging / Vlogging/ Podcast
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • ECommerce/ Dropshipping
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic & Paid Traffic resource
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Product Creation

We also provide expert advice on several topics. That will help our readers to get answers to unresolved questions.

About Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Rekhilesh Adiyeri

I’m Rekhilesh Adiyeri from Kerala, India. I started doing digital marketing in 2008 when I was in college. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a reliable or honest product reviews portal at that time. As a result, I lost lots of money and time on nonworking courses and tools.

This experience inspired me to start OnlineCOSMOS.com. I wanted to create a platform where people could find accurate product reviews. I’m happy to say that we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs to save time and money by providing them with honest opinions.

These days, I’m focusing on helping digital entrepreneurs with their online marketing efforts. So, if you’re looking for accurate and up-to-date information about digital marketing tools and strategies, you’ve come to the right place! [Latest post: In-Depth Profit Singularity Breakthrough Review (2023) & Bonus By Real Student (onlinecosmos.com)]

About The Team:

Binda Thomas (Our Chief Editor)

Binda Thomas

She is a professional blogger and freelance journalist. Binda has worked in the publishing industry for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She’s also a mother of two and an avid traveler.

Subeesh KM (Tester, Researcher, and Writer)

Subeesh Km

He is a computer science engineer and teacher who became bored with teaching and turned to online marketing. After much trial and error, he figured out the right path to internet business. He enjoys helping others and growing their online businesses.

Relna Brijesh: (Graphic Designer and Tester)

She is a professional graphic designer who helps us to test various courses, products, and offers on behalf of Rekhilesh. In addition, she helped us improve the quality of our offerings with her creative designs.

Sarang M (Creative Writer & Marketer)


Sarang graduated from a top university in Bangalore with a degree in electronics and communication engineering. Keeping him up to date with technological changes is something he enjoys. He began his career in digital marketing and growth hacking after graduating from college. He is passionate about helping people grow faster through online marketing.

Rineesh Adiyeri (Writer & Marketing Automation Specialist)

Rini E1619094320841

Rineesh made a career change and entered the world of online marketing. He learned the basics of blogging and affiliate marketing from his brother, who is already a successful digital entrepreneur. Although initially difficult, Rineesh overcame all the struggles and now enjoys real-life freedom through his Marketing Automation skills. He wants to help others do the same!

Athira M (Junior Researcher and Writer)

Athira completed her schooling and graduated in science and mathematics. After her studies, she decided to explore the digital marketing world and started working for OnlineCOSMOS recently. Now she is helping us with the testing, research, and writing. As a product tester, researcher, and writer at OnlineCOSMOS, Athira provides better values to our community. In addition, she enjoys writing about the latest technology products and helping people make informed decisions about their purchases.

So, the OnlineCOSMOS team is committed to providing a high-quality experience for all users. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on improving the site; contact us here. Also, make sure you read our privacy policy and disclaimer page.

Thank you for visiting OnlineCOSMOS!

What are you waiting for? Let’s connect and help each other grow!


Rekhilesh Adiyeri

Founder & Digital Entrepreneur


Online COSMOS, WEBZAK Cyber Technologies, Kathiroor, Kerala, India – 670 642

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